Location: Ayers Illinois

Biography of George J. Hurst

George J. Hurst. An experienced and successful general farmer and a highly respected citizen of Champaign County is George J. Hurst, who farms 240 acres situated in section 5, Ayers Township, this being the old homestead farm on which his parents first settled when coming to the county and taking up farming. George J. Hurst was born in Germany, September 21, 1879, and is a son of John George and Mary (Franks) Hurst. The parents of Mr. Hurst were born in Germany. The father brought his family to the United States and came to Illinois in 1883, locating at Leverett

Biography of Harlan W. Six

Harlan W. Six. To those who have never had an opportunity to visit a modern Illinois farm and watch its industries being carefully and methodically carried on, it would be an interesting and enlightening experience to take a vacation trip through the rich farming districts of Champaign County. They would find no better proof of intelligent, scientific cultivation of the soil and its marvelous effects in any section better demonstrated than in Ayers Township, where is located the finely improved farm of Harlan W. Six, who is one of the township’s representative citizens and trustworthy public officials. Harlan W. Six