A Record of the Agee Family

A Record of the Agee Family

James W. Agee wrote this pamphlet as a way to publish the vital records of every known Agee. Unfortunately, at the time of publication, he estimates to have received only a quarter of responses to the cards he sent out. Since he only asked for vital records, that’s all he presents in this manuscript. He claims all living Agee’s, except one, could claim descent from “the 24” who were the 24 children of James and Anthony Agee: Noah, James, Jacob, John, Hercules, Joseph, Rhoda, Ruth, Celia, Mary, Chloe, and Nancy – all children of James Agee; and Joshua, James, Daniel, Matthew, Jacob, John, Isaac, Joseph, Reuben, Anthony, Noah, and an unnamed daughter who married a Christian – all children of Anthony Agee.

The first known link in America is one Matthew Agee, a Protestant who came from France in 1690 because of the Huguenot persecution. Matthew settled in Virginia and married. They had four children: Isaac, James, Anthony and one daughter who married an Austin. She and Isaac left no heirs.

James married a Ford and lived near Maysville, in Buckingham County, Virginia. His farm and his son Joseph’s farm joined and at his death he gave his farm to Joseph. The latter sold both places to Robert Shaw.

James and wife lived together 74 years and both died in 1821, aged respectively 96 and 92 years. His house was a preaching place for 70 years; week-day preaching twice a month and on Sunday by local preachers every two weeks. Bishop Asbury preached at his house. He fed all who came and would stay to eat and yet he would never “eat out.” His home was used as a preaching place as long as Joseph, his son, lived in Virginia.

Anthony had 11 sons and 1 daughter; James, 6 sons and 6 daughters. It is quite probable that all the Agee’s in the United States descended from these two men. Or, rather, from their children whom are referred to as the “24.” And to more readily distinguish them he numbers them. Every Agee or descendant ought to be able to trace their record back to one of the “24.”

A Record of the Agee Family
Pamphlet cover of A Record of the Agee Family. Click on image to read book.

[box]Source: Agee, James W. A Record of the Agee Family. Self published. 1893[/box]



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4 thoughts on “A Record of the Agee Family”

  1. My Great Grandmother’s name is Charlotte Isabelle (Agee) Scheider from Toledo, OH. I wasn’t aware of this line of the Agee family being in Virginia.
    My Great Great Grandfather was Charles Alexander Thrift Agee, born Dec 18, 1888 . I found him linked to my Great Grandmother’s Find-a-Grave entry. The entry for him says he was born in Wilmington, Delaware and died 1977 in Chattanooga, TN). I’m not able to access other documents to trace farther back. I would love to learn more about my Agee family.

    1. Scott, if you are looking for the book I have one. I can also give you the info to acquire one. We found ours through the Danville, Va library.

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