Collection: Indian Tribes of North America

Alsea Indians

Alsea Indians were located on Alsea River and Bay in Oregon.

Ahantchuyuk Indians

Ahantchuyuk Indians were located on and about Pudding River, which empties into the Willamette from the east about 10 miles south of Oregon City, Oregon.

Calapooya Indians

Calapooya Indians were located on the headwaters of Willamette River including McKinzie, Middle, and West Forks in Oregon.

Yakima Indians

Yakima Indians were located on the lower course of Yakima River in Washington State.

Wishram Indians

Wishram Indians were located on the north side of Columbia River in Klickitat County, Washington.

Twana Indians

Twana Indians were located on both sides of Hoods Canal. Later they were placed on Skokomish Reservation in Washington state.

Wanapam Indians

Wanapam Indians were located in the bend of Columbia River between Priest Rapids and a point some distance below the mouth of Umatilla River, and extending east of the Columbia north of Pasco in the present state of Washington.

Wallawalla Indians

Wallawalla Indians were located on the lower Wallawalla River, except perhaps for an area around Whitman occupied by Cayuse, and a short span along the Columbia and Snake Rivers near their junction, in Washington and Oregon. They are now on Umatilla Reservation, Oregon.

Swinomish Indians

Swinomish Indians were located on the northern part of Whidbey Island and about the mouth of Skagit River in the present state of Washington.