Collection: Biographies of Pulaski County Georgia

Biography of Dr. Nathaniel Polhill Jelks

Dr. Nathaniel Polhill Jelks, fourth son of James Oliver Jelks and Mary Polhill, was born July 18, 1845, in Hawkinsville, Pulaski County, Georgia, where he died March 28, 1911. When six years old his family moved to Oglethorpe, Georgia, after two years moving to Hamilton County, Florida, where he received his early education, later studying in Augusta, Georgia. In 1863 he entered the Confederate Army, enlisting in Company I, Second Florida Cavalry, under General Jones, a gallant command guarding the interior of the State. He was wounded at the Battle of Natural Bridge, Florida, March 6, 1865, in which the enemy

Biography of Noah Scarborough

The name Scarborough is an old and honorable one. Family records show that several brothers came to this country during the Revolutionary War and settled here. The Scarborough coat of arms shows that this family descended from the nobility of Great Britain. Noah Scarborough emigrated from South Carolina to Houston County, Georgia, later moving to Pulaski County, near the present Friendship Baptist Church, about 1836. (Records show he paid tax in said county in 1837.) He was a large landowner, being given a land grant for his services in the Mexican War. He donated the land on which the first

Biography of Ellouisa Winifred Martin

Among the names of women who have worked untiringly for the good of Hawkinsville and Pulaski County, the name of Ellouisa Winifred Martin, known to her thousands of-friends as “Miss Lillie,” stands foremost. With a sincere desire to express admiration and do honor in a small way to this brilliant, self-sacrificing, beloved woman, this sketch is written. She was born August 3, 1871, the daughter of John Henry Martin and Eleanora Wynne Martin, of Liberty County, Georgia, near the historic Midway Church, which settlement her ancestors were instrumental in building. She had twin brothers, Kibbee and Wynne, born August 7,

Biography of Mary Culler White

Mary Culler White, born May 12, 1875, in Perry, Georgia, moved to Hawkinsville when four years old. She is the daughter of George H. and Emma Culler White. Her early school years were spent in Hawkinsville. Later she attended Wesleyan College, was a member of the Adelphian Sorority, and graduated in 1891. She taught drawing and painting in the Hawkinsville public schools for seven years. During a meeting held in the Hawkinsville Methodist Church by Miss Emma Tucker she was deeply impressed and felt the direct call to the foreign field of mission work in 1899. After the necessary course

Biography of Alfred Nelson

Alfred Nelson came to Georgia from Virginia in 1825 and settled near Perry. He married Pauline Jenkins of Houston County. She was a refined, educated woman, and very wealthy. Alfred Nelson raised cattle and was a large land and slave owner. He was uneducated, but was intensely interested in education and all worthy causes. The people of Houston County admired and respected him. Twelve children were born to them, eight of whom were boys, who served in the War Between the States. One was killed. They received the best education Houston County offered, and the four girls attended Wesleyan College.

Biography of W. H. Spurlin

The father of the Spurlins of Worth County was W. H. Spurlin, born in Shelby, N. C. He was a Confederate soldier, who moved to Pulaski County, Georgia, and married Nancy Bateman, daughter of G. W. Bateman. Children: J. G., W. C., and Sallie Spurlin. Sallie married D. Boland. They had one son, Denton. The second marriage was to Mary Frances Dewitte. Their children are: Thomas Augustus (called “Gus”) Spurlin, R. L., J. D., G. Clarence Spurlin, and daughters, Ella and Edna. Four of these, T. A. Spurlin, Col. G. Clarence Spurlin, Miss Ella Spurlin, and Mrs. Edna Webster, made

Biography of Augustus A. Smith, Dr.

Dr. Augustus A. Smith, son of Columbus and Annie McEachin Smith, was born in Telfair County, Georgia, July 15, 1846. At the age of fifteen, a few months before the close of the War Between the States, he enlisted in the Confderate Army, serving until the close of the war. In 1875 Dr. Smith was graduated with first honor from the Savannah Medical College, Savannah, Georgia, and served an interneship at the Savannah Hospital. In 1876 he moved to Hawkinsville, where he practiced medicine until the time of his death, November 26, 1925. He married Elizabeth Hodge of Henderson, Houston

Biography of Emile Sommer

Emile Sommer, son of Samuel and Fannie Brown Sommer, born in Shierhoffen, Alsace, France, October 10, 1853, came to America and to Fort Valley, Ga., at the age of fourteen, joining his elder brother, Aaron, with whom he became associated in the mercantile business. Four years later Aaron died, and shortly thereafter Emile was joined in Fort Valley by his mother, three brothers, Albert, Willie, and Emanuel, and two sisters, Palmyre and Rosa. The brothers became closely associated in business, operating under the name of Sommer Brothers. In the year 1889 the firm and the entire Sommer family moved to

Biography of John Joseph Sparrow

The Sparrows came to Georgia along with other immigrants from Carolina in. the eighteenth century. They lived in Pulaski while it was still a part of Wilkinson County. John Joseph Sparrow (1829-1873), of Pulaski proper, was a son of John Sparrow (1792-1833) and Ellender Crutchfield (17971850). He was a progressive farmer, merchant, and realtor of more than ordinary ability. While his health prevented his acceptance in the army proper, he was active in the service of the Confederacy at home. He was Ordinary of the county from 1862 to 1864, and was ever worthy of the confidence„ and trust placed

Biographical Sketch of Gene Sparrow Warren

Henry H. Sparrow (1861-1924) was a citizen of Pulaski County his entire life; was educated in her schools, with one year in the Military Academy at Dahlonega. He, as his father and brother, was quiet and unassuming, yet measuring up to the highest standards of citizenship. He was full of civic pride and gave to his county and her enterprises his loyal support at all times. He was an extensive farmer and an advocate of advanced methods of farming, a promoter of the first county fair, a member of the Board of County Commissioners when the value of good roads