Rockcastle County, Kentucky Cemetery Records

Rockcastle County


Kentucky Cemetery Records: A directory of resources providing online access to Kentucky Cemetery records. See also United States Cemetery Records for cemetery records on all of the United States.

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  1. Hello Rock castle county Kentucky, my grandpa’s family got a Land Grant in 1747 for about 400 Acer, last name is Dee’s family.a Christopher Columbus Dee’s, was named after the mother tracked the beginning from Scotland back in the 1400s the family dees, my grandpa was born in 1908 or 09 he was not sure because of a fire destroyed records.his name was Joseph Mitchell Dees.believe his father was John Dees, my mother name was JoAnn (Dees) prince.only One sister left of my mom’s Linda (Dees) Allen Fresno ca.grandpa passed away in Yale Oklahoma in 98 and is buried there with his wife Rosa (Patterson) Dee’s and son’s gearld and Mitchell Dee’s.grandpa used to say he was related to most people who have d Dees for the last name.hello any family.

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