Mississippi African American Genealogy

African American Genealogy online research is much more difficult due to the scant nature of record keeping for African American’s prior to the Civil War. This is the reason for creating a separate section for African Americans much like we have for Native Americans who’s research can also be hampered by the available records. The links below provide an accurate reflection of what is available to be searched for African American genealogy.

Conducting successful African American genealogical research can be a challenging adventure. In recent years, the challenge has been lessened and the adventure heightened by the growing body of publications relating to this ethnic group. Special-interest groups and genealogical societies nationwide are publishing key guides, new bibliographies, and important how-to books. Before delving into published sources, however, it is always important to pause long enough to organize one’s own personal papers and review standard research methodology.

Searching for African American families involves two distinct research approaches. These approaches correspond to the distinct change in the legal status of African Americans in the United States before and after the Civil War. Genealogical techniques used to track slave families before the war are necessarily quite different than those used for white or free African Americans; however, research conducted on African Americans after the war usually involves the same types of records as those used for whites.


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  1. I am trying to find information on my ancestors Harriet Johnson or Henrietta Richardson who had a son, Eugene Crockett with Benjamin Crockett in 1894. I am trying to find information on who Benjamin Crockett’s parents were or who Harriet Johnson’s parents were. I think that their parents may have been slaves and I appreciate any help someone can lend in pointing to me where I can get an obituary for Benjamin Crockett (Wilkerson/Amite County) and Harriet Johnson (name could be Henrietta Richardson as which is listed in the 1930 and 1940 census report). I am just trying to find any information that would give me an idea of who their parents were and what state they were born in. Right now Wilkerson/Amite County is where I place them both because my grandfather, Eugene Crockett was born in Centerville, MS. Any help you can provide is appreciated. Carlos Benjamin Crockett (neworleanstaxpayer@yahoo.com)

  2. Rankin County is not shown in the list of counties. Rankin County was established in 1838, and a large population of former slaves lived in Rankin on the 1870 census.

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