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Kern Clifton Rolls

In 1896-1897 the Kern-Clifton Roll was created to fill in the omissions of the Wallace Roll. Genealogists not finding their Cherokee ancestor in the Kern-Clifton Roll, should search the Wallace Roll to insure that this ancestor was not one of those originally identified by the John Wallace census. This census of the Freedmen and their descendants of the Cherokee Nation taken by the Commission appointed in the case of Moses Whitmire, Trustee of the Freedmen of the Cherokee Nation vs. The Cherokee Nation and the United States in the Court of Claims at Washington, D. C., the said Commission being composed of William Clifton, William Thompson and Robert H. Kern, the same being made from the testimony taken before said Commission in the Cherokee Nation between May 4th and August 10th, 1896.

Search the Kern Clifton Rolls

wdt_ID KernID roll last first relation sex age district
1 0 1 Alberty Jerry NULL M 56 Cooweesccowee
2 1 2 Alberty Ruth Wife F 50 Cooweesccowee
3 2 3 White Louisa nee Alberty Daughter F 28 Cooweesccowee
4 3 4 Alberty Noah Son M 28 Cooweesccowee
5 4 5 Alberty Moses Son M 24 Cooweesccowee
6 5 6 Alberty Carrie Daughter F 20 Cooweesccowee
7 6 7 Alberty Josh,Jr. Son M 18 Cooweesccowee
8 7 8 Alberty Emory Son M 16 Cooweesccowee
9 8 9 Alberty Millie Daughter F 15 Cooweesccowee
10 9 10 Alberty Sarah or Mary Daughter F 14 Cooweesccowee


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