1832 Creek Census – Tuckabatcha Town

By a treaty of March 24, 1832, the Creek Indians ceded to the United States all of their land east of the Mississippi River. Heads of families were entitled to tracts of land, which, if possible, were to include their improvements. In 1833 Benjamin S. Parsons and Thomas J. Abbott prepared a census of Creek Indian heads of families, which gave their names and the number of males, females, and slaves in each family. The entries were arranged by town and numbered; these numbers were used for identification in later records. This is the census for the town of Tuckabatcha.

1832 Creek Census - Tuckabatcha Town

Town Number Head Males Females Slaves Total Remarks
Tuckabatcha1Betty Riley1168
Tuckabatcha1Tus ke ne haw111012principal chief
Tuckabatcha2Ho po eith lo Yo ho lo2237principal chief
Tuckabatcha2Och Har go4307
Tuckabatcha3Little Doctor42814principal chief
Tuckabatcha3No cos Har go3104
Tuckabatcha4Che boaf Har go1102
Tuckabatcha4Mad Blue2204principal chief
Tuckabatcha5Ich hos Yo ho lo4206
Tuckabatcha5Tuck a batcha Micco34411principal chief
Tuckabatcha6Micco Buiecar (or Old King?)2114
Tuckabatcha6Pos cove E marth lar1102
Tuckabatcha7Ne haw loc co2204
Tuckabatcha7Tustunnugga2103principal chief
Tuckabatcha8Ko nip Yo ho lo2204
Tuckabatcha8Ne haw locco Chopco1102principal chief
Tuckabatcha9Coo war sart Har go1304
Tuckabatcha9O Sooch E Micco3306principal chief
Tuckabatcha10Siash Yo ho lo1304principal chief
Tuckabatcha10So hos Har go2304
Tuckabatcha11Bob Cornels2136principal chief
Tuckabatcha11Tuck a batch Har go3407
Tuckabatcha12Ogillisa3303principal chief
Tuckabatcha12Paw was Har go2204
Tuckabatcha13Fus hatch che Micco2103principal chief
Tuckabatcha13Spoak yea Yo ho lo1102
Tuckabatcha14Cho gart la Fix i co3508principal chief
Tuckabatcha14Tallisee Fix i co1102
Tuckabatcha15Ho jis Har go1102
Tuckabatcha15Sitchey? Cornoles2305principal chief
Tuckabatcha16Tom Marth Micco1102principal chief
Tuckabatcha16Wock see Yo ho lo1102
Tuckabatcha17Ah loc E Yo ho lo2103principal chief
Tuckabatcha17Cle wathla Har go1102
Tuckabatcha18Ar chule Har go1102
Tuckabatcha18Tus coner Fix i co3216principal chief
Tuckabatcha19Coo sis te Har go1304
Tuckabatcha19Tus sicke Holatta3407principal chief
Tuckabatcha20David Barnard2248principal chief
Tuckabatcha20Ho poitley?2305
Tuckabatcha21Choille Har go2103
Tuckabatcha22Ne har loc co Har go4105
Tuckabatcha24Ne he E marth lar4307
Tuckabatcha25Hoth te bo? Emarthalar1102
Tuckabatcha26Tus ke ne haw1203
Tuckabatcha27Cle chon E marth lar2305
Tuckabatcha28Dick Cornels2248
Tuckabatcha29Echo Har go1304
Tuckabatcha30Lob ti Fix i co1203
Tuckabatcha31Fix i co Har go1102
Tuckabatcha32Tuck a batch Yo ho lo1102
Tuckabatcha33Yo ho lo lock co1203
Tuckabatcha34Ne har matta Har go1102
Tuckabatcha35Che chumma hollatta2204
Tuckabatcha36Ho tul ga Yo ho lo3306
Tuckabatcha37Che haw micco11911
Tuckabatcha38O sar Har go1203
Tuckabatcha39Coe gus Yo ho lo1102
Tuckabatcha40Ottas Micco3205
Tuckabatcha41O sich Har go2305
Tuckabatcha42Lu chi Yo ho lo1102
Tuckabatcha43Ne haw lock co che1102
Tuckabatcha44Tom malth Har go1102
Tuckabatcha45Ich hos Fix i co1102
Tuckabatcha46Mar hav ie2204
Tuckabatcha47E par sart1102
Tuckabatcha48Im ma Har go0202
Tuckabatcha50Ho lote Hoga0202
Tuckabatcha51Co wock co che2002
Tuckabatcha52Con chad Har go3205
Tuckabatcha53Toat car hos Emalthlar2305
Tuckabatcha54Hillubba Har go1304
Tuckabatcha55Chos tu E marth lar2204
Tuckabatcha56Tin thlannis Yo ho lo1102
Tuckabatcha57Ar haw loc Har go1102
Tuckabatcha58Fus Har go1102
Tuckabatcha59San dul Fix i co2103
Tuckabatcha60Attas ne har locco1102
Tuckabatcha61Ke marth Har go2103
Tuckabatcha62Cotch che Yo ho lo2103
Tuckabatcha63Tallissee Fix i co2305
Tuckabatcha64Tuck a batcha E marth lar1102
Tuckabatcha65Oak fuska Har go2204
Tuckabatcha66Ta lmarsi Har go2305
Tuckabatcha67Chos tu? Fix i co2204
Tuckabatcha68Arth lon Har go2204
Tuckabatcha69E as? aicco Hobie1102
Tuckabatcha70Cho loc in se haw1203
Tuckabatcha71Soc holla du1102
Tuckabatcha72Ce but che2204
Tuckabatcha73Choc hea gar1102
Tuckabatcha74Im bo hoat tie1102
Tuckabatcha75Meath lar0202
Tuckabatcha76Yo ho lo Fix i co1102
Tuckabatcha77Cho qart tie Yo ho lo1102
Tuckabatcha78Ar pie har in each chaw2103
Tuckabatcha79Ne har Har go2103
Tuckabatcha80Fus hatch Yo ho lo2103
Tuckabatcha81Fus hatch Har go2103
Tuckabatcha82Ich che haw1102
Tuckabatcha83Chos tu Fix i co4408
Tuckabatcha84Ke no bie Yo ho lo2204
Tuckabatcha85O sich him ne haw2305
Tuckabatcha86Micco Yo ho lo4206
Tuckabatcha87Illis Heargo2204
Tuckabatcha88Suf fo chu che2103
Tuckabatcha89Micco Nubbar2103
Tuckabatcha90O Con ne jar0202
Tuckabatcha91Se ho ga1203
Tuckabatcha92Fus hatch che Tust tunnugga2103
Tuckabatcha93Ar lea par1102
Tuckabatcha94Ar chular3205
Tuckabatcha95Yas kie3104
Tuckabatcha96Los tu Yo ho lo3306
Tuckabatcha97Fick fungas2103
Tuckabatcha98Hotulga Fix i co1102
Tuckabatcha99Ce tig Waga3205
Tuckabatcha101Nancy Barnett0202
Tuckabatcha102Peggy Sulivan021012
Tuckabatcha103Soak Hulga0202
Tuckabatcha104Nitta Boak car1102
Tuckabatcha106Ming gillis Har go1203
Tuckabatcha107Poc art tie1102
Tuckabatcha108Tock fol loat Kar1102
Tuckabatcha109Charles Lane1506
Tuckabatcha111Mock Tar2103
Tuckabatcha112Sock Too Ca1214
Tuckabatcha113Fi ai ga0303
Tuckabatcha114Coosa Yo ho lo1203
Tuckabatcha115Carp hoak Kie1102
Tuckabatcha116Ko no hi ga0303
Tuckabatcha117Con chad E marth lar4105
Tuckabatcha118Tal lar loth a Har go1304
Tuckabatcha119Pas Koaf Har go1405
Tuckabatcha120Yo ho lo Har go1405
Tuckabatcha121Har go Yo ho lo1203
Tuckabatcha122Cle wathla Fix i co1102
Tuckabatcha123Ne har Tus ta nug Har go4105
Tuckabatcha124Is tun lo fo Hoga1203
Tuckabatcha125Tim neo ta1203
Tuckabatcha127Che ke saw bie0202
Tuckabatcha128Hon dal la1102
Tuckabatcha129Sin ni gi ga3104
Tuckabatcha130Sin dar ga3104
Tuckabatcha131Ti lla Woakie2305
Tuckabatcha132To ho liga0202
Tuckabatcha133Tim mo nie0202
Tuckabatcha134Ne haw mattu Sick Micco2204
Tuckabatcha135Spoak Oak Har go1102
Tuckabatcha136Si hi Kit liga1203
Tuckabatcha137Ar bo hie0303
Tuckabatcha138Fo gis hoie0202
Tuckabatcha139Te mi aul ca1135
Tuckabatcha140Ti far hoie0224
Tuckabatcha141Yaw har Har go2204
Tuckabatcha142Hi chi che1146
Tuckabatcha143Tin Chaw way0224
Tuckabatcha144Che lock Har go1102
Tuckabatcha145Fus hatch Har go1102
Tuckabatcha146Hillis Fix i co1306
Tuckabatcha147E chos tu Yo ho lo2204
Tuckabatcha148Lit tie hie1102
Tuckabatcha149Walth leiga1102
Tuckabatcha150Salt he iga/Sats he iga2204
Tuckabatcha151Chu lock Har go1102
Tuckabatcha152Soak Tan ieche1102
Tuckabatcha153Yo ho lo che1102
Tuckabatcha154Ar Ko niga2103
Tuckabatcha155Yo ho bie gaw1102
Tuckabatcha156Ho Tan nie0202
Tuckabatcha157Spo Ko ne har locco3104
Tuckabatcha158Spoak ogie Micco1405
Tuckabatcha159O fun niga1304
Tuckabatcha160So Yar na0202
Tuckabatcha161Im Pollart die0202
Tuckabatcha162Yar nar Saw1102
Tuckabatcha163Che chum mie Har go2103
Tuckabatcha164Po che isse1102
Tuckabatcha165Echo was tie Har go2103
Tuckabatcha166Toat kar bie E marth lar1304
Tuckabatcha167We woak Kar Har go2103
Tuckabatcha168Ne har Yo ho lo1102
Tuckabatcha169Fo lot Hogie3104
Tuckabatcha170Con chart Yo ho lo2024
Tuckabatcha171Te naw hin ne har1304
Tuckabatcha172E sar ho kie0202
Tuckabatcha173Is par lart kie0202
Tuckabatcha174E Pock Ka lo diga1203
Tuckabatcha176Tim mo sie1102
Tuckabatcha177Ar haw loc Fix i co1405
Tuckabatcha178Anny Sullivan12710
Tuckabatcha179Homer Cornels2103
Tuckabatcha180Tim ful Hoga0202
Tuckabatcha181Barrant Duboise42410
Tuckabatcha182Fitz Tarkie0202
Tuckabatcha183Che bi e har1102
Tuckabatcha184Anny Cornoles23611
Tuckabatcha185Ottis Fix i co3205
Tuckabatcha186Each hos Fix i co1102
Tuckabatcha187Cotch char Fix i co2406
Tuckabatcha188Ti hea che1102
Tuckabatcha189Ar Cle gi ga0303
Tuckabatcha190Ho litch char0202
Tuckabatcha192Tom Low3205
Tuckabatcha193Emarthla che1203
Tuckabatcha194War loc co Har go2103
Tuckabatcha195E darth lie1102
Tuckabatcha196Sin no che0404
Tuckabatcha197Yo ho lo Micco1203
Tuckabatcha198E si e ga2103
Tuckabatcha199E no lick ho gar1203
Tuckabatcha200Ho ith Uga1102
Tuckabatcha201Coosa Fix i co1304
Tuckabatcha202To ni che1102
Tuckabatcha203Che doak kie1102
Tuckabatcha204So gea pie2103
Tuckabatcha205Co Yar1102
Tuckabatcha206So se ho ke2103
Tuckabatcha209Gil Car1203
Tuckabatcha211Co e I ga2002
Tuckabatcha212Fe garth lar2204
Tuckabatcha217Ar fus Har go1203
Tuckabatcha218To gal Kar1102
Tuckabatcha219So lip pa1203
Tuckabatcha222Saw hos Kie0303
Tuckabatcha223Sour co lie1203
Tuckabatcha224Sar hoie1203
Tuckabatcha225Sim mar hoak tie2103
Tuckabatcha226Tar de gie0202
Tuckabatcha227Tallow war Har go1102
Tuckabatcha228Tallisse E marth lar3205
Tuckabatcha229Tom marth Yo ho lo2103
Tuckabatcha230David Walker1269
Tuckabatcha232Sine mo meachar0202
Tuckabatcha233Ho cos ke E marth lar1304
Tuckabatcha234Sar gin hea0202
Tuckabatcha235Luchi Yo ho lo3205
Tuckabatcha236Ho Tar bie0202
Tuckabatcha237Se hin eithlar2204
Tuckabatcha238Co wassa Micco1304
Tuckabatcha239Mi do gie0202
Tuckabatcha240Ful li ga0202
Tuckabatcha241Tim mis ka kie0202
Tuckabatcha242Ho lo diga1102
Tuckabatcha243O ho miga2103
Tuckabatcha244Mos lie2002
Tuckabatcha245Ho nith bie0202
Tuckabatcha246Mar be jar1102
Tuckabatcha247Sam Clark1405
Tuckabatcha248Fi Ea che che2204
Tuckabatcha249Hos po Tock Har go1405
Tuckabatcha250Ar che hatch Fix i co1304
Tuckabatcha251Coosa ho po iethly2103
Tuckabatcha252Taof ki ?1102
Tuckabatcha253Tallissa Hopoithly3104
Tuckabatcha254Co lo gie1102
Tuckabatcha256Sin nar gof tie0202
Tuckabatcha257Te ho ko niga0303
Tuckabatcha258Har clop ho kie1102
Tuckabatcha259Ho gu bie1203
Tuckabatcha260Ar gilth lie0202
Tuckabatcha261Tom Barnett2103
Tuckabatcha262Tim mo hie1102
Tuckabatcha263Gil lis sin ne har1203
Tuckabatcha264Che har Har go1102
Tuckabatcha265Ho par la Har go2305
Tuckabatcha266Micco Yo ho lo2204
Tuckabatcha267Tuch a batch a Fix i co2204
Tuckabatcha268Tim mar no kee3104
Tuckabatcha269Ne haw lo cco2204
Tuckabatcha270Tock o nock ke1102
Tuckabatcha271Tim me le che2002
Tuckabatcha272No ko se Yo ho lo1203
Tuckabatcha273Micco loc co1102
Tuckabatcha274It Kud de Har go3104
Tuckabatcha275Nock ho iega1102
Tuckabatcha277Ho ch hatch che Har go3306
Tuckabatcha278Ful li ga1113
Tuckabatcha279Los ti Har go1102
Tuckabatcha280Oak fus ca Har go3104
Tuckabatcha281No Ko Sille3306
Tuckabatcha282Tim mar Saw1203
Tuckabatcha283Tus sick ki char ga1102
Tuckabatcha284Yos bos kaw1102
Tuckabatcha285O sooch che Yo ho lo4408
Tuckabatcha286Tar bos Har go1203
Tuckabatcha287Me gis kar Har go2103
Tuckabatcha288Ar har loc Har go2305
Tuckabatcha289See he I ga2103
Tuckabatcha290Ho Tul ga Har go1304
Tuckabatcha291Samuel Smith52714
Tuckabatcha292Coos war sart Har go1304
Tuckabatcha293O chis Har go2103
Tuckabatcha294So bi eith lee0202
Tuckabatcha295Sal li war1102
Tuckabatcha296Se ho ath la0202
Tuckabatcha297Tar heeth le1203
Tuckabatcha298Sar beech che2024
Tuckabatcha299Cle eik ka2103
Tuckabatcha300Ar lar ho kar0303
Tuckabatcha301Hoak chon Har go2002
Tuckabatcha302Hu? Che tar heath lar1102
Tuckabatcha303Jim McQueen1102
Tuckabatcha304Wise Kar3205
Tuckabatcha305Ti wi hea gar1203
Tuckabatcha306Ah see gar1304
Tuckabatcha307Che har le boyar3407
Tuckabatcha308Tal loaf Har go5207
Tuckabatcha309Ar ki he1102
Tuckabatcha310Yaw ue jar0202
Tuckabatcha311Ich hoie0202
Tuckabatcha312Lif Tif Har go1102
Tuckabatcha313E buc kar lat kar0202
Tuckabatcha314Tim Hea Char1102
Tuckabatcha315Ar chu loc Har go11022nd of same name
Tuckabatcha316Spanny Fix i co3104
Tuckabatcha317Tommy Yo ho lo2103
Tuckabatcha318Seo Mar1102
Tuckabatcha319Coo ista1203
Tuckabatcha320Ar bic co Har go1203
Tuckabatcha321So de dunne? Har go3205
Tuckabatcha322E marth lar Hatka1102
Tuckabatcha323Hos po dark Fix i co2204
Tuckabatcha324O Sar Fix i co1102
Tuckabatcha325Hoak chon Fix i co1102
Tuckabatcha326Ar art tee Har go2103
Tuckabatcha327Ne he E marth lar Yo ho lo1102
Tuckabatcha328Ar chu lar Yo ho lo3104
Tuckabatcha329U bock ho latta2002
Tuckabatcha330Par sar ga3104
Tuckabatcha331Tal lisse Har go1203
Tuckabatcha333Illis hoth le boyar?2305
Tuckabatcha334So gart tu Har go1102
Tuckabatcha335Is po hie0202
Tuckabatcha336Co we gus Har go4105
Tuckabatcha337Coosa Har go2002
Tuckabatcha338Micco Har go4105
Tuckabatcha339Tallo war Micco3104
Tuckabatcha340Sar nar1102
Tuckabatcha341Spoak oak Fix i co2103
Tuckabatcha343Yar gin na Fix i co1102
Tuckabatcha344Tallo war Tustunnugga2305
Tuckabatcha345Tus kie Har go2305
Tuckabatcha346Cha woc ca la Fix i co2103
Tuckabatcha347Tin cho boc ca1102
Tuckabatcha348Star loc ca2002
Tuckabatcha349Cotch che gar1102
Tuckabatcha350Se ie che2002
Tuckabatcha351Saw hie1102
Tuckabatcha352Ar ki e he gar0202
Tuckabatcha353Sam Low2204
Tuckabatcha354Sos hoie1102
Tuckabatcha355Tus ta nug Holie1304
Tuckabatcha356Ko nip Har go2103
Tuckabatcha357Oak chan nar2002
Tuckabatcha358Tom ger Cornels1102
Tuckabatcha360Mis ta har ka11002
Tuckabatcha361Ho lat tar03710
Tuckabatcha362To ko ie0303
Tuckabatcha363O che Har go1102
Tuckabatcha364Oct ti arche Yo ho lo1102
Tuckabatcha365Cu war la E marth lar1102
Tuckabatcha366Ma sith Yar0202
Tuckabatcha368Sucky Cornoles152228
Tuckabatcha369Betty Cornoles112325
Tuckabatcha370Toal car hos sa4206
Tuckabatcha371Judy Tooly1225
Tuckabatcha372John McQueen2204a free negro
Tuckabatcha373Spo Koc Yo ho lo1135
Tuckabatcha374Old Buffalow2002
Tuckabatcha375So ko Liga1102
Tuckabatcha376Zachariah McGirth12710
Tuckabatcha377Pin Galla1102
Tuckabatcha378In Tuck hoie111012
Tuckabatcha379Elizabeth Cornels1203
Tuckabatcha380Oc ti ar Che Fix i co3205
Tuckabatcha381Homer Ho da1203
Tuckabatcha382To har tie2103
Tuckabatcha383Jin ney1203
Tuckabatcha384Tuck a batcha E marth ler1102
Tuckabatcha385E ne har Fix i co3104
Tuckabatcha386Juba64010a free negro



Hall, Lance L. Parsons and Abbott Roll.

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