1832 Creek Census – Toakpafkar Town

By a treaty of March 24, 1832, the Creek Indians ceded to the United States all of their land east of the Mississippi River. Heads of families were entitled to tracts of land, which, if possible, were to include their improvements. In 1833 Benjamin S. Parsons and Thomas J. Abbott prepared a census of Creek Indian heads of families, which gave their names and the number of males, females, and slaves in each family. The entries were arranged by town and numbered; these numbers were used for identification in later records. This is the census for the town of Toakpafkar.

1832 Creek Census - Toakpafkar Town

Toakpafkar1Spookoak Yo ho lo1203
Toakpafkar2Is hal lot ta1102
Toakpafkar3Co e far1102
Toakpafkar4Hoakchose Har jo1203
Toakpafkar5Ho lattar E marth lar1102
Toakpafkar6Math lar1203
Toakpafkar7Tommy Yo ho lo1102
Toakpafkar8Ar loc co Yo ho lo1203
Toakpafkar9To batth Har jo1102
Toakpafkar10Yalth Ho ga1102
Toakpafkar11No Bof ti chi1102
Toakpafkar12Echo Har jo3304
Toakpafkar13Tuck a batch a Yo ho lo1304
Toakpafkar14Si hoke2103
Toakpafkar15Oche Yo ho lo1203
Toakpafkar16Saw nie2103
Toakpafkar17Tuck a batcha Fix i co2103
Toakpafkar18Hil lub ba E marth lar2204
Toakpafkar19Hil lub ba Nehaw locco1102
Toakpafkar20Choc co co hie1102
Toakpafkar21Ful ho e gar1102
Toakpafkar22Pin Har jo1203
Toakpafkar23Sof ho lo kie1102
Toakpafkar24Spo oa ge E marth lar2204
Toakpafkar25Mat Tow ie cha1102
Toakpafkar26Sim mi hoie1102
Toakpafcar28Ne cle pisa Har go2103principal chief
Toakpafkar28Emarthlo Har jo1203
Toakpafkar29Ar loc che Fix i co2103
Toakpafkar30Al lo jar2103
Toakpafkar31Sis e py1102
Toakpafkar32Clo cas tar Har jo1102
Toakpafkar33Nith lo che1102
Toakpafkar34E marthlar Yo ho lo2103
Toakpafkar35Illis Fix i co1102
Toakpafkar36Pin jeg1102
Toakpafkar37Wot co Yo ho lo2103
Toakpafkar39U buck lart Hoga2103
Toakpafkar40Spoak o ga Fix i co2103
Toakpafkar41Spoak oak Har jo1102
Toakpafkar43Tal la dig Micco2103
Toakpafkar44Ni Cey0213
Toakpafkar45Lot ti cha3205
Toakpafkar46Sar farch kar2103
Toakpafkar47Snock af tar1203
Toakpafkar48Ho pie jar1102
Toakpafkar52Carp ho gar1113
Toakpafkar53Cub bi ca che Fix i co1304
Toakpafkar54Arth lon hoe1113
Toakpafkar55Coo sar Fix i co2204
Toakpafkar56Choak chart Har jo1214
Toakpafkar57Tim mo nie2103
Toakpafkar58Fus hatch E marth lar3306
Toakpafkar59Coch char Har jo1203
Toakpafkar60Fit to dick Har jo1203
Toakpafkar61Oct ti arche Har jo2103
Toakpafkar62Cus se Tar Har jo1304
Toakpafkar63Lat tar wich cha1203
Toakpafkar64Tus ke ne haw2204
Toakpafkar65Ot tis Fix i co2103
Toakpafkar66U faw la Fix i co2103
Toakpafkar67Se ath lie jar1203
Toakpafkar68Woc se holattar1203
Toakpafkar70Che loke Har jo1203
Toakpafkar71Ottis Sa E marth lar2103
Toakpafkar72Tet tar gie1203
Toakpafkar73Ar loc Fix i co0202
Toakpafkar74Mis ta har Kie1203
Toakpafkar75Ar gin nar1203
Toakpafkar76Co lum me Har jo1304
Toakpafkar77Tal marse Fix i co2103
Toakpafkar78Mil lart tie0404
Toakpafkar79To bath le Har jo1203
Toakpafkar80Star ful hoie2103
Toakpafkar81Tal lo war Har jo1203
Toakpafkar82Chu wot? Ta li ge3104
Toakpafkar83Ho mi ga2204
Toakpafkar84Cob bich char Har jo1203
Toakpafkar85Co sir nock che Har jo2204
Toakpafkar86Coch char Fix i co1304
Toakpafkar87Oc co wie2204
Toakpafkar88Yo ho lo che2204
Toakpafkar89No ko se Yo ho lo4206
Toakpafkar91Co wo Sart Har jo2103
Toakpafkar92Tar bo hie2204
Toakpafkar93Mar Cock kie1203
Toakpafkar94Stin no ga1102
Toakpafkar95Lo cher Yo ho lo2103
Toakpafkar96Cle chumme Har jo2204
Toakpafkar97Cho quart ta Yo ho lo2305
Toakpafkar98Lif Tif Har jo2204
Toakpafkar99To bo is ho lattar Har jo3104
Toakpafkar100U both lar2204
Toakpafkar101E far E marth lar2204
Toakpafkar102Tus co ner Har jo3104
Toakpafkar103Hil bub ba1203
Toakpafkar105Es loche1102
Toakpafkar106Tal ho mat ta1102
Toakpafkar107Cub bich che Yo ho lo3104
Toakpafkar108Tim me cog jey2103
Toakpafkar109Emarthlo che1203
Toakpafkar110Wox se Yo ho lo2103
Toakpafkar111Chu gart te Yo ho lo1102
Toakpafkar112Nar bo che E marth lar2204
Toakpafkar113Molly1102two of same name
Toakpafkar114We wo ke Yo ho lo2204
Toakpafkar115Chus was ti Yo ho lo2204
Toakpafkar116Mar tup Har jo2103
Toakpafkar117Til lie char2103
Toakpafkar118Chu wil la Har jo1102
Toakpafkar119Cit Tan wie2406
Toakpafkar120Hil bub ba Micco2305
Toakpafkar121E ti a1102
Toakpafkar122Coo sar bi cha1102
Toakpafkar123Si mot ta2204
Toakpafkar124Sache Har jo3104
Toakpafkar125Te hi boc co1102
Toakpafkar126Sim bo he ga1102



Hall, Lance L. Parsons and Abbott Roll.

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