1832 Creek Census – Ottisse Town

By a treaty of March 24, 1832, the Creek Indians ceded to the United States all of their land east of the Mississippi River. Heads of families were entitled to tracts of land, which, if possible, were to include their improvements. In 1833 Benjamin S. Parsons and Thomas J. Abbott prepared a census of Creek Indian heads of families, which gave their names and the number of males, females, and slaves in each family. The entries were arranged by town and numbered; these numbers were used for identification in later records. This is the census for the town of Ottisse.

1832 Creek Census - Ottisse Town

Town Number Head Males Females Slaves Total Remarks
Ottisse1Ottisse Micco4307
Ottisse2Yo ho lo Micco2103
Ottisse3Coosa Micco1405
Ottisse4Fus hatch che Micco1304
Ottisse5Oc to ha Micco2204
Ottisse6O tul gu E marth lar56011
Ottisse7Spoak oak Tusta nugga2305
Ottisse8Cotch char Tustunnugga3306
Ottisse9Ho boy acha2204
Ottisse10Co nip Yo ho lo2305
Ottisse11Tus ta nuc Har go4408
Ottisse12Thlan tal le E marth lar6107
Ottisse13Oth le bo boie E marth lar3104
Ottisse14Oak fuska Yo ho lo3205
Ottisse15No ko se E marth lar1203
Ottisse16Ottissi E marth lar1304
Ottisse17O saw we E marth lar1203
Ottisse18Eue har Micco5207
Ottisse19Eue har Emathlar2204
Ottisse20Par hose Har go1103
Ottisse21Tuck a batcha Har go2204
Ottisse22Tommy Har go1203
Ottisse23Thlath thlo Fix i co2204
Ottisse24Coosa Fix i co1102
Ottisse25Oc tiarche Har go2204
Ottisse26William Jugant1102
Ottisse27Ispanny Har go1102
Ottisse28Ar chule Har go6208
Ottisse29Thlan Tal Fix i co1103
Ottisse30Oss see Yo ho lo1102
Ottisse31Hoboeger Yo ho lo3205
Ottisse32Tal ma chus Har go5207
Ottisse33Tus ke ne haw5106
Ottisse34Cho fol ope Har go4307
Ottisse35Coc cher Yo ho lo1103
Ottisse36Tustunnugga E marth lar3305
Ottisse37Ya kin har Fix i co2406
Ottisse38Los tar Har go1108
Ottisse39Coosister Har go1108
Ottisse40Mocco Powugar1109
Ottisse41Lif Tif Har go2103
Ottisse42Toat kar bie Har go3104
Ottisse43Ko nip Fix i co2406
Ottisse44Ne har thloc ke E marth lar4105
Ottisse45Ar loc co Yo ho lo4206
Ottisse46Hillabbee Har go1108
Ottisse47Cu e gus Harg2103
Ottisse48Ko nip E marth lar2204
Ottisse49O ler/ser Har go2103
Ottisse50Up pah le E marth lar4206
Ottisse51Lum he Hothle ho boc3104
Ottisse52Che loke Har go2204
Ottisse53Ne har loc co Har go3205
Ottisse54Spoak Har go3205
Ottisse55Micco Oboy uche2304
Ottisse56Fus hatcha Har go2507
Ottisse57Owar Talega3104
Ottisse58Atar har Fix i co1203
Ottisse59Ar fos Har go2204
Ottisse60Chu loc ke Yo ho lo3306
Ottisse61Pos coaf Har go3103
Ottisse62No co tilla Har go3104
Ottisse63Ar har le E marth lar1803
Ottisse64Micco Yo ho lo3304
Ottisse65Hillabba Fix i co2103
Ottisse66Ich hos Har go1102
Ottisse67Ar by we Har go1103
Ottisse68Co wie Har go4408
Ottisse69Ituddy? Har go1102
Ottisse70Ar har loc Har go1103
Ottisse71Icche Har go1102
Ottisse72Con chart Har go1102
Ottisse73Oe cas ke Fix i co1102
Ottisse74So hoe ga1203
Ottisse75Stem mo funnatkie1102
Ottisse76Hallie gie3205
Ottisse77Tis gar2103
Ottisse78In sar Kie1103
Ottisse79Te ti Hoga0303
Ottisse80Tim mar ho bocca0202
Ottisse82Fo lot Hoga2103
Ottisse83Tim med liege1102
Ottisse84Sar chin hoga1102
Ottisse85Is tar ho kie2204
Ottisse86Yoke che0302
Ottisse87Co wega1304
Ottisse88Isho latta3407
Ottisse89Ful lo gi ga2305
Ottisse90Lin do jar1102



Hall, Lance L. Parsons and Abbott Roll.

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