1832 Creek Census – Oswichee Town

By a treaty of March 24, 1832, the Creek Indians ceded to the United States all of their land east of the Mississippi River. Heads of families were entitled to tracts of land, which, if possible, were to include their improvements. In 1833 Benjamin S. Parsons and Thomas J. Abbott prepared a census of Creek Indian heads of families, which gave their names and the number of males, females, and slaves in each family. The entries were arranged by town and numbered; these numbers were used for identification in later records. This is the census for the town of Oswichee.

1832 Creek Census - Oswichee Town

Oswichee1.00Par hose E marth lar4.
Oswichee2.00Fose Har jo1.
Oswichee3.00Char ley E marth lar3.
Oswichee4.00E ful o Har jo1.
Oswichee5.00O pi oke Yo ho lo1.
Oswichee6.00York ey3.
Oswichee7.00Cho cote Har jo (or Jacob)
Oswichee8.00Ne har Yo ho lo3.
Oswichee9.00Ko no Fix i co1.
Oswichee10.00Tuck a batch e Yo ho lo2.
Oswichee11.00Cho ar choo che4.006.000.0010.00
Oswichee12.00Thlath lo Fix i co2.
Oswichee13.00In to sar key1.
Oswichee14.00Thlock pos war2.
Oswichee15.00Top pus Har jo1.
Oswichee16.00Se ho kar2.
Oswichee17.00Te was soom me1.
Oswichee18.00Cho E marth lar2.
Oswichee19.00Chal lar1.
Oswichee20.00Kin ke he2.
Oswichee21.00At ke char we1.
Oswichee22.00Hi e ki che1.
Oswichee23.00E kis ke2.
Oswichee24.00George (or Georgy)
Oswichee25.00Nul cup Yo ho lo3.
Oswichee26.00Kol lese Har jo1.
Oswichee27.00Mar fo lo te2.
Oswichee28.00O par ye5.
Oswichee29.00Ke lis sar Har jo1.
Oswichee30.00Choo e ley2.
Oswichee31.00It char Wi ke1.
Oswichee32.00Chi ar ye1.
Oswichee33.00Far tose ke2.
Oswichee34.00Pe no te1.
Oswitche34.00Ok ti ar che E marth lar1. chief
Oswichee35.00She me lar1.
Oswichee36.00Chock ko e che1.
Oswitche36.00Tuck a batch ee Fix i co3. chief
Oswichee37.00Oas par tok Fix i co1.
Oswichee38.00Spoke oke Har jo1.
Oswichee39.00Char me lar1.
Oswichee40.00Che far le1.
Oswichee41.00Te wat tar che1.
Oswichee42.00Sap po ho kar1.
Oswichee43.00Te kin kar1.
Oswichee44.00Tal mo chus Har jo1.
Oswichee45.00Ho che pe1.
Oswichee46.00Ho hi ke1.
Oswichee47.00Yum kar1.
Oswichee48.00Sock har lofe kay1.
Oswichee49.00Fe har yhe1.
Oswichee50.00Is fo le che1.
Oswichee51.00Chock se ho kar2.
Oswichee53.00Thle ni ya0.
Oswichee54.00Thlar lar ke1.
Oswichee55.00At up pi ke0.
Oswichee56.00Hone tar2.
Oswichee57.00O cho te2.
Oswichee58.00Ka tey3.
Oswichee59.00O tar ke1.
Oswichee60.00Sting kar ke1.
Oswichee61.00Fo lo li ke2.
Oswichee62.00Chok ko thle2.
Oswichee63.00Sar pe he (or Old Billy)
Oswichee64.00Far len nar5.
Oswichee65.00Mar lose tar1.
Oswichee66.00Sow hose kar2.
Oswichee67.00Ful le che0.
Oswichee68.00Te nar sey1.
Oswichee69.00Sat tar hi ke1.
Oswichee70.00O sok ey1.
Oswichee71.00Sing cool kar1.
Oswichee72.00Arse no che2.
Oswichee73.00Lum hi che1.
Oswichee74.00Ar swe lar key1.
Oswichee75.00Ko ne pe Marthlar1.
Oswichee76.00Sock hol lar2.
Oswichee77.00Tal le he char1.
Oswichee78.00Le tif Har jo1.
Oswichee79.00Te thle kar2.
Oswichee80.00E ho mer2.
Oswichee81.00Ste he che pe0.
Oswichee82.00E marth lar Thlock o2.



Hall, Lance L. Parsons and Abbott Roll.

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