1832 Creek Census – Luchipoga Town

By a treaty of March 24, 1832, the Creek Indians ceded to the United States all of their land east of the Mississippi River. Heads of families were entitled to tracts of land, which, if possible, were to include their improvements. In 1833 Benjamin S. Parsons and Thomas J. Abbott prepared a census of Creek Indian heads of families, which gave their names and the number of males, females, and slaves in each family. The entries were arranged by town and numbered; these numbers were used for identification in later records. This is the census for the town of Luchipoga.

1832 Creek Census - Luchipoga Town

Luchipoga1Chu loc Tustanugga4307
Luchipoga10Ar die can Har go2305
Luchipoga100In hi yar Hargar1102
Luchipoga102Lucy Lusta0202
Luchipoga103Fic e co yatcha0202
Luchipoga104Sar wi yaga0202
Luchipoga105Mat le ga1203
Luchipoga107Sim mo si ar1102
Luchipoga108Tic car hie2305
Luchipoga109Ar butch cha0202
Luchipoga11Talla harsa Har go2204
Luchipoga111Car puggy0303
Luchipoga114O sun nie0202
Luchipoga115To hatta1102
Luchipoga116In nun die1203
Luchipoga117In heach kar1102
Luchipoga118Clar ho la1405
Luchipoga119U boc la Tiga1203
Luchipoga12Cole lame Har go2204
Luchipoga120Se hollatter0202
Luchipoga121Ti ark kie1203
Luchipoga122Co ie gar3104
Luchipoga123Oak chart co che21032nd of same name
Luchipoga124Micco chart tie1102
Luchipoga125Ar chu le Har go4105
Luchipoga126Micco Mar he1102
Luchipoga127Pa lat Kar3205
Luchipoga128At bith liga1102
Luchipoga129In narth nar1203
Luchipoga13Fix i co Har go4206
Luchipoga130Jimmy32052nd of same name
Luchipoga131Nar bo che1203
Luchipoga132Soap Kar1102
Luchipoga133Se ar ka rbie0303
Luchipoga134Big Lucy1304
Luchipoga135Tal lit ho ie1304
Luchipoga136Si he ga1102
Luchipoga137Tack e ath to0202
Luchipoga138Coch char E marth lar2103
Luchipoga139Me law way1203
Luchipoga14Ne har Har go2204
Luchipoga141Ich hos Fix i co2406
Luchipoga142Tuck tar nie che4105
Luchipoga143Pin Gar leach kar1102
Luchipoga144Fac lo di ga1102
Luchipoga145Arch cha1203
Luchipoga146Mar keath lar3205
Luchipoga147Hant law1304
Luchipoga148Chu e E marth lar1102
Luchipoga149Ne har locco Fix i co3306
Luchipoga15Ho gillise Har go2305
Luchipoga150Fus hach cha Har go2204
Luchipoga151Ich hoie0303
Luchipoga154Ar we lug ga0202
Luchipoga155Ne har loc co che3104
Luchipoga156Ar ane gg0202
Luchipoga157Cock we lar ga1203
Luchipoga159Coo sa Matt lo55010
Luchipoga16Ne har loc co Yo ho lo6309
Luchipoga160Che ar har2103
Luchipoga162Moc qua gor0000
Luchipoga164Mut Tea gar3205
Luchipoga165Hopoieathla Micco1203
Luchipoga17War la E marth lar4408
Luchipoga18Oc ti archi E marth lar1203
Luchipoga19Ich cleach war che2305
Luchipoga2Chio co me Micco2305
Luchipoga20Woc se Yo ho lo1102
Luchipoga21Coch char Har go2904
Luchipoga22Co e gus Har go3104
Luchipoga24No loc co Har go3306
Luchipoga25Oser Micco1304
Luchipoga26Hillubba Har go2103
Luchipoga27Co woc co che E marth lar6309
Luchipoga28Los ti Yo ho lo4307
Luchipoga29No kos Fix i co2204
Luchipoga3Micco Legar1102
Luchipoga30Oc tiarche Yo ho lo1203
Luchipoga31Ottis Fix i co3306
Luchipoga32Fuck ta Lusta1102
Luchipoga33Wac se Har go5308
Luchipoga34Fus hatch che Tustanugga1102
Luchipoga35Co e Har go1102
Luchipoga36Kin ne har2103
Luchipoga37Po ilt Har go2103
Luchipoga38Chis se Har go2103
Luchipoga39Yar kin har Micco2204
Luchipoga4Oak chart Yo ho lo2103
Luchipoga40Cuc chart Fix i co2103
Luchipoga41Oak faskee?3104
Luchipoga42Tul ga Yo ho lo2103
Luchipoga43Hillis Har go1102
Luchipoga44Tallisee Yo ho lo3104
Luchipoga45Cub bich Har go1102
Luchipoga46Fus hatch cha Fix i co1102
Luchipoga47Coe E marth lar1102
Luchipoga48Emarthlo che1405
Luchipoga49Efar Yo ho lo2002
Luchipoga5Con chart E marth lar3407
Luchipoga50Ar se higa1203
Luchipoga51Octi arche Fix i co1102
Luchipoga52Octi arche Har go1102
Luchipoga53Micco cho ho co no ce1102
Luchipoga54Tal lope Yo ho lo1203
Luchipoga55In ne har Fix i co1102
Luchipoga56Ie mar mie Fix i co1102
Luchipoga57Con chart Har go chule2103
Luchipoga58Tal la dega1203
Luchipoga59Thlath Thlo Har go2305
Luchipoga6Each hos Har go2406
Luchipoga60Ne E marth lar Har go1102
Luchipoga61Micco Fix i co2204
Luchipoga62Echo ar chular3306
Luchipoga63Tallise Har go2103
Luchipoga64Mic ke ya2305
Luchipoga65Con nar his che0202
Luchipoga66Se arth li bie0202
Luchipoga68Mo hi ah3306
Luchipoga69Ich hos Micco0202
Luchipoga7Fus Har go2406
Luchipoga70Cha Sartie1304
Luchipoga71Mo hi ga?1102
Luchipoga72Ich ho hea1203
Luchipoga73Fil To Parsa0202
Luchipoga74Ar gis sa0202
Luchipoga75Far mo me0404
Luchipoga76E hat tau1203
Luchipoga77O hi at kar1102
Luchipoga78Yar no ga0303
Luchipoga79Hich I ga0303
Luchipoga8Ar tup Har go2305
Luchipoga80O Te kar1304
Luchipoga81Mar que ho kie1304
Luchipoga82Cho co loc co1102
Luchipoga83Wot to ga0202
Luchipoga84Hich co ge1405
Luchipoga85Cle chum me ho lattar1102
Luchipoga86Kin gar hie1102
Luchipoga87Choc ke hogar0202
Luchipoga88Car bit Tunny1102
Luchipoga89Cob bes cha1203
Luchipoga9Ne har Yo ho lo2305
Luchipoga90Mi oc co0202
Luchipoga91Har go0303
Luchipoga92Con Sip pie1102
Luchipoga93Sa go Ya1203
Luchipoga95So fun ga0202
Luchipoga96Im Far lin nar1102
Luchipoga97Sar dir che0202
Luchipoga98Oak lar na1102
Luchipoga99Sun dilla1203



Hall, Lance L. Parsons and Abbott Roll.

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