1832 Creek Census – Fish Pond Town

By a treaty of March 24, 1832, the Creek Indians ceded to the United States all of their land east of the Mississippi River. Heads of families were entitled to tracts of land, which, if possible, were to include their improvements. In 1833 Benjamin S. Parsons and Thomas J. Abbott prepared a census of Creek Indian heads of families, which gave their names and the number of males, females, and slaves in each family. The entries were arranged by town and numbered; these numbers were used for identification in later records. This is the census for the town of Fish Pond.

1832 Creek Census - Fish Pond Town

Fish Pond1Sap pe lo ke0202
Fish Pond2Tal ope Har jo2204
Fish Pond3Tab bas so ler2204
Fish Pond4Ko chus Fix i co2103
Fish Pond5Is tar fu ho gey2103
Fish Pond6Nan bick coo che1203
Fish Pond7Mi he latch ee2204
Fish Pond8Sof pe fote he i ge0303
Fish Pond9Po kate he2103
Fish Pond10Mit tal he ge1203
Fish Pond11Il lis Har jo2405
Fish Pond12Stun I ho ete ley2305
Fish Pond13Stuck it li gey1102
Fish Pond14Par hose E marth lar4206
Fish Pond18Chuf fic ni gey3205
Fish Pond19Oke choy Micco2204
Fish Pond20Ho mul ga0202
Fish Pond21Ho kun nee1203
Fish Pond22Hil la bee Har jo2103
Fish Pond23Ki was sart Har jo2204
Fish Pond24Ar se me ho ke1203
Fish Pond25Wox e E marth lar2103
Fish Pond26Tuck a batch ee Har jo2103
Fish Pond27Ar lock Har jo1102
Fish Pond28A gin gath ee1102
Fish Pond29Is te mi ho ke1102
Fish Pond29Tus coner Har go2146principal chief
Fish Pond30Su sey1203
Fish Pond31Mar tar Har jo2204
Fish Pond32Thlath lo Har jo2204
Fish Pond33Saw wi hick y2103
Fish Pond34Fe gath le2204
Fish Pond35Ko e gisYo ho lo1203
Fish Pond36Ni sey1203
Fish Pond37O sar Har jo2103
Fish Pond38Sim war he2103
Fish Pond39Harse lo lock e1203
Fish Pond40Jim2103
Fish Pond41Im mo li gey3306
Fish Pond42Ho gil lis Micco1304
Fish Pond43Sar tar ho e1203
Fish Pond44Chase chart Har jo2103
Fish Pond45Mon o litch a2103
Fish Pond46Ar tis cook char tee1304
Fish Pond47Ni ho lub bee2103
Fish Pond48Tim aw fus te gey1203
Fish Pond49Cuss se tau Har jo1203
Fish Pond50Mic co Subba0202
Fish Pond51Il lis Fix i co3104
Fish Pond52Oke chun Har jo2204
Fish Pond53Spoke oke Har jo1102
Fish Pond54Lit ke1102
Fish Pond55Is mo gi gey1203
Fish Pond56Choo e le Har jo2103
Fish Pond57Ne har lock coo che3104
Fish Pond58So fon fag gey0202
Fish Pond59Tock o sa Har jo3104
Fish Pond60Tal la bick er2103
Fish Pond61Par hose Har jo2103
Fish Pond62Kob bi a1203
Fish Pond63Tuck a batch e Fix i co2103
Fish Pond64Le tif Har jo2103
Fish Pond65Tim hi gey1203
Fish Pond66Wil ley1102
Fish Pond67Chou war1203
Fish Pond68Ho tul ge Har jo1202
Fish Pond69E charse Har jo3205
Fish Pond70Pou hoseho bi e gey3104
Fish Pond71Betsey1203
Fish Pond72Har Plock o Yo ho lo2204
Fish Pond73O sar Har jo21032nd of same name
Fish Pond74Cho fe lope Har jo1203
Fish Pond75Dick ey1203
Fish Pond76Ar tus Fix i co2103
Fish Pond77Me lin da0303
Fish Pond78Pin Har jo1203
Fish Pond79Is shaw way0303
Fish Pond80Ten nor git1203
Fish Pond81To kal le0303
Fish Pond82Kontul Fix i co1203
Fish Pond83Ok ti ar che E marth lar2204
Fish Pond84Tus ke he ne haw2103
Fish Pond85Peggy2103
Fish Pond86Cae got to Har jo2103
Fish Pond87Tim mo ne hick e2103
Fish Pond88Ti ack Sitch e2103
Fish Pond89E ne he E marth lar2103
Fish Pond90Sim mut tee1304
Fish Pond91Tin Thlanis Har jo1304
Fish Pond92War loc co Har jo2305
Fish Pond93To both kie1102
Fish Pond94O Sooch Fix i co1203
Fish Pond95Wox se E marth lar Har jo1102
Fish Pond96Tim mith lie ga1203
Fish Pond97In ne har wocco ligar1405
Fish Pond98Ne har loc co1203
Fish Pond99Ar foch che ge2204
Fish Pond100Ne har Har jo2103
Fish Pond101Le gar1203
Fish Pond102Echo Fix i co1203
Fish Pond103Stim mar bohie2103
Fish Pond104Oct ti ar che Fix i co2103
Fish Pond105Choak chart in ne har4105
Fish Pond106O club pise Fix i co2507
Fish Pond107Sally1102
Fish Pond108Nith ligar2103
Fish Pond109U bi athley0303
Fish Pond110George2002
Fish Pond111Yar har Har jo1405


Fish Pond,

Hall, Lance L. Parsons and Abbott Roll.

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