1880 Cherokee Census

The census of 1880 was authorized by an act of the Cherokee National Council Senate Bill No. 33 on December 1, 1879.

This is a transcription of the index for Schedule One and includes all nine districts.  This index can be found on microfilm through the LDS organization on microfilm #989204.  National Archives also has a microfilm index for this census. It is found on Roll # 7RA07

NOTE: The transcription presently has data for only the following districts: Canadian, Cooweescoowee, Flint, Illinois and Saline. We are still presently transcribing Delaware, Goingsnake, Sequoyah, and Tahlequah Districts.


N cher
A col
A co
A white
A creek
A cree
A choc
A osage

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Native Cherokee
Adopted colored or Negro
Adopted colored or Negro
Adopted Caucasian
Adopted Creek
Adopted Creek
Adopted Choctaw
Adopted Osage
Adopted Shawnee?
Adopted Chickasaw?

1880 Cherokee Census

1880 Census,


5 thoughts on “1880 Cherokee Census”

  1. Elizabeth Shelton

    The way I read this are 5 persons with the family/surname Shelton listed all under the age of 5 years, the oldest being 4years. I am guessing these are all orphans?

  2. In the 1880 Census for the Cherokee Nation when they put the word “Dead” in the occupation did that truly mean the person was deceased at the time of the census?

    Rick Scott

    1. Not necessarily. The U.S. government kept referring back to these censuses for future per capita payments, rolls, especially the Dawes rolls. Search the Dawes Final Rolls, 1898–1914.

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