1832 Creek Census – High Log Town

By a treaty of March 24, 1832, the Creek Indians ceded to the United States all of their land east of the Mississippi River. Heads of families were entitled to tracts of land, which, if possible, were to include their improvements. In 1833 Benjamin S. Parsons and Thomas J. Abbott prepared a census of Creek Indian heads of families, which gave their names and the number of males, females, and slaves in each family. The entries were arranged by town and numbered; these numbers were used for identification in later records. This is the census for the town of High Log.

1832 Creek Census - High Log Town

High Log1Mic co Choo ley (or Euchee King)4206
High Log2Sarlt he nay1304
High Log3Unk har3205
High Log4Tow lay1102
High Log5Pil lar3407
High Log6Ko y ka2103
High Log7Se ko ho we nay2103
High Log8Chaw kin ney32010
High Log9Shar Quar har2103
High Log10Kow unk e thlan nay3104
High Log11Ow wing kay3205
High Log12Faw faw nay3205
High Log13Ko we ke thlar3104
High Log14Ko ko nay2305
High Log15Top holt har nay2204
High Log16Each e nay2103
High Log17Kar hay1102
High Log18Ar say we nay2305
High Log19Eu/En hoke way2709
High Log20Ark ol lay2103
High Log21Ark o far3104
High Log22Sar ko ont e nay2406
High Log23Tuk ko se Marthlar1102
High Log24Ko wy ke nay2103
High Log25At te la way2507
High Log26Sar hon tailth le tay3306
High Log27Sark o far37010
High Log28We lar tay2103
High Log29Pon e with lar0303
High Log30Yar la far1102
High Log31Chach ar hay (or Johnny)1203
High Log32Po hay2103
High Log33U lay with lar2002
High Log34Sar ko tan nay3205
High Log35Tak ome par nay2103
High Log36Yar kon te nay4105
High Log37Hats he ko kay3407
High Log38How y kar1102
High Log39Eu ko lay ko ko we thlar nay4105
High Log40Ko in saw (alias Old Brown)3104
High Log41She ats yar2103
High Log42Par ko hong kay2103
High Log43Sik ak har lay4206
High Log44Ko yuke whay2103
High Log45Tar sa ko ho we4307
High Log46Tar wi nay2204
High Log47Pe thle nay2303
High Log48Yar star konth ley1102
High Log49Sar te war nay0303
High Log50Tar fan nay1102
High Log51Kon shar nay (or John)4307
High Log52Tark ho we thlar2204
High Log53Ke ar te nay2305
High Log54Toash too1102
High Log55Arlo we2103
High Log56Si u to nay3407
High Log57Kaw po nay2305
High Log58Kar tar ke nay3205
High Log59Ko in thle nay1203
High Log60Par ke nay2103
High Log61Si u far kon te nay3104
High Log62Thlar ko we3205
High Log63U war kay2204
High Log64Pote har nay1102
High Log65Ko lun che nay1203
High Log66Sar kar hen thlung kay2103
High Log67Te shar koon shear6309
High Log68Ko we thlar cheer3104
High Log69Ka hay2507
High Log70Suk kar ko e thlar4105
High Log71A par nay1102
High Log72Yark har4004
High Log73Thlark on shar nay1102
High Log74See tar tay (alias Davy)1102
High Log75Ko u ha ha nay2103
High Log76Shoo u tar2103
High Log77We te arch shar nay1102
High Log78Yar im pe thle1203
High Log79Tark on tay4408
High Log80Hack hack own fair4307
High Log81U par ke we thlar1203
High Log82Saw u to nay5106
High Log83Tar fon nay1102
High Log85Tarsh e lay1102
High Log86Tak ko te nay3508
High Log87Ko ne kar1102
High Log88U ko we thlar1203
High Log89Su soo nay2103
High Log90Kaw le he choo nay4105
High Log91Ko sar nay3205
High Log92Yar tar hay2103
High Log93Thlar him par4206
High Log94Kon che nay1102
High Log95Kaw ka u to nay1203
High Log96Po ko way2204
High Log97Se tar koanth sar nay1102
High Log98Say uke haw0202
High Log99Kok e nay3104
High Log100U war kay lay1203
High Log101Kar he nay1102
High Log102Te mar she har55010
High Log103Sar ko way2204
High Log104O soo che Tus tun nuck ee2204
High Log105Thlo we thlar4105
High Log106Thlar koon kare3205
High Log107Te o tay2305
High Log108Yat sar kon ka ha nay2507
High Log109Sit har lay2204
High Log110Ke ko hay3306
High Log111Ko hote yar ka nay2305
High Log112Ko way hay nay3104
High Log113Sok in hay5207
High Log114Saw choo nay3104
High Log115Sar we (alias Joe)1102
High Log116Tar thluck Quar har1203
High Log117Ka say4206
High Log118Tark hay ha nay1203
High Log119Shack on shar nay (alias Toby)1203
High Log120Ko ho we2103
High Log121Hok ke kote har2204
High Log122Kos hay we3205
High Log123Ko ten nay1405
High Log124Kot to way ge1102
High Log125Ko ho lar tay1102
High Log126Yat tar lay2406
High Log127Tar thlar nay1102
High Log128U shoo ne3003
High Log129Yat tar ar kong koo nay1203
High Log130Kar tar nay1102
High Log131Koong kan nay1405
High Log132Kar pe ko we thlar nay1102
High Log133Soan ton nay4105
High Log134Kil lay ko we2103
High Log135Kar te thlar nay1203
High Log136Shy ar po nay1203
High Log137Po ko ho tay1304
High Log138Ko e so in ka sheer0202
High Log139Ko we thlar nay3205
High Log140O cho u tar1203
High Log141Soote at he1405
High Log142Tos he tan nay1304
High Log143Tar so we nay3104
High Log144To lay tay1405
High Log145Sar kar haint to ka nay1102
High Log146Ko po fo nay2406
High Log147Ar ko say2204
High Log148Tong sar fare1102
High Log149Ko ar stoo sheer2103
High Log150Hik ke lar tin ney1102
High Log151Kil le kar thlo nay2204
High Log152Teer har whit te nay2204
High Log153Sen te war3407
High Log154Ho thlo lay1203
High Log155Kos say3104
High Log156Kar lar kar he wo thlay3609
High Log157Wilk lar char2204
High Log158Kash to nay3306
High Log159Choo ar we kos say3205
High Log160Ke ar hay lay ko nay3104
High Log161Pea thle1102
High Log162Tos he shan nay2507
High Log163Shoof key2103
High Log164She par ke1102
High Log165Shar ka nay2002
High Log166U te hay1102
High Log167Tay kok it shar nay3306
High Log168Tun tay we thlar1203
High Log169Hi u tar nay2204
High Log170Che ar choo far nay3306
High Log171Ho ko we thlar lay (alias Euchee Jim)1203
High Log172Tar ke nay1102
High Log173Sike hi yar thlar nay3306
High Log174Kol lay2204
High Log175Lar tar1102
High Log176Ko war nay1203
High Log177Ko yar ta lay2103
High Log178Cho tay shar lay2103
High Log179Tarse ak konk lay2305
High Log180Ko ho quarth lar nay1102
High Log181E le yon tar2103
High Log182Ko we thlar shar2103
High Log183We che1102
High Log184Ko law ne nay2406
High Log185Sar ko o far nay0202
High Log186Tark he he0202
High Log187Cus se ta Har jo2003


High Log,

Hall, Lance L. Parsons and Abbott Roll.

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