1832 Creek Census – Eufaula Town

By a treaty of March 24, 1832, the Creek Indians ceded to the United States all of their land east of the Mississippi River. Heads of families were entitled to tracts of land, which, if possible, were to include their improvements. In 1833 Benjamin S. Parsons and Thomas J. Abbott prepared a census of Creek Indian heads of families, which gave their names and the number of males, females, and slaves in each family. The entries were arranged by town and numbered; these numbers were used for identification in later records. This is the census for the town of Eufaula.

1832 Creek Census - Eufaula Town

Eufaula 201Ho lar tar Tus tun nuck ee2204
Eufaula 202Ne har Fix i co1102
Eufaula 203Kotch ar Har jo3306
Eufaula 204Cham is ho ye2204
Eufaula 205Me low I ke2103
Eufaula 206Fick ho ni ye3205
Eufaula 207Fick chuck hi ye1203
Eufaula 208Tal ope Yo ho lo2103
Eufaula 209No cose Yo ho lo2204
Eufaula 210Fik soo mi key0202
Eufaula 211In le ti key3104
Eufaula 212Is far ne Har jo1102
Eufaula 213Ho yar ne char2103
Eufaula 214Ko nip Har jo2204
Eufaula 215Kotch ar Tus tun nuck ee2204
Eufaula 216Ste mok o ye0202
Eufaula 217Tal o war Har jo1203
Eufaula 218E marth lar Tustunnuckee2103
Eufaula 219Suf ar chi ye2204
Eufaula 220Cho lar Fix i co3104
Eufaula 221Is te mo har ye3205
Eufaula 222No cose Har jo1102
Eufaula 223Fo lo ti key1203
Eufaula 224Poke I de4206
Eufaula 225Wox e Yo ho lo2204
Eufaula 226Se me ho sar2204
Eufaula 227Ste mo ko e ke2103
Eufaula 228Saf fo ko lo te2204
Eufaula 229To tar li gay4105
Eufaula 230Ne har Thlock o E marth lar3104
Eufaula 231Ar sto te1203
Eufaula 232Sin ho ni thle3104
Eufaula 233Yof ke E marth lar3205
Eufaula 234Eliza0303
Eufaula 235O soo che Har jo2305
Eufaula 236Ne har Thlock o Chopko2204
Eufaula 237Ho mar he2204
Eufaula 238Ar lits ho ye1203
Eufaula 239Mar se he3205
Eufaula 240Si e pe1102
Eufaula 241Yar har Tus tun nuck ee2103
Eufaula 242See har par ho ye1203
Eufaula 243O ke lis sar4105
Eufaula 244See har ne6107
Eufaula 245Enar he ne har2103
Eufaula 246Cho te1307
Eufaula 247Ste he che pe0202
Eufaula 248Low soo che0202
Eufaula 249Ho yan ho ye2204
Eufaula001Mole zar Grace231520
Eufaula002Thle par ka1102
Eufaula003Oke fus kee Yo ho lo2103
Eufaula004Ho thle po ya Har jo1304
Eufaula005Els ey Perryman0202
Eufaula006Oke chun Har jo3104
Eufaula007Ke pi aw Har jo1102
Eufaula008Har har lock Har jo1102
Eufaula009E ne har jis kar Har jo4105
Eufaula010No cose il le Har jo3306
Eufaula011Yar har Har jo2305
Eufaula012Thlath lo che E marth lar3205
Eufaula013Nin ne chop pa Har jo4206
Eufaula014Un mar E marth lar2103
Eufaula015Oke fus Tustunnuckee1102
Eufaula016Fick a lum kar2204
Eufaula017Har pe kaw Fix i co2305
Eufaula018Le tif Har jo1203
Eufaula019Har har lo Fix i co1203
Eufaula020She nar he2103
Eufaula021E cho e fo lo war5308
Eufaula022Tus tun nuck ee Fix i co2103
Eufaula023E cho Har jo2204
Eufaula024E tom my Tustunnuckee2103
Eufaula024Fose hatch ee E marth lar2406principal chief
Eufaula025Ke par yar Tus tun nuck ee3104principal chief
Eufaula025No cose Yo ho lo1102
Eufaula026E ne har Tus tun nuck ee3104principal chief
Eufaula026Oke a mal ga Marlar1203
Eufaula027E cho Il le Har jo2103
Eufaula027Tus tun nuck Har jo2103principal chief
Eufaula028Kotch ar Har jo3205
Eufaula029O thlar ho che1506
Eufaula030On tal la Har jo4307
Eufaula031Tal o pie1203
Eufaula032Wox e Fix i co1405
Eufaula033Kotch ar Fix i co4206
Eufaula034Kon chart Har jo2204
Eufaula035Tol ofe Har jo1102
Eufaula036Par hose E marth lar1304
Eufaula037Ho tese Har jo2204
Eufaula038Wox e Har jo5207
Eufaula039Al ho aitch ee3104
Eufaula040Par hose Micco1102
Eufaula041Sem i no te2103
Eufaula042Mi ar ke1203
Eufaula043Ti uk se1102
Eufaula044Te futs ho e (alias Fanny)0202
Eufaula045O tal ke Har jo2204
Eufaula046O thle mar te Fix i co2103
Eufaula047Wox e Ho lar tar1304
Eufaula048Pas ko far1102
Eufaula049E cho Fix i co1102
Eufaula050Tal ar gey1102
Eufaula051We lark e2103
Eufaula052Ho me jay1203
Eufaula053Fose hatch ee Fix i co2103
Eufaula054Sow per sarl le1102
Eufaula055Kor pik char Har jo2406
Eufaula056E ne har Thlock o Yo ho lo2204
Eufaula057E mar me Har jo4105
Eufaula058Wox e Micco1203
Eufaula059Tus ke ne haw3104
Eufaula060E ne har Thlock o Har jo3508
Eufaula061O thle mart e Tustunnuckee2204
Eufaula062Kotch ar Micco3104
Eufaula063Fose Har jo1102
Eufaula064So ko tar hay0303
Eufaula065O che Har jo3104
Eufaula066Ho mar hi te1103
Eufaula067Os e hitch ee4307
Eufaula068Sok e thli che1203
Eufaula069Is tim y ke1304
Eufaula070Suk ith li ge1203
Eufaula071Sing ko a ho ge3104
Eufaula072Suck o lum hay0202
Eufaula073Thlar ke nar hay1203
Eufaula074Te mo ya o thli che1102
Eufaula075Ar pe coo che E marth lar3104
Eufaula076Tim poo che1102
Eufaula077John Perryman1102
Eufaula078Si ar kay2204
Eufaula079Kar pik char E marth lar3104
Eufaula080Pe lis hart kee1102a Euchee
Eufaula081Yar har Fix i co2204a Euchee
Eufaula082Kotch ar Micco1506a Euchee
Eufaula083No cose Yo ho lo2103a Euchee
Eufaula084Ho nits hoo chee1108
Eufaula085Wool ho e che1102
Eufaula086Now ho thli kay1203
Eufaula087Kun char tee Fix i co2103
Eufaula088Ho lar te Marthlar3003
Eufaula089Tus tun nuck ee E marth lar1103
Eufaula090Yar kay1102
Eufaula091Se ye ki che2103
Eufaula092No kose E kar1102
Eufaula093Ne har to ko1102
Eufaula094Che loko Har jo1102
Eufaula095Fi Yo ho lo1102
Eufaula096So litch chee1102
Eufaula097Tote kiss Har jo1203
Eufaula098To kolth ka2103
Eufaula099Eu fau la Har jo3104
Eufaula100Char ne li che1203
Eufaula101Tol a way Har jo2204
Eufaula102Oke chun Ho lar tar1202
Eufaula103Cho kart ke Har jo1102
Eufaula104In chok I key1102
Eufaula105E cho Nar che Har jo2103
Eufaula106Yuf ka E marth lar3205
Eufaula107John Robeson1102
Eufaula108Hilton (alias Tustunnuckee Chopko)1102
Eufaula109Ne har Thlock o Ko cho ko ne2204
Eufaula110East ee Char ko Har jo2103
Eufaula111Ko sar Har jo1102
Eufaula112Chuck fo li kay1102
Eufaula113E cho Emarthloche2103
Eufaula114Tuk har kay2103
Eufaula115Nit to e chee0202
Eufaula116Thlar he hee ge0202
Eufaula117She har lar te0202
Eufaula118Tarse ho kay2103
Eufaula119James Ferryman1102
Eufaula120Mi ik chay1304
Eufaula121Ho ni chay1203
Eufaula122Bil ly um kar2103
Eufaula123Kon char tee Lok ko1102
Eufaula124So kose ke Har jo1203
Eufaula125E cho E kar3104
Eufaula126E cho Yo ho lo3407
Eufaula127Ho lar tar Micco3205
Eufaula128Char kee1102
Eufaula129Tar le chee1102
Eufaula130Fol lar he1102
Eufaula131Pa lo chay1102
Eufaula132Sci e pe1102
Eufaula133Sar pe hee1102
Eufaula134Ti e cho a2103
Eufaula135Lar te che3104
Eufaula136Lim pi kay1102
Eufaula137Mar he chi kay1102
Eufaula138Ben Burgess3205
Eufaula139Har pi ar kar Mic co2103
Eufaula140Mo chus se e ge1102
Eufaula141Che is kar2103
Eufaula142O ta ke3205
Eufaula143Nin e o mar te ho par ye2204
Eufaula144Se o par key0203
Eufaula145Se nip ke1102
Eufaula146Su pe far ti kay1102
Eufaula147Mo kose ko cho ko ne2305
Eufaula148E ne har Thlock E marth lar2204
Eufaula149Tarse ke gee1102
Eufaula150Chok o e che1304
Eufaula151Mar po kay2103
Eufaula152Lucy Burgess1102
Eufaula153Le gey1102
Eufaula154Choo le koo swar3407
Eufaula155Fut che1102
Eufaula156Sar te thle kay1102
Eufaula157E mo nar ye0202
Eufaula158Sal fok e lo hitch ee0303
Eufaula159Har po e che1102
Eufaula160Tick ton e che1102
Eufaula161Tal who yile te1203
Eufaula162E sar par Har jo3104a Euchee
Eufaula163Nar sit te1304
Eufaula164Ko sar Yo ho lo3104
Eufaula165Spar ne Fix i co1203
Eufaula166Mi ot ta0303
Eufaula167Oke che mi kay1304
Eufaula168Nit tar he2204
Eufaula169Sar thlothe ka2204
Eufaula170Aw ta kar1304
Eufaula171Fick ho ni a2204
Eufaula172Sat te hi ga2204
Eufaula173Te he ge0303
Eufaula174Sin e lach e2103
Eufaula175Par he la1304
Eufaula176Sce e kar1102
Eufaula177Sal e char1203
Eufaula178Yel ka Har jo3104
Eufaula179Tus tun nuck Ko cho ko ne3104
Eufaula180Ho pai u chee2204
Eufaula181Ar tus Har jo3306
Eufaula182Ok ti arche Marthlar3306
Eufaula183Tus tun nuck ee Choo ley4105
Eufaula184Klar o mar ta Tus tun nuck ee4206
Eufaula185Tok ko se Marthlar5308
Eufaula186Ho nap E marth lar4307
Eufaula187Yar har E marth lar2204
Eufaula188Thath lo Fix i co3306
Eufaula189No cose il le Tus tun nuck ee2204
Eufaula190Ok ti ar che Har jo5106
Eufaula191O tul ke Marthlar3205
Eufaula192Tal war Fix i co1304
Eufaula193No kose Har jo1203
Eufaula194Fose hatch ee o lar3205
Eufaula195Kotch ar Har jo2204
Eufaula196E marth lar Har jo1304
Eufaula197Sfar ne Har jo3104
Eufaula198Tuk ko se Har jo2103
Eufaula199Char le Marth lar3205
Eufaula200E marth lar Chart ee2103
Eufaula201Che was ti Har jo1102
Eufaula202O yan ho ye0202
Eufaula203Sar po har2204
Eufaula204Tok har kay1203a Euchee
Eufaula205Ok kol lar tay1102a Euchee
Eufaula206Cha pe la0202a Euchee
Eufaula207Spar ne E marth lar1103
Eufaula208War too le Burgess2204
Eufaula209Wok i e ka1102
Eufaula210Ko nip pe E marth lar1405
Eufaula211Tal mo chus Har jo3205
Eufaula212Way le2103
Eufaula213Cow puck a3104
Eufaula214Lum he o thle po ya4105
Eufaula215Mis to ho me1102
Eufaula216So le Har jo1203
Eufaula217Sco o kay3003
Eufaula218Wox e Yo ho lo2305
Eufaula219Kar har lar tay1102
Eufaula220Ko wok ho ge1102
Eufaula221Neth lar kotay1102
Eufaula222Al lum har0404
Eufaula223Yar har Har jo1203
Eufaula224Ste mon ar ke1102wife of Major Hardridge
Eufaula225Ste me lin dar3104
Eufaula226Lizzy Burgess1304
Eufaula227Lew ya1203
Eufaula228Al e ka (alias Ellic Burgess)2204
Eufaula229Loam hi che (alias Harry)1102



Hall, Lance L. Parsons and Abbott Roll.

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  1. I am looking for family in Eufuala, AL with the last name Foy. The earliest record I can find is from 1906. Please reach out if you have any further information. Thank you.

  2. Hello,
    Iam researching information about my father’s hertiage, his mother was 100% creek.
    Great grandfather Drell Lambert Marriaged to Ritta Lambert Lived in Purdue Hill In Alabama Monroe county.
    My father is Thomas Lee Winds
    My name is Samantha Winds Hill

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