Topic: Cherokee

Biographical Sketch of B. M. Caldwell

(See Grant and Duncan) -Benjamin Morris, son of John Johnson and Caroline Maria (Thompson) Caldwell, was born August 9, 1889. Educated in the Cherokee Public schools, and married Cora Bell Smith. Caroline Maria Caldwell, nee Thompson, was born July 18, 1860. She married January 12, 1879 John Johnson Caldwell, born February 27, 1849, in Pendleton County, Kentucky. She died February 2, 1894. They were the parents of Benjamin Morris Caldwell.

Biographical Sketch of Thomas S. Roach

(See Ghigau and Sanders) -George Roach married Nannie Pritchett, and they were the parents of Thomas Snake Roach who married Wycie McDaniel. Mr. Roach who has been for several years Special Field Man for the U. S. Indian Agency at Muskogee, is one of the most prominent full-bloods of the tribe. Besides being cautious and diplomatic, he speaks both the English and Cherokee languages fluently, and is of inestimable value to his employers.

Biographical Sketch of Mrs. R. A. Smith

(See Duncan, Ross and Downing)-Nannie Vinita West, born September 20, 1871, was educated in the Female Seminary. She married January 1, 1891, Henry Clay Cochran, born December 12, 1872. They were the parents of Sallie Pearl Cochran, born September 18, 1892, and Henry Clay Cochran, born September 21, 1901; he married on April 24, 1920, Willie Louise Ross, born January 25, 1902. They are the parents of Keller Mozelle Cochran, born August 16, 1921. Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Cochran were divorced and Mrs. Cochran married on December 24, 1904, R. A., son of James and Rachel Smith, born May

Biographical Sketch of Mrs. Walter Scott

(See Grant and Ross) -Nannie Ratliff born December 29, 1856, married Thomas Fox French, and they were the parents of Bernice Martha French who married James Milner Howard; Margaret French who married Charles McDonald, and Nannie French who married Lewis G. Girtley Sleeper. Thomas Fox French died and Mrs. French married Rufus Wyatt McCracken and they were the parents of Walter Scott McCracken. Mr. and Mrs. McCracken were divorced and she married Walter Scott. Mr. and Mrs. Scott are well-to-do farmers near Fort Gibson, Oklahoma.

Biographical Sketch of F. W. Gulager

(See Oolootsa)-Martha Lucretia, daughter of Martin Mathew and born December 9, 1845. Educated in the Cherokee Nation. Married January 27, 1869, Frederick William Gulager, born March 14, 1844 in Washington, District of Columbia. They are the parents of William Martin, Christian, Mary Elizabeth, Henry Gunter, and John Delancy Gulager. Mary Elizabeth Gulager was born April 27, 1880 and graduated from the Female Seminary May 25, 1900.

Biographical Sketch of Ernest V. Schrimsher

(See Ghigau, Oolootsa and Adair) Ernest Vivian, son of John Gunter and Juliette Melvin a (Candy) Schrimsher was born July 24, 1875 near Claremore. Educated in the Cherokee public schools and Male Seminary. Married at Nowata in 1902, Susie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Phillips. Educated in the Cherokee public schools and Female Seminary, from which she graduated June 27, 1895. They are the parents of: Maxine and Oleta, twins; John Gunter, Grace, Stephen and Virginia. Mr. Schrimsher is a Mason. He served as postmaster of Collinsville during the incumbency of President Wilson.

Biographical Sketch of Mrs. Snowden Parlette

(See Oolootsa) James Columbus Morris married Ellen F. McElrath, and they were the parents of Mary Trimble Morris, born at Fort Gibson October 5, 1882, and was educated at Tahlequah and the Female Seminary. She married at Tahlequah May 15, 1898, Snowden, son of Franklin and Alice Parlette, born Jan. 29, 1880 in Wamego, Kansas. He was educated in Baker University and graduated from Harvard University. They are the parents of John, born April 17, 1911, and Snowden Parlette, born Jan 16, 1918. Mr. Parlette is in the wholesale book and stationery business in Oklahoma City. He is a thirty-second

Biographical Sketch of Mrs. William A. Parker

(See Oolootsa) Mary Ellen Chamberlin born at Vinita, April 23, 1893, educated in Vinita. Married at Nowata July 5, 1910 William A. Parker. They are the parents of Norman Eugene, born April 1, 1912; Billie born January 23, 1914; Viola May, born May 15, 1916 and Mary Jane Parker, born November 1, 1919. Mrs. Mary Ellen Parker is the daughter of Nelson Bucher and Sarah Viola (LeForce) Chamberlin.

Biographical Sketch of Mrs. Stella Riley

(See Riley)-Stella, daughter of Milton and Jemima (Scott) Moore born in 1873 in Missouri. Married in 1894 John H., son of Richard and Mary A. (Simkins) Riley. They were the parents of: Ruth Pearl, born February 6, 1896; Mamie A., born June 23, 1900; Mabel, born May 13, 1902 and Prentice Riley, born February 22, 1904. Mrs. Riley who is a member of the Latter Day Saints Church, is a farmer, near Vera.

Biographical Sketch of Mrs. W. F. Smith

Lucy, daughter of Louis and Harriette (Thorpe) Daugherty, born in Johnson County, Kansas August 27, 1859. Married February 22, 1876 W. F. son of J. J. and Jane Smith. They are the parents of: Hattie Jane, born July 23, 1877; Lucy F., born December 23, 1882; William L., born July 8, 1887; Louis E., born December 1, 1895. He was a private in Co. K, 56th Infantry from July 19, 1918 to July 4, 1919. Discharged at Camp Pike July 9, 1919 and David C, born February 25, 1901. Mr. and Mrs. Smith are farmers, near Adair.