Surname: Strickland

Slave Narrative of Anderson Furr

Interviewer: Sadie B. Hornsby Person Interviewed: Anderson Furr Location: Broad Street, Athens, Georgia Anderson Furr’s address led the interviewer to a physician’s residence on Broad Street, where she was directed to a small frame house on the rear of the lot. The little three-room cottage has a separate entrance from Pulaski Street. Three stone steps lead from the street to the narrow yard which is enclosed by a low rock coping. Anderson rents only one room and the remainder of the house is occupied by Annie Sims and her husband, George, who works at the Holman Hotel. Reclining comfortably in

T. G. Strickland

Merchant Marine. Born in Johnston County; the son of Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Strickland. Husband of Mrs. Rosa Strickland. Entered the service Aug. 2, 1918, at Smithfield, N.C. Was sent to Boston, Mass. Mustered out at Norfolk, Va., Dec. 1, 1918.

Larry S. Strickland

Q. M. Cook, Hdqrs. Co. Born in Wilson County; the son of Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Strickland. Husband of Mrs. Ethel Strickland. Entered the service at Rocky Mount, N.C., Aug. 28, 1918. Was sent to Camp Jackson, S. C., and from there to Camp Sevier, S. C. Mustered out at Camp Sevier, S. C., Dec. 19, 1918.

John H. Strickland

1st Class Private, 119th Inf., 30th Div., Co. K. Born in Nash County; the son of Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Strickland. Husband of Mrs. Nellie Strickland. Entered the service June 24, 1916, at Wilson, N.C. Was sent to Camp Glenn, N.C., and from there to Camp Royster, Goldsboro, N.C. On bridge duty three months at Weldon, N.C. Sailed for France May 12, 1918. Fought at Ypres, Belgium, Bellicourt, France, Premont, Busigny, St. Souplet. Returned to USA April 2, 1919. Mustered out at Camp Jackson, S. C., April 7, 1919. Served on the Mexican border eight months.

Decision Rendered Mary and Roy Strickland

Office Of The Assistant Attorney-General Washington, D. C., December 28, 1905 The Secretary Of The Interior SIR: I received by reference of October 10, 1905, the report from the Commissioner to the Five Civilized Tribes of September 25, 1905, stating his inability to reconcile the decisions of the Department in the Cherokee citizenship cases of Mary and Roy Strickland, March 17, 1904 (I. T. D., 934 and 21GO 1904); January 4, 1905 (I. T. D., 30201904), and May 25, 1905, and of Ora M. Bonds, nee Camp, March 25, 1903 (I. T. D., 14181903). The Commissioner states two specific points,