Surname: Rose

Girls at the Fort Shaw Indian School

1910 Census of Fort Shaw Industrial Indian School

Fort Shaw Industrial Indian Boarding School opened in 1891 in Montana. It was discontinued 30 June 1910, due to declining enrollment. In 1904, it had a famous girls’ basketball team that barnstormed its way to St. Louis playing basketball and performing, and won the “World Championship” at the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair. This census was requested by the Department of the Interior for a listing of all the Indians enrolled at Fort Shaw Indian School for June 1910 in answer to Circular #448. Key to Relation Father – F    Mother – M Sister – S    Brother – B Aunt

Rough Riders

Rough Riders

Compiled military service records for 1,235 Rough Riders, including Teddy Roosevelt have been digitized. The records include individual jackets which give the name, organization, and rank of each soldier. They contain cards on which information from original records relating to the military service of the individual has been copied. Included in the main jacket are carded medical records, other documents which give personal information, and the description of the record from which the information was obtained.

Biography of Aaron Rose

AARON ROSE. – This gentleman, one of the earliest pioneers of the Umpqua valley, was born in Ulster county, in the State of New York, June 20, 1813, and was raised a farmer. He was married to Minerva Kelley in 1838. He crossed the plains with his family in 1851, arriving at Foster’s August 22d, and came directly to the valley of the South Umpqua, and settled at the mouth of Deer creek, upon the present site of the flourishing city of Roseburg, Oregon, September 23, 1851. He at once built a house and engaged in farming, in which he

Biographical Sketch of Oswald J. C. Rose

Oswald J. C., son of Robert Selden Rose, was born in New York City, January 30, 1852. He received his elementary education in the schools of Geneva, New York. and was graduated from Hobart College with the degree of Master of Arts. He established himself in the hardware business in 1894, forming a partnership with P. J. Dorchester, the firm name being Dorchester & Rose. this name having been continued to the present time (1911). Upon the death of Mr. Dorchester, his son, Edward G., assumed the interests of his father. Mr. Rose holds many responsible offices, among them may

Biography of Arthur Patrick Rose

Among the men who by their own honorable exertions and moral attributes have carved out for themselves friends, affluence and position, and by the strength and force of their characters have overcome obstacles, must be mentioned that of Arthur Patrick Rose, whose life stands out preeminently for two things. One is his high ideals of public and private life, and the other is the sacrifice of time and money to charity, which he has practiced throughout his career. Arthur Patrick Rose was born in the town of Savannah, Wayne county, New York, June 11, 1842, on the farm of his

Biography of Ed F. Rose

Ed F. Rose, as president of the Clarinda National Bank, needs no introduction to the readers of this volume. The institution bears the impress of his individuality in its progressive methods. His course at all times will bear the closest investigation and his name is synonymous for business probity, while his word is as good as any bond ever solemnized by signature or seal. He was born in McDonough county, Illinois, July 24, 1859, his parents being Charles 1\I. and Elsie H. (Buckner) Rose. The father was for some years engaged in various pursuits and following his removal to Page