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Surname: Richards

Richards, Harry Mrs. – Obituary

Alder Slope, Wallowa County, Oregon One of the most tragic happenings the community has known occurred last Friday evening when Mrs. Harry Richards passed away just one week from the death of her husband. Mrs. Richards was taken ill with influenza just a couple of days later than her husband and although she made a brave fight, the disease and grief over the husband’s death was more than this frail body could endure. Two little boys, eight and four years of age are left with only the memory of a loving father and mother and a kindly circle of relatives

Richards, Harry – Obituary

Alder Slope, Wallowa County, Oregon Harry Richards died at his home on Alder Slope from Spanish Influenza. He was 28 years of age and passed away on Friday, Nov. 29. Burial services were held at Alder Slope cemetery on Saturday, Nov. 30. He leaves a wife and two children, his parents Mr. And Mrs. T. Richards of Joseph and four brothers. Two brothers, Charles and George are in the Army in France. Wallowa County Reporter Thursday December 5, 1918.

Biography of John F. Richards

John F. Richards, born October 23, 1834, in Bath County, Virginia, the founder of the wholesale hardware house Richards & Conover Hardware Company of Kansas City, Missouri, and now residing at 200 Forty-fourth Street in that city, is not only one of the merchants who have risen to prominence in this section of the Middle West, but had a career connected by many experiences and activities with the Territory and State of Kansas. His parents were Walter and Nancy (Mayse) Richards, both natives of Virginia. Their old farm, Cloverdale, was situated on one of the stage lines which then crossed

Biography of William A. Richards

William A. Richards has found his work in life in the field of education, and is one of the youngest city superintendents of schools in the state. He is now serving in that capacity at Toronto. Mr. Richards is of English ancestry. His grandfather Richard Richards was born in England in 1831, and came to the United States when twenty-one years of age. He passed through New York City and Chicago and soon settled on a farm in Illinois, and from there moved to Adams County, Iowa, in 1864. He spent the rest of his career there as a farmer

Biography of Oscar G. Richards

Oscar G. Richards, who died at his home in Eudora April 4, 1915, exemplified in his long career the true spirit of the Kansas prairies and more important than any of the items of wealth he may have accumulated was the sterling character which men living today delight to recall and use as a source of inspiration and an example of the heroic times of Kansas now passed. He was born in Jackson County, Michigan, January 12, 1836. With little opportunity for schooling, by self-study coupled with a fine analytical mind, he attained a real education, and was always known

Richards, James – Obituary

Cove, Union County, Oregon Cove Lad Killed By Brother While Hunting A nine-year-old lad, James Richards of Cove, is dead today, the victim of a hunting accident that occurred 10 miles away from civilization in the mountains behind Cove on the Big Minam Wednesday afternoon. A heroic struggle of a father to save the life of his child failed and a few hours after Clarence Richards had carried his boy by pack horse and in his arms over rough trails through country as wild as any in the west the little chap died. It was his older brother, Cecil, 14

Emily Ardelia Todd Richards

RICHARDS, Emily Ardelia Todd8, (Zerah7, Jehiel6, Stephen5, Stephen4, Samuel3, Samuel2, Christopher1) born June 8, 1821, married Oct. 15, 1840, Horace Alvey Richards, who was born Aug. 4, 1817. Children: I. Lewellyn B., b. June 9, 1845. II. Albert Zerah, b. Aug. 11, 1848. III. Sylvia Ardelia, b. April 2, 1851, d. Aug. 22, 1851. IV. Charles Ferdinand, b. Aug. 13, 1853. V. Carrie Elisteen, b. Nov. 11, 1857.

Louisa Ann Todd Richards of Worcester MA

RICHARDS, Louisa Ann Todd8, (Caleb7, Jehiel6, Stephen5, Stephen4, Samuel3, Samuel2, Christopher1) born Nov. 2, 1834, in Hinsdale, N. H., died April 8, 1870, in Worcester, Mass., married April 8, 1863, Seth Richards, of Worcester, Mass., who was born Nov. 21, 1828. He was an instructor of music, also a singer and had a fine voice. Child: I. Cora Louise, b. Sept. 6, 1865, m. Nov. 7, 1888, George M. Bassett.

Biography of Allen Becker Richards

Allen Becker Richards, a native of Pennsylvania, who served in a New York regiment during the civil war, is now (1910) a retired business man of Geneva where he has resided for nearly sixty years. Michael Richards, father of Allen B. Richards, was born in Maxatawny, Pennsylvania, in 1800, was a lifelong resident of that state and died in 1880. His wife, Ada Richards, was also a native of the Keystone state, born in 1809, died in 1899. Children: 1. Allen Becker, see forward. 2. Azuilla, born in 1832, now (1910) the widow of Unie Zeigler, who died in 1901

Biography of Reese James Richards

Mr. Richards’ long experience in the jewelry business has culminated in one of the most popular and well-equipped jewelry establishments at Northampton, and in this part of the State; and to bring about its gradual and substantial development he has added the results of investigation and training that have been lifelong. His interest in the broadening of civic affairs has always been a most active feature of his Northampton citizenship; and he has held office that has been productive of progressive results to the community. Mr. Richards is the son of William T. Richards, who who was born in England