Surname: Preston

Biography of George W. Preston

George W., son of Abner Preston, was born in Hancock, New Hampshire, December 13, 1804. His father was in his younger days an industrious and successful man, but after his life in the army he lost his property. The son was bound out to a farmer, after the custom of the times, to serve until he cane of age, when he was to receive a hundred dollars and a suit of clothes. He had scarcely any schooling, insufficient clothing, and no shoes. He used to tell of going to milk the cows in the pasture when the ground was white

Biography of George H. Preston

George H., son of George W. Preston, was born in Ontario, November 13, 1837. He attended the district school on the Ridge Road, Ontario, passing thence to Macedon Academy and Walworth Academy. At the latter institution, while still a student, he was employed in teaching classes. He also taught two terms of district school, working on his father’s farm during the summer months. At the age of twenty-seven he was married to Ellen F. Graham. and the year following removed to Shortsville, and entered the service of the Empire Drill Company. He was gifted naturally with mechanical skill and made

Biographical Sketch of Ward H. Preston

Ward H., son of George H. Preston, was born at Shortsville, New York. May 24, 1867. He was educated in the Shortsville public schools, at Brockport Normal School, and at the Medical School of Buffalo University, but on account of ill health was unable to complete his course in medicine. From 1891 to 1895 he was engaged in farming, and from 1897 to 1903 carried on the coal and lumber business at Manchester, New York. He then moved to Lima, New York, to become manager of the Papec Machine Company. In 1909 this concern was moved to Shortsville, New York.

Biographical Sketch of John Preston

He came to the Battle Creek, Iowa, Ida County, in 1872 to farm. He was born in Forfarshire, Scotland, June 27, 1857, son of John and Matilda (Hill) Preston. His parents are from Scotland and they reared a family of eight children with John being the 7th born. He received a good education in his native land, and clerked in a drug store for a short time at Dundee, Scotland. In 1872, when he was 15, he came to America to Ida County where he had two brothers, Andrew and James C. Here he went to school in the winter.

Biographical Sketch of Andrew Preston

Andrew Preston was a proprietor of “Bonnie Brae” stock farm and a dealer in shorthorn cattle. He was born near Dundee in Forfarshire, Scotland, May 8, 1850. His parents were John and Matilda Preston of Scotland. When Andrew was nine years old, he came to America and located in Chicago, Illinois. Then he went to Dundee, Kane County, Illinois and attended school one winter. In 1872, he came to Ida County, Iowa and moved on wild land there. In his eight-acre grove, he planted one acre of walnuts, one acre of maples, one acre of evergreens, hedges, windbreaks, etc. He