Surname: Montgomery

Biography of Samuel Douglas Montgomery

SAMUEL DOUGLAS MONTGOMERY, Among the officials of Madison County who are rendering the community signal service in the discharge of their duties, none have attained a greater degree of popularity than that which has come to Samuel Douglas Montgomery, who has served efficiently since January 1, 1911, in the office of County assessor, A resident of this County since early boyhood, he was for years identified with the agricultural and stock raising interests of this section, and the success with which he met in his own affairs made his fellow citizens confident that he would have no trouble in successfully

Biography of J. B. Montgomery

This well known citizen, though not among those who came to Portland at the earliest day of the city’s history to lay here the foundations of municipal and commercial greatness, is a prominent and representative man of the reinforcement that came when Portland was just beginning her larger growth; and to this reinforcement much of the credit of the city’s remarkable progress is due. James Boyce Montgomery was born at Montgomery’s Ferry, on the Susquehanna river, in the State of Pennsylvania, twenty-five miles north of Harrisburg, on the 6th of December, 1832. He went to school until he was sixteen