Surname: Marsh

Biographical Sketch of Frederick Marsh

Frederick, son of Lewis Marsh, settled in the town of Hopewell, Ontario county. New York. He married Frances, daughter of John and Maria Wilson. Her parents also had Adelaide, Julia, Elizabeth, Helen, John and Robert Wilson. Children of Frederick and Frances Marsh : Lewis. born March 8, 1878; John N., mentioned elsewhere; Robert, January 26. 1882; Herbert, July 1S, 1891.

Biographical Sketch of John N. Marsh

John N., son of Frederick Marsh, was born in Hopewell, New York, February 28, 1880. He received his early education in the common schools. For several years he leased farms and in 1909 he bought “Spring Brook Farm” which he has since conducted. It is pleasantly located in the town of Hopewell, a mile east of Chapin village and two miles north of the Rochester & Eastern electric railway station known as “Freshhour.” Mr. Marsh is a progressive, up-to-date farmer, making a specialty of his dairy and owning a fine herd of graded Durham cows and using the most advanced

Biographical Sketch of Samuel Marsh

SAMUEL MARSH, from whom have descended the Marshes, came early to town and settled near the Four Corners. His wife, who had long lived in the family of a physician, and had become skilled in the “healing art,” kept the first primitive “Apothecary’s Shop” in town. Besides her knowledge of medicine she was noted for her mechanical ingenuity. The old ” dies,” with which she used to print the ladies’ calico dresses, are still in being, as also the “pillion” on which she visited her patients. The husband died in 1832, aged 94; the wife in 1834, aged 90 years.

Biographical Sketch of Samuel Marsh Jr.

SAMUEL MARSH, Jr., was father of ELOM, one of the Vice-Presidents at the Celebration, a successful farmer at Westmoreland, N. H.,-of JOHN L. who moved to Jefferson County, N. Y., where he has been elected a Representative and exerted much influence, and ORREN who was educated at Norwich University and went to Oregon.

Biographical Sketch of Dellavan D. Marsh

DELLAVAN D. MARSH, son of WILLIAM, and grandson of Samuel, was born May 8, 1818. He studied medicine with Willard P. Gibson, of Newport, and John S. Blanchard, of Cornish; attended lectures at Woodstock, Vt., and at Hanover, N. H., and graduated from the latter institution in 1834. He commenced practice at Mount Desert, Me., the same year, but in 1837 returned to Croydon, where he has since remained in the practice of his profession. He has taken a deep interest in agriculture. He introduced the North Devon cattle, and in 1848 was Treasurer of the County Agricultural Society. He

Biographical Sketch of Dellavan D. Marsh, M.D.

DELLAVAN D. MARSH, M.D., was born May 8, 1818. He graduated from the Medical Department of Dartmouth College in 1834. He was interested in agricultural pursuits; was treasurer of the County Agricultural Society in 1848; was often elected to town offices, and in 1839-40 was treasurer of Sullivan County. He died in 1866.