Surname: Love

Dillard Love – Land Record

Dillard Love conveyed to Mary E. Love, daughter of Robert C. Love, Ninety-one acres of land in Cherokee District, Washington County, Tennessee, the consideration for same being LOVE and AFFECTION. Note-This was done by Dillard Love because the said Mary Love was destitute. Deed dated 1843, and on file in the Jonesboro Records-F.D. Love.

Robert Love and Mary Ann Dillard – Descendants

Robert Love and Mary Ann Dillard Descendants 1) Thomas Dillard Love, b. on Friday 6th, day of May 1785; m. Anna Taylor June 16th, 1812, in the house of General Nathaniel Taylor on Buffalo Creek, Carter County, East Tennessee; died November 16th, 1832. 2) Annie Dillard Love, b. 1788, m. James Gudger in 1805, d._____? 3) Samuel Bece Love, b.______?, m. Miss Mary Young, daughter of Joseph and Esther Young, Esqr who lived near Jonesboro, Washington County, East Tennessee, d. 1822 4) Dillard Love, b. 11-21-1822, m. Miss Margaret Young, sister of Samuel’s wife, d._____? 5) John Bell Love, b.

Col. Robert Love – Revolutionary War Record

Revolutionary War Record of Col. Robert Love. (Some Data) Lieutenant Robert Love, in the year 1776 was stationed at Ft. Robertson, which was located at the head of the Clinch and Sandy rivers in what was then Montgomery County, Virginia, and served as Sergeant in Captain John Stephens company against the Shawnee Indians from April to October. 1780 he served about six months against the Tories as Lieutenant under Col. William Campbell. This service was rendered on Tom’s Creek at the Moravian Old Town in North Carolina, and on an excursion up to and near the Shallow Ford of the

John Blair

Note: I copy now from “Thirty Years in the United State Senate” by Thomas H. Benton, then Senator from Missouri. John Blair was elected to Congress from the First District of Tennessee in the year 1826, as also was John Bell, David Crockett and James K. Polk. In 1828, the same gentlemen with others serves as Representatives from this said State; also in the year 1831, and voted against the renewing of the charter of the Bank of the United States; Blair, Bell, Crockett and Polk were again elected in 1833-this was Blair’s and Crockett’s last term. Blair went to

Letter from Col. Robert Love to his son, Thomas Dillard Love

Dr. Thomas: Waynesville, N.C. 5th, of May 1815 Jonny will deliver you $153. the odd $3 is for interest for four months- The notes are all on this State & South Carolina, except a few, which are almost the Only Notes in Circulation among us-I hope all are well with Yourself & all friends-I have not heard whether Genl. Taylor has returned or not-It is uncertain at what time I can get over-Your Mother at this time is Very unwell, I am Very Busy in assessing, still a trying to do something to keep along, Jonny will be able to

Samuel Love – Descent to Franklin Deadrick Love

My Father’s name was Robert Love. He married Sarah Matilda Alexander, of Buncombe County, North Carolina. He was a lawyer, and had quite a large practice and accumulated a competency there from. His father’s name was Thomas Dillard Love, who married Anna Taylor, and lived after his marriage, first at the source of Buffalo Creek then Washington, now Carter County, Tennessee. During the latter part of his life he lived on Gap Creek, one mile from its mouth. Thomas Dillard Love was the oldest son of Robert Love, who was born in Augusta County, Virginia in the year 1760, and

Joseph Bell – Descendants

James Bell, b, –?; m, ______?; d. 7-17-92 (July – 1792) 1) Joseph Bell. Descendants. (a)b.____? D. 1833-34. From his will, which will hereafter be copied in this record, it will be presumed that he never married, as he left no descendants. 2) William Bell, b.____? d. 10-1805, Nelson Co. KY m.______? 3) James Bell, b._____?, d._______, m.______? 4) Samuel Bell, b.____?, d._______, m.______? 5) Dorcas Bell, b. 1739, in Augusta County, Virginia, and was married to Samuel Love, of Pennsylvania, in the year (July 3rd) 1759. d._____? 6) Nancy Bell, b.____? m. William Gambell in _____? d.______? 7) Sarah Bell, b.____?

Thomas Dillard Love and Anna Taylor – Descendants

Thomas Dillard Love, son of Robert Love and Mary Ann Dillard, b. on Friday 6th, day of May 1785; m. Anna Taylor Daughter of General Nathaniel Taylor, of Carter County, East Tennessee, June 16th, 1812; d. in Carter County, East Tennessee, November 16th, 1832. The children of this marriage are as follows: Descendants 1) Nathaniel Taylor Love, B. Monday May 10th, 1813, at 12 o’clock in the day; d. Sunday 21st day of December 1823 at 10 o’clock in the night. 2) Robert Andrew Jackson Love, b. Monday 7th, March, 1815, at 11 o’clock in the night; d. Saturday 22nd,

Samuel Love and Dorcas Bell – Descendants

Samuel Love, of Pennsylvania, married Dorcas Bell, of August County, Virginia, July 3rd in the year 1759. They lived near Tinkling Spring Church, in which later place, their eldest son, Robert, was baptized by the blind Preacher, Waddell(?), a near relative of Dorcas Bell. Mr. Waddell had charge and care of Robert and Thomas Love after the death of their Mother(?). The other children, towit: William, James, Sarah, Mary, Dorcas, and Winifred remained with the Bell family. The Bells opposed the marriage of Samuel Love and Dorcas Bell. Robert Love married, Mary Ann Dilliard, daughter of Genl. Thomas Dilliard, or

James Robert Love and Maria Williamson Coman – Descendants

James Robert Love, m. Maria Williamson Coman, daughter of James Coman, of Raleigh, N.C. November 26th, 1822. Maria Williamson Coman was b. January 22nd, 1805 and d. March 20th 1847. Descendants 1) James Coman Love, Oct 2nd, 1824; d. Oct 18th, 1854 (Bachelor) 2) Col. Robert Gustavus Adolphus Love, B. January 4th, 1827; d. May 24th 1880 (Bachelor) was Col, C.S.A. 62nd M.C. Regiment 3) Dr. Samuel Leonidas Love, b. Aug. 24th, 1828; d._____? Was twice married; 1st, to Rachel Boyd—three children: (a) Margaret Love, (Mrs. Harry C. Marschall) #5027 Hazel Avenue, West Philadelphia, Pa. (b) Maria Williamson Love, (d.