Surname: Handy

Biographical Sketch of D. W. Handy

D. W. Handy was born in Barren county, Kentucky, in 1826, and is a son of Robert A. and Rosana Handy. Mr. Handy lived in Kentucky until the year of 1865 when he moved to Daviess county, Missouri, settling on a farm three miles south of Salem. He remained on the farm three years, when he sold his farm and went into the mercantile business at Bancroft in this county. Here he remained about a year when he sold out and moved to Salem, buying out the store of his brother, R. W. Handy. He remained in business at. Salem

Biography of George H. Handy

George H. Handy, probate judge and ex-ofificio superintendent of schools for Owyhee County, Idaho, resides at Silver City. He was born at Grand Island, Hall county, Nebraska, on the 20th of February 1871, and is of Scotch and English ancestry. His paternal grandfather, Parker Handy, was a native of New York city, and for many years was prominently connected with the banking business, his death occurring at the advanced age of ninety years. H. P. Handy, father of the Judge, was also born in New York City, and throughout his active business career has followed civil engineering. He came to

Biography of Edward C. Handy

EDWARD C. HANDY. As treasurer and general manager of the Indiana Ice & Dairy Company at Anderson, Mr. Handy has the practical control of one of this city’s most servicable industries. The United States Department of Agriculture estimates that milk and cream together furnish fifteen percent of the total food of the average American family, and with this fact before us it is possible to estimate the importance of the milk business in every community. The Indiana Ice and Dairy Company, with which Mr. Handy has been connected as manager for the past fifteen years, manufactures and bottles pasteurized milk