Surname: Field

Biography of John Field

One of the oldest men in Cobourg, and for more than thirty years prominent in business, and in municipal affairs, is John Field, who was born at Wiviliscombe, Somersetshire, England, July 10, 1793, hence at the time of writing he is in his 86th year. His parents were John and Myra (Collard) Field, his father being engaged in the general mercantile trade in Somersetshire for many years. The subject of this notice received an academic education; then served an apprenticeship of six years at Taunton in the mercantile business; was subsequently an assistant in stores at Exeter, Bath, Bristol and

Biography of Bethel Field

The ancestors of the Field family, of Chesterfield, were of old Puritan stock, who settled in Taunton, Mass., early in colonial times, where many of their descendants still live. Bethuel, son of Nathaniel Field, of Taunton, married Sally Lincoln, of Norton, Mass., and settled in Chesterfield, in 1819 or ’20. “He was somewhat given to accounts, being a ‘Squire,’ and a prominent man in town matters.” He died in 1847, Mrs. Field surviving him until 1867. Jessie Field, one of their ten children, born November 3, 1811, inherited his mother’s refined sensibilities and his father’s good sense and mental acumen;