Surname: Brigham

B Surnames – Walpole Massachusetts Marriage Records to 1850

BABBITT, Betsey and Samuel G. Clap, Mar. 8, 1843. Sarah P., 21, d. Willard and S., and Luther Hayward, widower [publishment of intention of marriage, omits widower], May 29, 1848. Sophia and George Copeland, Apr. 10, 1842. BACON, Alfred of Dover, and Harriett Perry, Nov. 27, 1834. Anna of Dedham, and William Kindall 1st, publishment of intention of marriage, Mar. 19, 1774. Betsy [publishment of intention of marriage, Betsey] and Jonathan Colbourn [publishment of intention of marriage, Coulbourn], May 23, 1797. Charlotte and George W. Thomas, May 28, 1840. Dean and Sybil C. Smith, publishment of intention of marriage, Nov.

Biography of John W. Brigham

A large and well improved ranch eight and a half miles southeast of the city of Moscow, in Latah county, is owned by John Warren Brigham, who is regarded as one of the most enterprising and progressive agriculturists of this part of the state. His business ability, untiring industry and capable management have been the chief elements in his success and have gained him a position among the substantial residents of the county. Mr. Brigham is a native of California, his birth having occurred in Placer County, on the 22d of March 1857. On the paternal side he is of