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Siksika Indians

Siksika Indians. Located in the territory stretching from North Saskatchewan River, Canada, to the southern. headstreams of the Missouri in Montana, and from about longitude 105° W. to the base of the Rocky Mountains. The Siksika belong to the Algonquian linguistic stock, forming the most aberrant of all the well-recognized tongues of that family except Arapaho and Atsina.

Chinook to English Dictionary

Ah-ha, adv. Common to various tribes. Yes. Expression of simple assent. On Puget Sound, E-ÉH. Ah’n-kut-te, or Ahn-kot-tie, adv. Chinook, ANKUTTI. Formerly; before now. With the accent prolonged on the first syllable, a long time ago. Ex. Ahnkutte lakit sun, four days ago; Tenas ahnkutte, a little while since. Al-áh, interj. Expression of surprise. Ex. …

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1894 Michigan State Census – Berrien County

United States Soldiers of the Civil War Residing in Michigan, June 1, 1894 [ Names within brackets are reported in letters. ] Bainbridge Township. – Gus Dorsterwetz, Edward E. Dix, James R. Clark, George W. Closson, George Bridgford, George F. Stewart, Charles Hoadley, Henry Thompson, John D. Hill, William Goodrich, Theodore Morelock, Ephraim Lewis, Isaac …

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Quebec First Nations

The following information are contact information and webpage addresses for First Nations of Quebec.   Abenaki Abénakis de Wôlinak Bande d’Odanak Grand Conseil de la nation Waban-Aki Innus de Ekuanitshit Alderville First Nation Innu-Takuaikan Uashat mak Mani-Utenam Algonquin of Timiskaming P.O. Box 336 NOTRE-DAME-DU-NORD QC J0Z 3B0 Listuguj First Nation 17 Riverside Drive West Listuguj, …

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The Buffalo

With the practical extermination of the buffalo in recent years, and the rapid changes which have taken place in the general appearance of the country, it is difficult to picture it as it was two or more centuries ago. While the country continued to be the home of the native tribes, game was abundant, and …

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Maskegon Tribe

Maskegon Indians, Maskegon First Nation, Maskegon People, Swampy Crees (Mŭskīgōk, ‘they of the marshes or swamps.’- W. J. ). An Algonquian tribe so closely related to the Cree that they have appropriately been called a subtribe. According to Warren the Maskegon, with the Cree and the Monsoni, form the northern division of the Chippewa group, …

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Etchareottine Tribe

Etchareottine Indians, Etchareottine Nation (‘people dwelling in the shelter’). An Athapascan tribe occupying the country of Great Slave lake and upper Mackenzie river to the Rocky mountains, including the lower Liard valley, British America. Their range extends from Hay river to Ft Good Hope, and they once lived on the shores of Lake Athabasca and in …

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Daniels, Norma Jeanne Mrs. – Obituary

Halfway, Baker County, Oregon Norma Jeanne Daniels, 84, a longtime Halfway resident, died Aug. 17, 2005, in Caldwell, Idaho. A graveside celebration of Jeanne’s life took place today at Pine Haven Cemetery in Halfway. Jeanne was born Jan. 31, 1921, and raised in Halfway, where she married “Danny” Daniels and had three children. After Danny’s …

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Villages of the Algonquian, Siouan and Caddoan Tribes West of the Mississippi

Life on the prairies or mountains with the best built house had to be hard for our ancestors, but consider the Indians of the 1800’s. With few implements, or tools, they constructed their homes from their surroundings. David Bushnell, provides a vivid picture of the traditional homes, hunting camps, and travels of the Algonquian, Caddoan and Siouan tribes. Even without the photos and drawings, all of which are included here, Bushnell paints a picture of these tribes life and culture with his words.

Athabasca Family

Athabasca A family of North American Indians, comprising two large divisions, one living in the British Possessions, between Hudson’s Bay and the Pacific, and the other along the southern boundary of the United States, in Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas, with some smaller bands along the western coast, north of Oregon. The name of the …

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