Annals of Cleveland - 1845

WPA Annals of Cleveland, 1818-1937

During the New Deal Era, workers of Annals of Cleveland staff summarized and indexed material from early Cleveland newspapers, beginning with the inaugural issue of the city’s first paper, the July 31, 1818 Cleaveland Gazette and Commercial Register. The project provided jobs for unemployed white-collar workers during the Depression of the 1930s and created an important record of early life and thought in the city of Cleveland.

In each of these cases, click on the link and patiently wait… they are large files (20 meg – 100 meg) and depending on the speed of the Case Western Reserve University website, may take some time to download.

Yearly Digests of Cleveland Papers 1818-1877

Foreign Language Newspaper Series:

Cleveland Court Record Series, 1837-1877:

Cleveland Plain Dealer Index 1933-1938:



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