Genealogy of the Cherokee Adair Family

Instructions on how to interpret this information

4Sarah Ann Adair. William Penn Adair
5Edward Underwood Adair*
6Mary Buffington Adair. Walter Thompson Adair
7Hugh Montgomery Adair. Elizabeth Jane Hearst, Martha L. Johnson and Phoeba Acena Morris nee Pace
8Lucy Fields Adair. Waldemar S. Lindsley
9Minerva Cornelia Adair*
1112131415George M. Adair.. Catherine Fields
2Charlotte Adair. Charles Pettit and Archibald Sixkiller
OK3Audelia Adair. Dennis Gonzales
4John Bell Adair. Elizabeth Clingan
1112132415George Washington Adair. Malzenie Elizabeth Linder* and Mary _____
2Margaret Adair. Jesse Mayfield and Samuel Adair Bigby
OK3Jennie Adair* James Christopher McCoy and John Hunt
4Samuel Adair* Jennie Buffington
5Collins Adair*
6Emily Adair. William Nucholls Littlejohn
7Charlotte Ann Adair. Joshua Sanders
8Ellen Adair. Richard Martin McCoy
9Rufus Bell Adair. Jennie Fields and Elizabeth Sabina Buffington
10Susan Adair* John Hunt
11Catherine Adair*
14Malzerine Elizabeth Adair. Caleb Ellis Starr
15Rosella Adair. John Downing, George Downing and Mitchell Squirrel
16Edward Sylvester Adair. Rebecca Baugh and Caroline Boudinot Brewer
1112133415Margaret Ray. Robert Garvin
2 Sarah Catherine Ray. James Devine and William Covington Ghormley
OK3Elizabeth Ray. Joshua Bertholf Duncan
4Ruth Ray*
5Wesley Ray*
6Walter Adair Ray*
7Andrew Ray*
1112134415Samuel Adair Bigby. Margaret Mayfield nee Adair
2Mary Ann Bigby. Charles Austin Augustus Rider
OK3James Lafayette Bigby. Nannie Caroline McCoy
4Charlotte Elizabeth Bigby. Robert Harrison Fletcher
5Benjamin Jackson Bigby*
6Stephen Foreman Bigby*
7Esther Smith Bigby. Harrison Roberts


Starr, Emmett. History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: The Warden Company. 1921

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