1867 Middleboro Massachusetts Directory

S – Y Surnames

There are five Post Offices in the town, as follows: “Middleboro” “North Middleboro” or Titicut, “South Middleboro,” “East Middleboro” and “Rock.”

Saddler William, farmer, Cherry
Sampson Joseph, farmer, Main
Sampson Obediah, shoemaker, Plymouth
Sampson P. Miller farmer, Plymouth
Sampson Samuel B. farmer, Rocky Meadow
Sampson Shadrach, farmer, Plymouth
Sampson Thomas W. market man, Rocky Meadow
Sanford Arnold B. mill supt. Main
Sanford John A overseer, Centre
Savery Albert A. farmer, Taunton
Savery Albert T. shoemaker, Rooky Meadow
Savery Everett W. shoemaker. Main
Savory George S. straw worker. Spring
Savery James, carpenter. Miller
Savery Luther W. shoemaker, Tispaquin
Savery Peregrine W. farmer, Rocky Meadow
Sawyer R. M. clergyman, Plympton
Scanlin John, shoemaker, Summer
Sears Ivory H, carpenter, Cherry
Shaw Alfred, farmer, Plymouth
Shaw Asael A, farmer, Summer
Shaw Benoni, moulder, Tispaquin
Shaw Cephas, farmer, France
Shaw Charles F. farmer, Thompson
Shaw Eben A. farmer. Rocky Meadow
Shaw Ebenezer, carpenter. Pleasant
Shaw Ebenezer C. farmer. Rocky Meadow
Shaw Elbridge G. farmer, Bedford
Shaw Elisha T. laborer, Neck
Shaw Ezra, farmer. Rocky Meadow
Shaw George, stone mason, Wood
Shaw George H. japan manuf. Rock
Shaw Henry, straw worker, West
Shaw Henry H. express messenger. Main
Shaw Ira, butcher, Thompson
Shaw Jacob B, apothecary. School
Shaw John jr., apothecary, Peirce
Shaw John A. shovel maker, Plymouth
Shaw Joseph A. carpenter, Pleasant
Shaw Josiah C. farmer Thompson
Shaw Lewis E. straw bleacher, Centre
Shaw Luther, farmer, Tispaquin
Shaw Orlando H. carpenter. Pleasant
Shaw Thomas F. farmer, near Carver
Shaw Thomas J. farmer, near Carver
Shaw William, farmer. North
Shaw William, farmer. Pleasant
Shaw William A. mariner, Plymouth
Shaw William B. straw worker, West
Shaw William N. shoemaker, Main
Sherman Abner W. farmer. Neck
Sherman Benjamin H. carpenter. Smith
Sherman Charles, farmer, Neck
Sherman Charles W. farmer. Neck
Sherman Elnathan, farmer. Smith
Sherman Erastus F, farmer, Neck
Sherman Frank M. shoe cutter, Jackson
Sherman J. H. homoeopathic physician
Sherman Joshua, carpenter, Main
Sherman Nathan, farmer, Miller
Sherman Simeon A. carpenter. Miller
Shiverick William, harness maker. Oak
Shurtleff Benjamin, shoemaker, Plymouth
Shurtleff Clark, farmer, Miller
Shurtleff Gideon, shoemaker, Wall
Shurtleff Isaac S. furnace man, Tispaquin
Shurtleff Nathaniel, laborer, Thomas
Shurtleff Nathaniel 2d, mill owner, France
Shurtleff Nathaniel 3d, furnace man, Tispaquin
Shurtleff Nathaniel F. farmer. South p. o.
Shurtleff Salem, laborer, France
Shurtleff Seth, farmer, Beach
Simmons Charles, farmer. East Village
Simmons George E. mariner. Water
Simmons James H. mariner, Water
Simmons Reuben K. shoemaker, Water
Sisson George, carpenter, Neck
Smith Adoniram J. farmer, Wareham
Smith Ansel, farmer, Wareham
Smith Chandler E. farmer. Spruce
Smith Cyrus, farmer, Fuller
Smith Daniel, laborer, Wareham
Smith Darius, farmer. Fuller
Smith Earle T. shoemaker, Plympton
Smith Ebenezer, farmer, Wareham
Smith Ebenezer 2d, farmer Wareham
Smith Elbridge G. former, Wareham
Smith George L. shoemaker, Centre
Smith G. Sumner, shoemaker, Centre
Smith Harvey, farmer Wood
Smith Henry W. farmer, Wareham
Smith Hercules, straw worker. Water
Smith Hiram S. shoemaker, Smith
Smith Ira, farmer, Waiter
Smith Israel, station agent Miller
Smith Jabez, shoemaker Puller
Smith James, drover. Fuller
Smith Lorenzo, farmer, Spruce
Smith Moses T. farmer Fuller
Smith Richard C, stone mason, Neck
Smith Thomas, farmer, Wood
Smith Thomas F. painter School
Smith William, farmer Neck
Snow Elisha N. mariner Main
Snow George W. physician, Highland
Snow James, carpenter, Plymouth
Snow Thomas, farmer, Carver
Snow Venus, wheel wight, Summer
Soule Augustus II. teacher, Soule
Soule Charles, farmer North
Soule Charles W. furniture Oak
Soule Ebenezer T. shoe cutter Oak
Soule Edward L. shoemaker Water
Soule Edwin, shoe cutter, Cedar
Soule George, undertaker and cabine ware Oak
Soule George L. music teacher and furniture dealer. Oak
Soule Isaac, carpenter. Cedar
Soule James, blacksmith, Cedar
Soule J, Horace, clerk Cedar
Soule John A. laborer Cherry
Soule John M. mariner, Main
Soule Jonathan, farmer Cedar
Soule Marcus, shoemaker Oak
Soule Otis, fanner, Soule
Soule William H. shoemaker Cedar
Southworth Calvin, farmer Neck
Southworth Rodney E. painter, Water
Sparrow Hartley A. painter School
Sparrow Jacob H. painter, Water
Sparrow James P. carpenter, Ply mp ton
Standish A. Otis, laborer Chestnut
Standish Ethan A. shoe cutter. North
Standish George K. peddler, Montello
Standish Martin P. salesman, High
Standish Simeon B. straw worker. Main
Stansell Charles O. merchant, Plymouth
Straffin David F. shoemaker. Centre
Swett Sargent S. painter, Water
Swift Daniel L. mariner, Peirce
Swift Gustavus L. shoemaker, Plymouth
Swift Henry A. shoemaker, Plymouth
Swift Isaiah S. shoe cutter. Oak
Swift Jabez, farmer, Carmel
Swift Lorenzo K. harness maker. Water
Swift William, farmer Clay
Swift William C. farmer, Carmel
Sylvester S. H. hair dresser and taxidermist, Centre

Taber Admiral D. peddler. Spruce
Taylor Geo. W. stage driver, Centre
Taylor William, dyer, Star Mills
Thatcher Allen, merchant. Main
Thatcher Charles T. express clerk. Centre
Thatcher Francis, shoemaker, Thompson
Thatcher Israel F. farmer, Thompson
Thatcher John, hunter, Thompson
Thatcher Lewis, shoemaker, Thompson
Thayer Granville L. straw goods packer, Oak
Thomas Abraham, carpenter. Cherry
Thomas A. Clement, boot maker. Main
Thomas Albert, farmer. North
Thomas Arad, farmer. Purchase
Thomas Arad, jr.. former. Purchase
Thomas Augustus W. moulder. Purchase
Thomas Bartlett, farmer, Chestnut
Thomas Benjamin, farmer, Plymouth
Thomas Benjamin, 2d, moulder, Purchase
Thomas Charles H. shoemaker, Purchase
Thomas Eleazer, farmer. Purchase
Thomas Eleazer, jr. moulder. Purchase
Thomas Eliphalet, farmer. Centre
Thomas Elmer,
Thomas Elisha, teamster, Peirce
Thomas George, shoemaker, Plymouth
Thomas Harrison, shovel maker, Plymouth
Thomas Harvey C. farmer, Tispaquin
Thomas Horatio N. butcher. Smith
Thomas Ira, merchant. Main
Thomas Ira M. clerk. Centre
Thomas Lothrop, moulder. Purchase
Thomas Lothrop S. farmer, Wareham
Thomas Nelson, farmer, Tispaquin
Thomas Robert M. engineer. Bock
Thomas Seneca, farmer. Purchase
Thomas Seneca R. farmer. Purchase
Thomas Stephen, moulder, Thomas
Thomas William, farmer, Wareham
Thompson Benj. F. shoemaker, Thompson
Thompson Charles L. carpenter, Thompson
Thompson Edmund, shoemaker. Wood
Thompson Edward, farmer, Plymouth
Thompson Elkanah, laborer. Precinct
Thompson Franklin S. farmer, Thompson
Thompson Henry A. shoemaker, Thompson
Thompson Isaac, farmer. North
Thompson Israel W. merchant. North
Thompson Ivory H. grocer, Thompson
Thompson Lewis H. peddler, Thompson
Thompson Martson, mason. Cross
Thompson Oliver, carpenter. Oak
Thompson Philander, farmer, Thompson
Thompson Philander W. farmer, Thompson
Thompson R. F. hoop skirt manuf. Main
Thompson Reuel farmer, Thompson
Thompson Venus, farmer, Thompson
Thrasher A. P. farmer, Plymouth
Thrasher Benj. G. laborer, Plymouth
Tillson Benj. O. teamster. North
Tillson Charles T. shoemaker. North
Tillson George L. shoemaker. North
Tillson James B. carpenter. Centre
Tillson Thomas, farmer. North
Tinkham Alva, farmer. Precinct
Tinkham Andrew L. post master. Centre
Tinkham Benj. F. shoe cutter, Pleasant
Tinkham Calvin, farmer. Neck
Tinkham Charles C. farmer. Wood
Tinkham Ebenezer, teamster. Precinct
Tinkham Enoch, farmer. Centre
Tinkham Foster, jeweler, Namasket
Tinkham George C. butcher, Cherry
Tinkham George F. farmer, Glass pi
Tinkham John, .farmer, France
Tinkham Joseph, Rock village
Tinkham Josiah, farmer, Wood
Tinkham Leander A. farmer, T St
Tinkham Levi F. teamster. Oak
Tinkham Lorenzo, carpenter, Ehn
Tinkham Otis L. carpenter. School
Tinkham Sylvanus, farmer, Main
Tobey Alfred A. shoemaker. Water
Tobey Frank H. carpenter, Oak
Tobey Joel W. carpenter. Oak
Tobin Richard, laborer, Jackson
Toole Michael, gent’s clothing, cor. Main and Water
Tribou Charles W. fish peddler. Oak
Tribou Henry R. farmer, Plymouth
Tribou Josiah C. straw worker, Peirce
Tribou Nahum M. horse dealer, Plymouth
Tripp Benjamin F. saloon keeper,” Water
Tucker David A. fish dealer. Centre
Tucker Elisha, merchant. Main
Tucker Sidney, pension agent, Main

Vaughan A. C. farmer, Vaughan
Vaughan Alvin P. carpenter. Main
Vaughan Charles F. agent, Plymouth
Vaughan David C. carpenter, Thomas
Vaughan Harrison W. mason, Plymouth
Vaughan Isaac N. blacksmith, Vaughan
Vaughan John C. straw manuf. Centre
Vaughan John G. saw mill. Summer
Vaughan Josiah H. farmer, Vaughan
Vaughan Nathan H. carpenter, Vaughan
Vaughan Peter, farmer, Vaughan
Vaughan Sylvanus H. hotel keeper. Main
Vaughan William H. wheelwright. North
Vining David, shoemaker, Plymouth

Waldron Roswell, farmer. Centre
Ward Calvin B. cotton mill workman, School
Ward Eliab, lawyer. Main
Warner Frederic C. works Star Mills
Warren James, miller, North
Warren James W. shoemaker, North
Warren John M. farmer, Summer
Warren Lewis F. heel maker, Main
Warren Nathaniel, laborer, Summer
Warren Sylvanus, laborer, Summer
Washburn Azel, planer, Pearl
Washburn Bradford S. merchant, Oak
Washburn Charles L. shoemaker, Plain
Washburn John T. mason, Plain
Washburn Peter, lumber dealer, Pearl
Washburn Philander, merchant and manuf. Main
Washburn Solomon L. mason, Plain
Washburn Thomas, farmer, Plain
Washburn William, lumber dealer, Centre
Waters Eldred R. laborer, Wareham
Waterman Edward H. wheelwright. Summer
Waterman Elisha, farmer, Plymouth
Waterman George, merchant. Centre
Waterman James H. laborer, Plymouth
Waterman Thomas £. shoemaker, Plymouth
Wentworth Soranus, peddler, Plymouth
Westgate David, farmer, Neck
Westgate Edward S. shoemaker, Neck
Westgate Elisha P. shoemaker. Neck
Westgate Joseph, laborer, Wareham
Westgate Sylvanus P. shoemaker. Neck
Weston Andrew, farmer. Clay
Weston Dura, farmer, Purchase
Weston Dura T. farmer. Purchase
Weston Ellis, carpenter, Sachem
Weston Enoch, farmer, Bedford
Weston Erastus D. moulder, Purchase
Weston Frederic, farmer. Purchase
Weston James H. carpenter. Centre
Weston Robert F. shoemaker, Thompson
Weston Robert W. shoemaker, Thompson
Weston Sanford, farmer, Bedford
Weston Thomas, farmer. Summer
Weston Thomas 2d, furnace man, Purchase
Wetherbee Thos. P. shoemaker, Vaughan
Whitcomb Henry, laborer. Water
Whitcomb William R. teamster, Water
White Chauncey D. carpenter, Mill
White Daniel E. shoemaker. Centre
White Samuel, farmer. Centre
White Silas, farmer, Plymouth
White Solomon, merchant, Plymouth
White William B. carpenter, Mill
White William Emery, carpenter, Clay
Whitmarsh George, shoe cutter, Plymouth
Whitmarsh Joshua, shoe cutter, Centre
Wilbur Charles C. heel maker, Centre
Wilbur Nahum D. gas works, Oak
Wilbur Simeon D. station agent, Wareham
Wilbur Horatio N. carpenter, Plymouth
Wilbur Nelson, mariner, Plymouth
Wilbur Perry A. farmer, Plymouth
Wilder Parker P. whitewasher Grove
Wilder Thomas, gardner, North
Williams Joseph, mariner, Grove
Williams Nathan, farmer, Vernon
Williams Samuel, clergyman, Peirce
Willis Marcus M. laborer
Winslow Isaac, shoemaker, Centre
Withington William T. laborer, Spruce
Wood Abiel, shoe cutter. Main
Wood Abner, farmer. Neck
Wood Albert J. shoe cutter, Thompson
Wood Alfred, merchant, Main
Wood Andrew C. lumberman, Peirce
Wood Benjamin F. farmer, Wood
Wood Benjamin P. farmer, Wood
Wood Cornelius B. town clerk, North
Wood Daniel F. painter, Wareham
Wood Eliab, building mover. Wood
Wood Frederic E. painter. Centre
Wood George W. farmer. Summer
Wood Hartley, farmer, Grove
Wood Isaac, farmer. Walnut
Wood Jacob, laborer, Cherry
Wood Joseph T.’ farmer, Main
Wood Joshua, painter, Wood
Wood Lorenzo, farmer, Plymouth
Wood Samuel N. straw worker, School
Wood Thomas, farmer, Wood
Wood Thomas J. farmer, Thompson
Wood Warren, straw worker, Plymouth
Wood Willard, farmer. Summer
Wood William B. gentleman. Main
Wood William H. Judge of Probate, Main
Wood William T. farmer, Neck
Wood Charles A. Plymouth
Wright Charles B. farmer and agent, Wood
Wright Charles L. farmer. Wood
Wright F. F. farmer, Plymouth
Wright William, laborer, Namasket
Wrightington Edward jr., farmer, Thomastown
Wrightington S. G. farmer, Chestnut

Young John, laborer


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