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Location: Taylor County IA

Biography of James W. Chenoweth

Capable, progressive and conscientious, the subject of this memoir is worthy of representation in any volume that purports to detail the lives of its leading men, and it is with pleasure that we are enabled to give space here to mention the salient features in his interesting career. Mr. Chenoweth was a man of broad views and a good public spirit, while his abilities and energy were commensurate with the stanch integrity and intrinsic moral worth which he constantly manifested in his course of uprightness and worthy achievement. On April 10, 1860, James W. Chenoweth was born near Bedford, Taylor

Biography of N. P. Damewood

In a history of the agricultural development of Nebraska township and of Page county mention should be made of N. P. Damewood, who for more than half a century has been identified with the farming interests of this part of the state. His home is situated on the county line and comprises one hundred and two acres. That which lies in Page county is on sections 24 and 25, Nebraska township, while twenty-two acres extend across the boundary line into Dallas township, Taylor county. His life record began in Dubois county, Indiana, November 9, 1852, and in the spring of