Location: Tahlequah Oklahoma

Biographical Sketch of Mrs. Stephen Carlile

Carlile, Mrs. Stephen (See Ghigau and Hildebrand)—Sadie, daughter of S. P. Luna and Sarah (Butler) Luna, born July 10, 1888 in the Ozark County, Missouri. Mar­ried at Tahlequah, September 29, 1909 Stephen Foreman, son of Thomas Holmes and Levannah Elizabeth (Catron) Carlile. born January 5, 1873 in Tahlequah District, educated in Tahlequah District and Male Seminary. They are the parents of: Hazel, born August 1, 1910; Helen, born May 25. 1912; Stephen, born January 12, 1918; and Leo, born February 22, 1920. Stephen Foreman Carlile died September 5, 1919, Carlile is farming near Park Hill.

Biographical Sketch of Mrs. J. O. Epperson

Epperson, Mrs. J. O. (See Grant and Downing)—Mary, daughter of John and Susan (Gentry) Wood was born in Tahlequah District, June 16, 1883, educated in Female Seminary. Married at Tahlequah January 16, 1899, J. O., son of William H. and Margaret Epperson. They are the parents of: Oscar L., born December 31, 1900; Benjamin F., born August 13, 1902 Lola May, born November 29, 1905; Hendietta, born April 17, 1907; Eugene, born December 12, 1908; Bessie Marie, born June 10, 1911; Susie, born July 30, 1912; Walter Floyd, born May 21, 1914 and Mattie M born December 30, 1918. Mr.

Biographical Sketch of Mrs. C. W. Brown

Brown, Mrs. C. W. (See Grant and Sanders)—Delores Cole, born January 24, 1880, educated at the Presbyterian Col­lege at Tahlequah. Married at Pryor January 23, 1900, Charles Wesley Brown, born May 15th, 1873, in Hickman County, Clinton, Kentucky. They are the parents of Delores Ethylene, horn April 10, 1902 and Gordon Wesley, born October 23, 1919. Mr. Brown is a farmer. Mr. and Mrs. Brown are members of the Methodist church. She is an Eastern Star and a Rebecca. Nannie, daughter of Johnson and Margaret (Winters) Vann, married Daniel Boone Cole and they were the parents of Mrs. Charles Wesley

Biographical Sketch of Robert C. Dannenberg

Dannenberg, Robert C. (See Grant and Oolootsa)—Robert Carter, son of John Henry and Annie F. (Ferguson) Dannen­berg, was born in Missouri, April 12, 1877, educated in Flint District and Male Seminary. Married at Tahlequah June 1 6, 1902, Mary, daughter of John and Jennie (Lowrey) Hubbard, born in Tahlequah Dis­trict, November 28, 1878, and educated at Tahlequah and Muskogee. They are the parents of John Henry Dannenberg, born October 16, 1908, and Genie Dannenberg, born Mar. 5, 1915. Mr. Dannenberg is a farmer and stock raiser near Tahlequah. Henry, son of Anderson Pierce and Mary (Nave) Lowrey, married Mary Parris

Biographical Sketch of Oce Benge

Benge, Oce (See Grant, Ghigau, Foreman and Conrad)—Richard Fields Benge, commonly called “Oce’ Benge, was born in Tah­lequah District, September 9, 1851. Married at Locust Grove, February 18, 1883, Martha Adair, daughter of George Washington and Cherokee (Ratliff) Brewer, born July 7, 1861, and educated in Female Seminary. They are the parents of Georgia Alma, born April 30, 1885, married William C. Johnston April 4, 1919; Eleanor Osceola, born Jan­uary 18, 1887, married C. A. Dunham Oct­ober 3, 1913, parents of Roy Mills, born September 1, 1915, and Beatrice Eleanore Durham, born July 28, 1919; Lelia Leone, born December 16,

Biographical Sketch of D. G. Heflin

Heflin, D. G. (See Grant and Ghigau)— Elizabeth Christine, daughter of Dr. Jeter Lynch and Mary Jane (Taylor) Thomp­son, born Jan. 28, 1854, in Delaware Dist. Married Oct. 17, 1871, William, son of William and (Timberlake) Eubanks, born in Go­ing Snake District, Dec. 3, 1841. He enlisted in 1861 in Captain George Harlan Starr’s Co. of the First Cherokee Mounted Rifles. Was First Lieutenant of Captain William Taylor’s Company and upon the decease of Taylor he became Captain. He was elected Executive Councilor in November 1887. Mrs. Eubanks died March 29, 1912. They were the par­ents of Ada Archer Eubanks,

Biographical Sketch of Thomas Hendricks, Sr.

Hendricks, Thomas Sr. (See Hendricks)— Thomas Hendricks was born Aug. 29, 1839. He served during the Civil War in the Indian Home Guards under Captain Blunt. Married at Park Hill in 1869, Nellie Ragsdale, born September 22, 1839. They were the parents of Rufus, Thomas, Susie and Janana Hendricks. Thomas Hendricks was elected Councilor from Tahlequah District August 3, 1885.

Biographical Sketch of Thomas Hendricks, Jr.

Hendricks, Thomas Jr. (See Hendricks)— Thomas Hendricks, Jr. born at Tahlequah Jan. 14, 1877. Educated at Tahlequah. Mar­ried at Tahlequah Jan. 11, 1899, Maud Stanley, born April 25, 1888. She died Mar. 6, 1910. They were the parents of: Robert E. born Dec. 9, 1899; Clara M. born May 2, 1900; Viola, born October 21, 1902; Thelma G. born October 16, 1904; Wirt, born April 4, 1906;and Maude Hendricks, born February 25, 1908. Mrs. Hendricks died March 6, 1910 and he married at Muskogee September 29, 1910, Bessie Bagley born Feb­ruary 19, 1895 in Missouri. They are the parents of

Biographical Sketch of Margaret Humphreys

Humphreys, Margaret nee Woodall (See Hendricks)—Margaret Woodall, born July 18, 1866. Married at Tahlequah Nov. 24, 1909. James Humphreys, born in Monroe County, Tennessee in 1867. They are the parents of Roxis, born August 30, 1910; Harrison, born March 16, 1912; Eula, born June 10, 1914; and Virgil, born May 3, 1916. James Humphreys is a Mason and an Odd Fellow.

Biographical Sketch of Trixie Starr

(See Adair and Ghigau) Trixie, daughter of Ezekial Eugene and Margaret E. Starr, was born at Tahlequah June 24, 1892; and was educated in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Her Cherokee name is Ah-na-hi Noxie. She is a member of the Methodist, church and the Eastern Star order. She is a clerk in the office of the Commissioner of the Five Civilized Tribes. Ezekial Eugene Starr was the son of George Harlan and Nannie (Bell) Starr. George Harlan Starr, the Grandfather of Miss Trixie was the son of Kaleb and Nannie (Harlan) Starr. Ezekial Eugene Starr was treasurer of the Cherokee Nation and