Location: Stowe Vermont

Biographical Sketch of Charles F. Hale

Charles F. Hale, with his father, Lewis, came to Stowe from Tunbridge, Vt., in 1841, and located in the southwestern part of the town, where he remained about twenty years, then removed to the Waterbury turnpike, about two miles southwest from Stowe village. After two or three other changes Mr. Hale located where he now resides, half a mile north of the village. Lewis, his father, died in 1878, aged ninety years.

Biographic Sketch of Benjamin Alger

Benjamin Alger, born in Strafford, Vt., came to Stowe at an early day, and died here at the age of seventy-eight years. His son, Oscar, now resides on road 20.

Biographical Sketch of James Cobb

James Cobb, born in Woodstock, Vt., came to Stowe when a boy, where he learned the carpenter and joiner trade, and finally settled on road 17. He died May 8, 1871, aged fifty-five years. His widow,, and son Enos B., yet reside here.

Biographical Sketch of Ezra Nathan Adams

Ezra Nathan Adams came to Stowe from Brookfield, Vt., with his father, Lynda, at an early day, and located upon the farm now owned by his son, William W., on road 66. Lynda, his son, now resides on road 60.

Biography of Uriah Wilkins

Uriah Wilkins, born at Amherst, N. H., married Nancy Kitridge, of that town, and at an early day immigrated to Stowe, where he reared a family of eight children, as follows : Uriah, Nancy, George, Fanny K., Charles A., Elizabeth W., Ingalls, and Mary E. Uriah resides in Stowe, a retired farmer. Nancy died of consumption. George is a practicing attorney of this town. Fanny K. is the wife of Nathaniel Robinson. Charles A. resides in Milford, N. H. Elizabeth W. is the widow of John B. Seaver, and resides in Cambridge village. Ingalls died in California. Mary E. died

Biographical Sketch of Rev. Samuel Holmes

Rev. Samuel Holmes, a Baptist clergyman from southern Vermont, came to Stowe about 1800, and located on road 37. He reared eight children, none of whom are now living. His grandson, Orlando, resides on road 27.

Stowe, Lamoille County, Vermont Directory

(For explanations, etc., see main page) Railroad stations are Waterbury, 10 miles south, on C. V. R. R. Stages connect with 5 P. M. and 9:30 A. M. trains; and Morrisville, 8 miles north on St. J. & L. C. R. R. (For explanations, etc., see page 289.) Adams Clark N., (Stowe) r i3, dairy 8 cows, and farmer 165. Adams Edgar J., (Stowe) r 50, farm laborer, son of John. Adams Erwin I., (Stowe) r 50, farm laborer, son of John. ADAMS GEORGE W., (Stowe) r 29, farmer 75. Adams James, (Stowe) r 54, farmer, leases of Wm. H.

1840 Census Index, Stowe, Lamoille County, Vermont

Name Page Alden, Ada 63 Alger, Benjamin 58 Alger, Isaac S. 64 Allen, David T. 56 Atwood, Luke 58 Atwood, Stephen 58 Badee, Charles 56 Baneasy, Ebenezer, Jr. 59 Barns, Henry E. 64 Bart, Allen 59 Bayham, Lot 59 Bazsend, Jonathan 61 Bearnard, Daniel 56 Bennett, Jacob 59 Bennett, Joseph H. 64 Bennett, Zeben H. 56 Benson, Joseph 56 Benson, Joseph, Jr. 56 Benson, Samuel 64 Bent, Jonathan 57 Beyant, C. S. 57 Bicknell, John 59 Bigford, Abraham 58 Bigford, John 63 Bigford, Thomas 61 Bigsbey, Danile 56 Bingham, Samuel H. D. 64 Bingham, William H. H. 60 Black, Jacob