Location: Shannon County MO

Biography of John F. Church

JOHN F. CHURCH, senior member of the well-known firm of Church & Kissel, Winona, Missouri, is one who has built by years of industry and good management a business that is recognized as being one of the best of its kind in the country, a credit to Winona and Shannon County. Mr. Church is a man who possesses the inherent qualities requisite to commercial success, in a very high degree, and in his chosen calling has attained an eminent position among his compeers, and the high regard of his fellow-citizens, entirely through his own efforts and sterling personal qualities. Mr.

Biography of Jacob Kissel

JACOB KISSEL, junior member of the firm of Church & Kissel, began at a very early age to assume the practical duties of a business life, and by diligence, good habits, and a judicious use of natural tact has developed a character which will tell for usefulness in his day and generation. He has acquired a commercial standing which portends for him that prosperity and rank among his fellow-men vouchsafed alone to those who have worthily earned them. He was born in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1854, and is a son of Jacob Kissel who was born in Germany, but

Biography of George Washington McCaskill

GEORGE WASHINGTON MCCASKILL. This gentleman is one of the leading farmers and stockmen of Shannon County, Missouri, and in the development of this section he has done heroic work, for here he was born in 1856, and has all his life devoted his attention to agriculture. His parents, William and Mary (Blassingame) McCaskill, were born in Giles County, Tennessee, in 1827 and 1833, respectively, and were reared and married there. In 1855 they came to Shannon County, Missouri, and located in the woods several miles from any other settlement. Here he improved a good farm and lived until about 1879,

Biography of John C. McCaskill

JOHN C. MCCASKILL. This prominent citizen is one who has built byyears of industry and good management a business that is recognized as being one of the best in the vicinity. In the life of Mr. McCaskill we have a character representing integrity, industry and unconquerable will that overcomes all obstructions, which brings success under all circumstances; at least so it has been with him. Mr. McCaskill was born in Winona in 1860, and is a son of William and Mary (Blossingame) McCaskill, natives of Giles County, Tennessee, the father born in 1827 and the mother in 1833. There they

Biography of Andrew Cox

ANDREW COX. The farmers of Shannon County, Missouri, are noted for their thrift, energy and perseverance, and consequently for the success which has attended their efforts. Prominent among these is Andrew Cox, who was born in Sullivan County, Tennessee, in 1854, of which section his parents, David and Jane (Hughes) Cox, were also born, the former in 1818 and the latter in 1821. Until about 1858 they resided in the State of their birth and in Virginia, then came by wagon to Shannon County, the journey thither occupying thirty-six days. They located in Spring Valley and after residing there for

Biography of Stephen Birlew

STEPHEN BIRLEW is a native Tennessean, born in Smith County, January 1, 1842, the son of John and Wilbrey (Robinson) Birlew, the father a native of North Carolina and the mother of Tennessee. John Birlew was a young man when he went to Tennessee, and he there met and married Miss Robinson, who later moved with him to Christian County, Kentucky There they resided until 1853, when they came to Missouri and located three miles east of the present town of Winona, in the woods, then Pike Creek Valley, and here Mr. Birlew died in the valley in 1872, when