Location: Saline County KS

Biography of Theodore H. Terry

Theodore H. Terry. While his home for upwards of half a century had been in one of the quiet country towns of Saline County, the name of Theodore H. Terry is not unknown to the state at large. He had had the friendship and acquaintance of many prominent Kansans and his friendship and counsel have been valued and esteemed not only in his home town but elsewhere. Mr. Terry for many years was the genial village blacksmith of Bavaria, and had also become widely known as a breeder of Percheron horses and Spanish jacks. He is a native of the

Biography of Daniel D. McAuliffe

Daniel D. McAuliffe. While Saline County knows him as a pioneer settler and for many years one of the leading farmers and stockmen, Daniel D. McAuliffe is in fact one of the few remaining picturesque characters of the real West. He was in Western Kansas during the time of the Indians, the buffalo, and all the other features of the wild and woolly West. Few men have had more experience in that life, and his career serves in a way as a connecting link between the now fast receding past and the modern and progressive era of the present. His

Biography of Peter M. Pehrson

Peter M. Pehrson is numbered among the pioneers of Saline County, having gone there more than forty-five years ago when the Swedish colonists were gaining a foothold in the new district, and many years of hard toil and intelligently directed efforts have brought him rewards beyond his fondest anticipations and dreams. He is one of the largest land owners and leading farmers and stockmen in the vicinity of Smolan. Mr. Pehrson was born in Sweden January 13, 1850, son of John and Ellen (Swenson) Pehrson. He was reared and educated in his native country, and in 1871, on reaching manhood

Biography of Swan M. Carlson

Swan M. Carlson. Saline County lost one of its most capable citizens and one of its best known pioneers in the death of the late Swan M. Carlson, who had come to the vicinity of the present Town of Falun more than forty-five years ago and had become successful and prominent in that locality long before the accidental death which took him from his family and friends. Mr. Carlson was born in Christala Parish in Sweden December 31, 1850, a son of Carl M. and Anna (Erickson) Carlson. In 1869 the Carlson family immigrated to America. Carl Carlson took up

Biography of Capt. John May Smith

Capt. John May Smith. An honored veteran soldier and officer of the Civil war, now living retired at Salina, Capt. John May Smith had been identified with Kansas for more than forty years and he devoted much of his rugged strength to the development of a Kansas homestead. He served his country well, had reared and provided for a family of capable children, and in the evening of life he enjoys the honor and esteem of a host of friends. Captain Smith was born July 26, 1838, in Crawford County, Pennsylvania, a son of Charles and Jane (McClelland) Smith. His

Biography of George F. Beatty

George F. Beatty, who had spent nearly all his life in Kansas, had been enrolled in the ranks of the lawyers of Salina for the past twelve years, and is now serving as referee in bankruptcy with the United States District Court. His birth occurred August 17, 1877, at 1001 Olive Street in St. Louis, Missouri. His parents were Dr. George F. and Martha Ann (Posey) Beatty. His mother, who is still living, is a daughter of William Thornton Posey, who was closely related to the family of George Washington. During her girlhood Miss Posey graduated from a seminary at

Biography of Bryce Muir

Bryce Muir is one of the prominent pioneers of Saline County, Kansas. He had lived in that locality more than fifty years, and if any man can be accounted an authority on the early history and development of that section of the state it is this genial and well known old timer. Prosperity had come to him in large measure during these long years, but he still prefers to keep his home on his fine farm near Salina, on rural route No. 2. He was born September 9, 1840, in Scotland. He had many of the characteristics that have made

Biography of Cleveland D. Miller

Cleveland D. Miller is one of the progressive and substantial younger farmers of Saline County. His home is Smolan Township and as the owner of 560 acres of land, devoted to alfalfa and other staple crops, he stands in the forefront of Saline County agriculturists. His far has all the improvements, and he had naturally allied himself with every movement for the betterment of his home community. He was born in the same locality where he now resided April 14, 1886. His parents were Valentine W. and Sarah (Barley) Miller. Valentine Miller was born in 1836 at Limestone, Tennessee, and

Biography of Oliver D. Walker, M.D.

Oliver D. Walker, M. D. By reason of his active service as a member of the Kansas State Board of Health, of which he was president in 1912, and the honor conferred upon him in his election as president of the Kansas State Medical Society in 1915, Doctor Walker, of Salina, is one of the best known physicians and surgeons in Kansas. At the doctor’s home in Salina resided his venerable father, George M. Walker, whose long experience and active service identifies him with a number of pioneer things in the State of Kansas. George M. Walker was born in

Biography of Howard Dwight Pinkham

Howard Dwight Pinkham. Following is the record of a very successful Kansas business man and farmer. A citizen of New England antecedents and training, he was for many years a resident of Kansas, and toward the close of his life a farmer in Walnut Township of Saline County near Mentor. Born January 4, 1847, at North Chelsea, Massachusetts, Howard Dwight Pinkham was a son of Vincent and Lois (Low) Pinkham, both of whom were New Englanders. He was one of twelve children, the only survivor of whom is Herbert L., who lives at Salina. The other children were named James,