Location: Riley County KS

Biography of John Charles Frey

John Charles Frey is a dairy farmer in Riley County. He is making a success of that business because he knows how, not only from experience but by close study, and he also brings to his work the indispensable faculty of industry and constant supervision of every detail. He might well be called the architect of his own destiny. The second oldest of a family of twelve children, and his parents being people of moderate circumstances, he felt the urge of responsibility when only a boy and did almost a man’s part in the fields when other children of his

Biography of Johnson S. Williams

Johnson S. Williams is the pioneer of the pioneers. When he arrived he made settlement in what is now Riley County. Besides reclaiming a portion of the land from the wilderness he did other effective work in making Kansas a free state, and afterwards fought for the perpetuation of the Union in the Civil war. Some years ago he retired from active responsibilities, and now resides in comfort at his home at 1203 Colorado Street in Manhattan. He was born in Henry County, Kentucky, October 25, 1834, and is now at his eighty-third birthday. His parents were Hanson N. and

Biographical Sketch of David L. Stagg

David L. Stagg. There are many fine farms and prosperous farmers in Riley County and quite a number of them may be found in Ogden Township. One of these is David L. Stagg, who was born in Russell County, Kansas, April 17, 1880, but has spent almost all his life in Riley County. His parents were James and Anna E. (Haynes) Stagg. James Stagg was born in New Jersey, June 25, 1841, and died in Riley County, Kansas, October 8, 1910. In Illinois he was married to Anna E. Haynes, who was born in Ohio, September 23, 1843, and died

Biography of Orlen McCormick

Orlen McCormick. One of the substantial citizens and enterprising and successful farmers and stockraisers of Zeandale Township, Riley County, is Orlen McCormick, who resides on his fine farm of 160 acres situated near the old McCormick homestead where he was born November 27, 1869. He is the second son of Armstead and Anna (Allen) McCormick. In recalling the early pioneers of this section of Kansas, the name of the late Armstead Thompson McCormick comes quickly to mind. He belonged to that band that may be called the pathfinders in Riley County, coming to this section years before the Civil war,

Biography of Lloyd S. Fry

Lloyd S. Fry. When he came to the City of Manhattan in 1883, Mr. Fry engaged at once in the work which had occupied him for a number of years in Pennsylvania and Kansas and which brought him an enviable place among the state’s leading educators. He was employed as a teacher in the College Hill School, and in 1886 was elected superintendent of the city schools of Manhattan, a position he held two years. His record as an educator included two years in charge of the schools of Randolph, one year at Atwood, three years at Hays City. In

Biography of Richard Henry Kimball

Richard Henry Kimball. One of the widely known and highly esteemed residents of Manhattan Township, Riley County, Kansas, is Richard Henry Kimball, who has been a witness of the development of the great West and has borne his part in the work that transformed the unbroken prairie into the richly cultivated fields that make Manhattan Township notable as an agricultural section. Not alone as an early settler is Mr. Kimball worthy of consideration, important as that is in the truthful annals of Kansas, but he is also a veteran of the great Civil war, in which he risked life and

Biography of William H. Edelblute

William H. Edelblute. In recalling the worthy pioneers of Kansas, in order to do them due justice and honor, none more deserving of mention in Riley County could be found than the late William H. Edelblute. For many years he was a prominent farmer in Wild Cat Township, a useful and influential citizen, and a veteran of the great Civil war. He was born September 15, 1829, in Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania, and died at his farm residence in Riley County, Kansas, May 28, 1908, in his seventy-ninth year. He was a son of David and Lydia (Conrad) Edelblute. In tracing

Biography of James Wood

James Wood. Among her valued citizens Kansas can number yet many of her pioneers, not the floating population of her earliest territorial days, but men who came to the state as homeseekers, even before the outbreak of the Civil war. These courageous and resourceful men are universally held in honorable esteem for the great progress made by Kansas was founded upon their hardihood and energy. One of these is found in James Wood, a representative citizen and a substantial farmer of Ogden Township, Riley County. James Wood was born in England, September 27, 1844, the eldest son of William and

Biography of Michael Floersch

Michael Floersch. In the year 1854, the late Michael Floersch, then a young man of twenty-one years, came from Missouri to Kansas and homesteaded a claim in the Pottawatomie country. He had been reared in Missouri, where his parents had settled on coming to the United States when he was eight years old. He was born in Germany, in 1833, and was reared in the faith of the Catholic Church, to the teachings of which he consistently adhered through a long, active and exemplary career. When Mr. Floersch came to Kansas he was without capital other than indomitable courage, unlimited

Biography of Peter G. Johnson

Peter G. Johnson. The years 1858 and 1859 were particularly important ones in the history of Kansas. With the adoption of a constitution in the latter year, the peaceful, homeseeking settlers who had come from afar, even from other lands, to establish themselves on these wide prairies, as yet uncrowded as were older sections, found assurance of settled conditions and of the opportunity of preserving the homes they had founded. In the spring of 1858 the parents of Peter G. Johnson, one of Riley County’s most respected citizens, settled in Butler County, Kansas. They were natives of Sweden who emigrated