Location: Racine County WI

Biography of James E. Bush

Success in this age of marked business activity and competition depends upon wide knowledge of the line to which one directs his energy, combined with unfaltering diligence. There is no one more competent to speak with authority upon the question of varnish in the entire United States than James E. Bush., who has long occupied a position as traveling salesman in that connection and is now vice president of the Chicago Varnish Company. He is among the native sons of Racine County whose business records reflect credit upon the district which gave them birth. Mr. Bush was born at Ives

Biography of John Vyvyan

John Vyvyan, of Yorkville Township, had no capital when he began farming on his own account, but possessed enterprise and good judgment and as the years have passed has prospered. He has given land to each of his children, but still holds one hundred and sixty acres, on which he is engaged in general farming. His birth occurred in Raymond Township, this County, on the 15th of November. 1850, and he is a son of William and Matilda Vyvyan, both of whom were born in Cornwall, England. They came to America, however, in young manhood and womanhood and their marriage

Biographical Sketch of J. M. Jones

J. M. Jones, president, treasurer and general manager of the Racine Tool & Machine Company, is a native of Indiana and his public school education was supplemented by study in Western College at Toledo, Iowa. When a young man he taught school and afterward turned his attention to general merchandising near Rock Island, Illinois, while subsequently he became connected with the wholesale shoe business in Chicago. He afterward engaged in the banking business in Chicago and in 1900 came to Racine but went back and forth from Chicago each day. In December, 1910, he purchased the business which is now

Biography of Frederik Rasmussen

Frederik Rasmussen is now living retired in Racine, but for many years he engaged in business as a teaming efflitractor and won so liberal a patronage that the success which he achieved now enables him to rest from further labor and yet enjoy many of the comforts of life. His is the record of the foreign-born citizen who recognizes the opportunities which America offers and, coming to the new world, so utilizes his chances that success in substantial measure becomes his. He was born in Denmark, September 3, 1838, a son of Rasmus and Christine (Carlson) Hansen. The father spent

Biography of Adolph W. Hilker

Adolph W. Hilker is a partner in the firm of Hilker Brothers, of Racine. The name has long been synonymous with business enterprise in this city and the record of A. W. Hilker fully sustains the enviable reputation which has ever been associated with the commercial and industrial enterprises conducted by the Hilker family. He was born in Racine, December 25, 1867, and is a son of Adolph and Caroline (Broeker) Hilker, who are mentioned at length on another page of this work in connection with the sketch of his brother, H. A. Hilker. After attending the public schools A.

Biography of Edward Henry Skewes

Edward Henry Skewes is a representative of one of the old families of Racine County and has passed his entire life here, as his birth occurred in Yorkville Township. He is now the owner of one hundred and forty acres in that Township and is there engaged in the dairy business, shipping milk to Chicago and likewise raising cabbage, which he also disposes of in the city markets. His natal day was the 12th of May, 1869, and he is a son of Hannibal and Eliza (Phillips) Skewes, natives of Cornwall, England, the former born in 1838 and the latter

Biography of John G. Eager

John G. Eager is classed with the most enterprising business men of Racine. He is a partner of Bert E. Dunn in the ownership and conduct of the Elite Laundry and in this connection they have developed a business of extensive proportions. Their life history in its unfolding shows steady and consecutive development and cannot fail to prove of interest as it indicates the opportunities that lie before the American youth. Mr. Eager was born in Matamoras, Pennsylvania, September 5, 1876, and is a son of Charles L. and Roxana (Price) Eager, who in the year 1891 removed westward to

Biography of W. W. Kradwell

W. W. Kradwell, secretary and general manager of the Kradwell Drug Company of Racine, is bending his energies to the successful direction of a business that is growing steadily in volume and importance and takes rank with the chief commercial enterprises of this city. He was born in 1875, a native of Boscobel, Wisconsin, although of Austrian and Swiss lineage. His paternal grandfather, Albert Kradwell, was a native of Austria, while his maternal grandfather. Benjamin Weibel was born in Switzerland. After following farming for many years in Austria the former became a resident of Grant County, Wisconsin, following the arrival

Biographical Sketch of Susan Jones, M. D.

Dr. Susan Jones, a graduate of Rush Medical College and actively engaged in practice in Racine, her native city since 1903. She is a daughter of David and Margaret (Thomas) Jones, who were natives of Wales and became pioneer residents of Racine, arriving here in the year 1846. The father was a farmer by occupation and devoted his life to that pursuit, but both he and his wife have now passed away. In early girlhood Dr. Jones attended the district schools near her lather’s home and afterward became a student, in McMynn Academy. She next became a student in the

Biography of Rev. John M. Naughtin

Rev. John M. Naughtin, pastor of St. Rose Catholic church at Racine, assumed his duties in this connection in 1909 and has here remained for a period of seven years, during which time his labors have been faithful and fruitful. He is a native of Ohio, his birth having occurred in Zanesville in June, 1854, his parents being Thomas P. and Bridget Naughtin, who were natives of Ireland. On coming to the new world they made their way to, Ohio, settling there at an early period. The father has been spoken of as a man of modest means but of