Location: Racine County WI

Biography of George B. Vyvyan

George B. Vyvyan owns eighty acres of good land in Yorkville Township and is extensively engaged in buying and selling stock, which business he has found highly profitable. A native of Racine County he was born in Yorkville Township, on the 20th of September, 1885, and is a son of William and Sarah (Beaumont) Vyvyan, the former born in Raymond Township, this County, in 1854, and the latter in Dover Township, in 1860. The paternal grandfather, William Vyvyan, emigrated from England to Racine County and located in Raymond Township. He conducted a meat market in Union Grove for a number

Biography of William Frank Brehm

William Frank Brehm, president of the Brehm Brothers Company at Burlington, was born August 21, 1870, in the city in which he still resides, a son of Bernard Brehm, mentioned elsewhere in this work. Spending his boyhood days in Burlington, William F. Brehm attended the parochial and public schools and when a lad joined his father in the draying business, working in the summer seasons and attending school in the winter. When sixteen years of age he made his first trip to buy horses and the first pair which he purchased were prize winners at the Walworth County fair the

Biography of Fred W. Gunther

That perseverance and effort intelligently directed may overcome all obstacles and difficulties is illustrated in the history of Fred W. Gunther, now conducting an extensive canning business and sauerkraut manufactory, a business that brings to him excellent profit although at the outset it seemed that failure would follow the venture. Born in Buffalo, New York, on the 18th of February, 1854, Fred W. Gunther is a son of Henry A. and Caroline Gunther, who in the year 1856 came to Racine. The father, who was a machinist by trade, died in 1912 but the mother is still living and has

Biography of F. J. Kidd

F. J. Kidd, secretary and treasurer of the Racine Manufacturing Company, is thus connected with one of the leading manufacturing interests of the city and that he has a large share in the control and management of the undertaking is indicative of his initiative and resourcefulness. He is constantly alert to opportunities which bring to him a broader outlook and he carefully utilizes every chance for advancement. Moreover, his business interests are of a character which contributes to public prosperity as well as to individual success. Mr. Kidd was born at St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada, July 16. 1880, a son

Biography of Edgar P. Wolf

Edgar P. Wolf, the treasurer of the Perfex Radiator Company and one of the wide-awake, alert and enterprising young business men of Racine, was born in Chicago, October 6, 1891, a son of J. P. and Emily J. (Augustus) Wolf. The father was engaged in the stone business and in the building and real estate business. He afterward served for ten years as United States marshal, retiring from that position on the 1st of January, 1916. He is not now actively connected with any business affairs, although he is financially interested in the Perfex Radiator Company and holds the office

Biography of Harrison Fellows

Harrison Fellows, who figured in business circles of Racine as a dealer in coal and wood and who was also identified with shipping interests as part owner of lake vessels, passed away on the 1st of April, 1887. He had scarcely yet reached the prime of life, his birth having occurred in Williamstown, Vermont, July 2, 1840, and he was a son of George D. and Louise (Olds) Fellows. The family is of English lineage although established in Connecticut at an early period in the colonization of the new world, representatives of the name living there before the Revolutionary war.

Biography of Bernard Brehm

Bernard Brehm was closely identified with the business interests and civic progress of the city of Burlington for a period of nearly sixty years. He was born in Baden, Germany, in 1844, the son of Frank and Agnes Brehm, also natives of Baden, and with his parents, brother and sister, came to America in 1854, reaching Burlington by ox team from Racine. The father, Frank Brehm, was a weaver and musician and engaged in various occupations until his death in 1889, having survived his wife for five years. Bernard Brehm received but a limited education, but being possessed of a

Biographical Sketch of Edward Beffel

Edward Beffel, secretary and treasurer of the Beffel Furniture & Undertaking Company, was born in Racine, April 13, 1879, and is a brother of W. J. Beffel, mentioned above. He pursued his education by attending St. Mary’s parochial school and the public schools of Racine, taking a high school course. When his student days were over he entered the furniture business and has since been active along that line. He joined his brother as successors to their father and in 1914 the business was reorganized under the present name. Theirs is a large establishment, well equipped in both the undertaking

Biography of John F. Moyle

John F. Moyle, secretary of the Mutual Fire Insurance Company and a resident of Yorkville, has long been actively and successfully identified with the business interests of his locality and well deserved success has crowned his efforts. His plans are well defined and carefully executed and the wise management which he displays in the conduct of his business affairs has brought financial success. He was born July 28, 1841, in Cornwall, England, his parents being Thomas and Susan (Foxwell) Moyle, who are also of Cornish birth and lineage. For several generations the male members of the Moyle family had been

Biography of Albert J. Druse

Albert J. Druse is the secretary and treasurer of the Hamilton-Beach Manufacturing Company, an enterprise that is notable even in Racine, a city of rapidly developing business interests, for within a notably short space of time this company has become one of the foremost productive industries of the city, increasing the number of its employees from three workmen until the names of four hundred now appear upon the pay roll. Mr. Druse was born in Waukesha County, Wisconsin, in 1870, a son of Charles and Mary Druse, who were early residents of the state, later moving to Milwaukee where the