Location: Multnomah County OR

Biography of Van B. De Lashmutt

VAN B. DE LASHMUTT. – The present mayor of Portland exemplifies the versatility characteristic of the early pioneers. As journalist, merchant, real-estate dealer, capitalist, banker and miner, he has been able to bring to bear his large abilities with equal facility. He is a native of the Hawkeye state, having been born at Burlington in 1842, where he passed his early years on a farm, – the best of all places to develop muscle and nerve. He reached Oregon in 1852, and when a youth of fifteen entered the office of the Salem Statesman, having a latent ambition for journalism,

Biography of Capt. James J. Crow

CAPT. JAMES J. CROW. – Mr. Crow, a portrait of whom will be found in this work, is one of the early pioneers of Oregon, as well as one of the early and substantial residents on White river. He was born in Lincoln county, Missouri, April 5, 1842, and is the son of George and Mary E. (Howdeshell) Crow, both of whom were pioneers of the above state. In the summer of 1848 his parents, with their family of five children, started to cross the plains to Oregon; but, on reaching the Missouri river, it then being late in the

Biography of James R. Daniel

JAMES R. DANIEL. – The subject of this sketch was born in 1826, and has lived a life that might well be described in poetry as succinct as that in which Othello related his own. The son of a machinist and shipbuilder of Philadelphia, Mr. Daniel early learned naval craft on the schoolship North Carolina in New York harbor, and on the brig Washington of the Coast Survey, and was then transferred to the Independence and Potomac. After his honorable discharge from the United States navy, he made voyages as able seaman to Havre and Liverpool, and to the West

Biographical Sketch of E. P. McDaniel

E.P. MCDANIEL. – E.P. McDaniel, the junior partner of Cowles and McDaniel, was born in Missouri in 1839, and was raised on his father’s farm. In 1856 he emigrated to Kansas, where he engaged in farming and trading. In 1861 he crossed the plains to Portland, Oregon, and engaged in work at his trade of carpenter. In 1863 he came to Grande Ronde valley, and was engaged in packing, clerking and in the livery business. July 4th, 1865, he was married to Miss Fanny Cowles, and the next spring joined her uncle in conducting the farm, upon which they planted

Biography of Hon. Henry W. Corbett

HON. HENRY W. CORBETT. – The reminiscences of the early pioneers of the Pacific Northwest must ever posses a peculiar interest for all who can look back to the days when the wigwam of the Indian was seen on every hand, and when the old log cabins of the founders of this great section of the union were few and far between. Pioneers of civilization constitute no ordinary class of adventurers. Resolute, ambitious and enduring, looking into a great and possible future of the undeveloped country, and possessing the sagacious mind to grasp true conclusions, and the indomitable will to

Biography of Capt. John H. Couch

CAPT. JOHN H. COUCH. – A native of Newburyport, Massachusetts, he was one of the handful of hardy, brave, adventurous settlers who made the wilderness their home, and devoted the best portions of their lives in opening the way and preparing the land for the immigration and occupation of their brothers across the mountains. He was born February 21, 1811, and was perhaps influenced by the surroundings in his native place; for Newburyport is noted as one of the oldest and most famous seaports and nurseries of maritime enterprises in America. Be that as it may, he manifested in early

Biographical Sketch of D. Solis Cohen

D. SOLIS COHEN. – Prominent among the younger of the business men who have materially advanced the mercantile interest of Oregon is he whose name appears above, who was born in Philadelphia, where he resided consecutively until leaving for Oregon about twelve years ago, and where his family still remain as among the oldest residents, having resided in that city from early times. Previous to leaving his native city, Mr. Cohen had given up mercantile business for the pen, and was connected with various local papers, writing under a nom de plume which is still popularly remembered in the Quaker

Biography of J. B. Congle

J.B. CONGLE. – Mr. Congle was one of the men of wealth who contributed largely to the early growth and prosperity of our state, and especially of Portland. He was born December 9, 1817, in Chester county, Pennsylvania. In the year 1832 he went to Philadelphia to learn the harness and saddlery trade, and in the spring of 1838 removed to Virginia, thence to Missouri, and in the year 1841 was at Lafayette, Indiana, where he resided ten years thereafter. On May 21, 1844, he was married to Miss Ellen H. Gray, of the place last named. He came as

Newell, Glenda Riley Mrs. – Obituary

Glenda Newell, 94, of Portland, died May 8, 2003. Private interment was handled by Peke Funeral Home at Milwaukie. Her family plans to honor her memory at a family reunion in Baker City during the July 4 holiday. Glenda was the sixth-born child of Emerette Eliza Dawson Riley and William Blakely Riley. She was preceded in death by her husband, George; and her five brothers and four sisters, including Wilma Freeman of Baker City. Glenda was a devout Christian, faithful in church attendance and quietly committed to the practice of love and caring. Survivors include her four children, Kara Lee

Stanley, Edna Mae Dick Mrs. – Obituary

Edna Mae Stanley, 88, formerly of Baker City, died April 22, 2003, after a long struggle with Lou Gehrig’s disease. A celebration of her life will be held at a later date. Disposition was by cremation and interment will be at River View Cemetery. Edna Mae Dick was born Jan. 18, 1915, near Mankato, Kan., to May and John Dick. She grew up on a farm, rode horseback to high school, graduated at 16, and went to work at a dairy. Edna came of age during the Great Depression, and like many of her generation, she knew the value of