Location: Morristown Vermont

Biographical Sketch of Ezekiel Vincent

Ezekiel Vincent, from Norwich, Vt., came to Morristown in 1843, and located upon the farm now owned by his adopted son, I. T. Vincent, on road 26, where he resided until his death, November 15, 1880, aged one hundred years, two months and eleven days. I. T. Vincent married Irene Haskell, by whom he had five children, two now living. For his second wife he married Caroline Green, who also bore him five children, two now living. His third wife, Adelia Foster, resides with him on the old farm.

Biographical Sketch of Nathan Grout

Nathan P. Grout, son of Dexter Grout, was born in Elmore, March I I 1827. In 1859, he married Melissa S. Smith, of Morristown, and located at Morristown Corners. In 1863, he removed to Morrisville, where he subsequently died of heart disease. Three of his five children are now living, Burton W., Walter D., and Roy N.

History of Morristown, Lamoille County, Vermont

MORRISTOWN, an irregularly outlined town in the central part of the county, lies in latitude 44 32′, and longitude 4° 20′, bounded north easterly by Hyde Park, southeasterly by Elmore, southwesterly by Stowe, and northwesterly by Johnson and Cambridge. It was granted November 6, 1780, and chartered to Moses Morse and sixty-four associates, August 24, 1781, containing 23,040 acres, until November 14, 1855, when a portion of Sterling was annexed to its territory. Sterling was a township chartered February 25, 1782, and settlement commenced therein in 1792. The people, however, soon grew tired of a separate organization. The first division

Biographical Sketch of Peleg Scofield

Peleg Scofield, born July 14, 1779, came to Elmore, from Hartford, Conn., about the year 1800, and located upon a farm on road 19, now the property of R. B. Goodell. Here he resided until 1844, when he removed to Morristown, where he subsequently died. He reared a family of fourteen children, of whom only one, John G., living on road 18, now resides in the town.

Biographical Sketch of Samuel Bryant

Samuel Bryant, from Woodstock, Vt., came to Emore in 1824, and settled upon the farm owned by Benjamin Davis, on road 19. Here he resided for a few years, then removed to Morristown, where he cleared up the farm now the property of Alfred Dodge. In 1845, he returned to Elmore, remained here five years, then removed to Franklin county, N. Y., where he died, in April, 1882, aged about ninety-two years. His wife died five days later, aged over ninety-three years. Of their family of six children, three are now living, one, Joseph W., in this town. He was

Morristown, Lamoille County, Vermont Directory

(For explanations, etc., see main page) Abbott Solon, M. D., (Morrisville) homeo. physician and surgeon, bds Main. Adams Carrie, (Morristown) r 48, widow of Levi B. ADAMS LUTHER, (Morrisville) r 59, breeder of full blood Jersey cattle, dairy 10 cows, farmer 100. ALEXANDER ALVIN C., (Morristown) r 24, farmer 35. Alexander Averill, (Morristown) r 45, farmer 10. Alexander Charles N., (Morristown) r 46, teamster and farmer. ALEXANDER WILLIAM M., (Morristown) r 41, cor 44, carpenter and joiner, millwright, farmer 25. ALLEN EPHRAIM E., (Morrisville) r 65, farmer 54 1/2. Atwood George R., (Morristown) r 49, dairy 16 cows, and farmer

1840 Census Index, Morristown, Lamoille County, Vermont

Name Page Alexander, Josiah J. 75 Alexander, Philander 75 Allen, Andrew E. 67 Allen, Isaac 74 Atkins, Josiah 69 Baker, Ruth 72 Baneson, Alfred C. 70 Bark, Amasa 67 Bark, Sampson 67 Bartlett, Ebenezer 71 Bartlett, William G. 71 Bassett, Simeon M. 73 Bayber, Elisha 74 Bellamore, Onas 74 Bender, Israel 69 Bennett, Cobin 68 Bingham, Benjamin 71 Bingham, Fanny M. 67 Bingham, Hiram 73 Bingham, John 72 Bingham, Lather 73 Bingham, Luther S. 73 Birby, John 69 Blossom, George W. 68 Boardman, Ralph 70 Boardman, Sophia 75 Boardman, William 70 Bondman, Orias 70 Bouden, Alexander 69 Bowers, Malachi 74