Location: Marion County AR

Biography of I. C. Wilson

I. C. WILSON. This gentleman is one of the oldest pioneers of Marion County, and his name is so inseparably mixed with its progress and welfare that to leave it out of this work would be like the play of Hamlet with Hamlet left out. He was born in North Carolina February 2, 1814. Of that State his parents, James and Celia (Askew) Wilson, were also natives. In 1845 they turned their faces westward, eventually landed in Arkansas, and here they breathed their last, the father’s death occurring in Yellville at about the age of sixty-seven years, and the mother’s

Biography of George F. Elam, M. D.

The physician is a man who inspires confidence because he is worthy of it. His humanity is expressed and his interest in his patients is intensified by reason of the concern he has for them, as well as for the experience he may gain that may be for the benefit of future sufferers. A student who loves knowledge and a physician devoted to his profession, he is a careful investigator, and gives all the time he can find in his busy life to books and periodicals devoted to medicine and surgery. Such a man cannot fail to grow steadily in

Biography of Kemmer F. Cantrell

The general mercantile firm, of which this gentle-man is a member, Cantrell & Angle, is well-known throughout Marion County, and enjoys a liberal patronage. Mr. Cantrell is a member of one of the pioneer families of Arkansas, and was born November 8, 1853, a son of William P. and Elizabeth (Payne) Cantrell, and grandson of Abner and Mary (Maxey) Cantrell. In 1830 the grandfather’s family emigrated from Alabama, taking up their abode in Madison County, Arkansas, but in 1854 removed to Boone (then Carroll) County, and located on a farm three miles from Lead Hill, but settled eventually in Marion

Biography of George W. Coker

GEORGE W. COKER. In compiling an account of the mercantile establishments of the town of Lead Hill, Arkansas, it is the desire of the publishers to particularly mention those classes of houses which are the best representatives of each special line of trade, and which contribute most to the city’s reputation as a source of supply. As one of the leading representatives of general merchants and cotton dealers, the firm of G. W. Coker & Co. may well be quoted, for the extensive trade they have built up is the outgrowth of enterprise and commercial sagacity. Mr. Coker was born

Biography of Dr. R. J. Pierce

DR. R. J. PIERCE. The medical man is held in the greatest esteem by savage as well as civilized people, and deservedly so, because in his hands are the issues of life and death. All honor is due to the profession of medicine, because it is composed of so noble an army of men, and among those whose skill has shed luster upon the profession is Dr. R. J. Pierce, who is known in medical circles throughout the State, and is universally recognized as a ripe scholar and a practitioner of renown. He was born in Hall County, Ga., August

Biography of Elias Keesee

ELIAS KEESEE. This gentleman is one of the leading agriculturists of Franklin Township, Marion County, Arkansas, and has followed this calling from his earliest boyhood, being initiated into its mysteries by his worthy sire. He was born about fifteen miles from his present place of abode in 1824. His parents, Payton and Nancy (Graham) Keesee, were born in Virginia in 1800, and in Kentucky in 1797, respectively. While in their youth they became residents of the Territory of Arkansas, and in 1818 were married in what is now Marion County, but very shortly afterward removed to what is now Ozark

Biography of Lafayette Davenport

LAFAYETTE DAVENPORT. This gentleman is retired from the active duties of life, and is in the enjoyment of a competency which his early industry brought him. He was born in Alabama December 15, 1833, a son of George and Mary (Wimbs) Davenport, both natives of the Palmetto State. The paternal grandfather was a Virginian, and he attained the rank of colonel in the Revolutionary War. He removed from his native State to South Carolina, and there reared his family. George Davenport was nineteen years old when he located in Jefferson County, Ala., and there he continued to make his home

Biography of J. J. Keeter

J. J. KEETER. He whose name heads this sketch is one of the practical and successful farmers of Marion County, Arkansas, and has made his way to the front ranks among the energetic farmers of the county, owing to the attention he has always paid to each minor detail, and his desire to keep out of old ruts. He is a native of the Old North State, his birth occurring January 5, 1834, a son of James and Elizabeth (Justice) Keeter, who were born and spent their lives in North Carolina, of which State the paternal grandfather, John Keeter, was

Biography of William T. Davenport

WILLIAM T. DAVENPORT. Among the worthy residents of Searcy County, Arkansas, it is just to say that Mr. Davenport occupies a conspicuous and honorable place, for he has always been honest, industrious and enterprising, and as a result has met with more than ordinary success. He is a man well known in agricultural circles, and is recognized as a careful, energetic farmer, who by his advanced ideas and progressive methods has done much to improve the farming interests of his section. He was born in Alabama, October 13, 1822, a son of George W. and Mary (Weemes) Davenport, the former

Biography of Judge W. B. Flippin

JUDGE W. B. FLIPPIN. It is a pleasure to describe a man of unusual personal merit-the possessor of a combination of gifts so rare, so varied and so comprehensive that happiness and success in business were bound to follow the application of his qualities to the solution of almost any problem of life. It has been said, and truly said, that “some men are born great, some have greatness thrust upon them and some achieve greatness,” and to this last most important class belongs the subject of this sketch, Judge W. B. Flippin, who was born in Monroe County, Kentucky,