Location: Knox County OH

Biography of Fred G. Palmer

Fred G. Palmer was chiefly responsible for the establishment and upbuilding of one of the leading industries of Kansas City, Kansas. This is the Kaw Boiler Works Company. Like many other concerns that now wield a large influence in a city’s industrial life this business started on a small scale. Mr. Palmer was associated with exmayor T. B. Gilbert in organizing the business in 1905. They started making boilers and other equipment of that class in a rented building. The partnership was continued by these two men for six years. In 1911 the Kaw Boiler Works Company was organized and

Biographical Sketch of Francis Popham

Francis Popham, farmer and stock-dealer, Sec. 10; P. O. Campbell; was born in Knox Co., Ohio, June 2,1838; lived with his parents on the farm; engaged in farming until married to Sarah E. Babbs, Dec. 11, 1862; she was born in Knox Co., Ohio, Dec. 8, 1844; the fruit of their marriage has been four children – William C., Fred D., Minnie A. and Clarence E. Mr. P. owns 100 acres of excellent river-bottom land, which he farms; he also deals largely in horses; he is a very liberal-hearted man, and respected by all who know him.

Biography of George Lord

George Lord, President of the Society of California Pioneers of San Bernardino County, and a representative of the best type of “Forty-niners,” is a native of New York City, and was born June 27, 1800, and consequently was eighty-nine years old his last birthday. His father, George Lord, was a sea captain, who died of yellow fever at quarantine in New York harbor, having contracted the disease in the West Indies, whence his vessel had just returned. The subject of this memoir being left self-dependent went to enlist in mercentile pursuits. Stopping for a time in Louisville, Kentucky, he was

Roll Of Capt. Ichabod Nye’s Company (Cavalry)

(Probably from Knox County) Served from August 26, until October 4, 1812. Capt. Ichabod Nye Lieut. James Craig Cornet, John Barney Sergt. William Bartlet Sergt. Isaac Beam Sergt. Solomon Giller Corp. Jonothan Hunt Corp. Stephen D. Minton Trumpeter, John Kizer Farrier, Michael Coliass Farrier, Michael Clock Privates Adams, Elijah Ash, David Ayres, James Berrit, David Bonnet, Isaac Davidson, George Dickinson, George Dunlap, John Garrison, John Harrod, James Harrod, Samuel Holmes, Nicholas Howard, Samuel Hunt, Jonothan Inlow, Jesse Irwin, John Layton, John Leonard, Amos Long, Hughes Lyberger, George Middlemer, John Mills, John Mills, Michael Minton, Stephen Morton, Stephen D Selley, William

Roll Of Capt. John Greer’s Company

(Probably from Knox County) Served from August 26 until October 10, 1812. Capt. John Greer Lieut. Carey Cooper Ensign, John Cook Sergt. John Wells Sergt. George Low Sergt. Smith Hadley Sergt. David Brown Drummer, Daniel Dial Fifer, Stephen Butler Privates Ackre, Adam Arnold, John Atberton, Francis Ayres, Ashel Baker, John Baughman, Jacob Blakeney, Francis Boyle, John Brown, Jeremiah Brown, Samuel Carnes, Abraham Chapman, Timothy Craig, Jonothan Davis, Alexander Dodd, Judathan Doty, Frazer Earleywine, Adam Garrison, John Green, John Guinn, John Harris, James Harris, Jesse Harrod, James Harrod, Lerue Hoglin, George Holt, Even Humphreys, John Johnston, Samuel Lepley, Joseph Lewis, Samuel

Roll Of Capt. Jacob Young’s Company

(From Knox and Richland Counties.) Served from August 26, until October 31, 1812. Capt. Jacob Young Lieut. George Sapp Lieut. Insly Johnston Ensign, John Parcel Ensign, Amos H. Royer Ensign, Daniel Ayres Sergt. Ziba Jackson Sergt. Jesse Inlow Sergt. Andrew Kirkpatric Sergt. Peter Wolf Sergt. John Logan Sergt. Joseph Denman Sergt. Henry George Corp. William Evans Corp. William Tucker Corp. James Johnston Corp. Peter Johnston Corp. Daniel Conger Corp. Noah Young Drummer, John Halderman Fifer, Mathew Merrit Privates Arbuckle, Samuel Aust1n, James Austin, David Bal’ Hiram Barcus, James Beers, Jabez Brown, Benjamin Brown, John, Jr. Bryan, Ellab Bue, Samuel Conger,

Roll Of Capt. William Douglas’ Company

(Probably from Knox and Richland Counties) Served from August 26, until October 10, 1812, and from May 4, until May 19, 1813. Capt. William Douglas Lieut. John Wheeler Lieut. Daniel Ayres Lieut. Samuel Everett Sergt. Daniel Cooper Sergt. John C. Gilkison Sergt. Joseph Berry Sergt. Henry Markley Sergt. Cyrus Langworthy Sergt. William McCartney Sergt. Abel Cook Corp. Thomas Axtell Corp. Edward Wheeler Corp. Levi Sutton Privates Adams, James Ashley, Abel Baptist, John Barney, Charles Bartlett, David Bevans, William Burns, Jabez Casper, William Chambers, William Coe, Luther Cooper, Elias Cooper, Jacob Corwin, Benjamin Dowds, William Downs, William Durbin, Scott Durphy, Freeman

Roll Of Lieut. Ichabod Nye’s Company

(Probably from Knox County). Served from October 27, until December 27, 1812, and from May 4, until May 19, 1813. Lieut. Ichabod, Nye, Sr. Privates Barrell, Joseph Hinthorn, John, Jr. Hinthorn, John, Sr. Jackson, Zeba Laylin, Charles McCartney, William McGoing, Charles Miller, Andrew Pierce, Lewis Pool, John Tegardson, George

Roll Of Capt. Joseph Walker’s Company

(Probably from Knox Co.) Served from August 8, 1812, until June 10, 1813.\ Capt. Joseph Walker Lieut. Richard M. Brown Sergt. John Elliott Sergt. John Beving Sergt. Archibald Crafford or Crawford Sergt. Peter Kile Sergt. Barney John Corp. Samuel Evlrt Corp. George Dickinson Corp. Joliah Trimly Corp. Lewis Grinstaff Drummer, Henry Clemens Fifer, Rowley Clark Privates Barton, Michael Davidson Robert Davy, Michael Elwell, David Emmet, Abraham Enos, Alexander Haun, Emmanuel Kile, Jacob Kile, Nicholas King. Joseph Linn, Adam McConnell, John Mifford, John Munsen, Alexander Newel, Reverent Rogers, Isaac Ryan, John Simpkins, Benjamin Smith, John Sprague, Perez Stewart, Benjamin Strong, Harley

Biography of Jefferson Dunham

Jefferson Dunham. Twice under democratic administrations the postoffice at Little River had been administered by members of the Dunham family, father and son, and the present incumbent is Jefferson Dunham, whose first name indicates a warm admiration and long allegiance with democracy. The Dunhams were pioneers of Rice County and have been identified with Little River almost from the beginning of things there. The family is of Irish ancestry, having emigrated to New Jersey in colonial times. The grandfather of Jefferson Dunham was Hiram Dunham, who was born in New Jersey in 1775 and married Hannah Blake, a native of