Location: Hutchinson Kansas

Biography of John A. Clements

John A. Clements is assistant manager of the Hutchinson, Kansas, plant of the Morton Salt Company. This is the largest salt manufacturing plant in Kansas and the Middle West. It had a daily capacity of 4,000 barrels of pure salt, and it is one of the industries that have given a just fame to Kansas as a salt producing state. The plant of the Morton Salt Company is located two miles southwest of Hutchinson. Its importance as a local industry is indicated by the fact that it employs 275 hands. Mr. Clements is an active young business man and had

Biography of Stewart P. Rowland

Stewart P. Rowland has devoted the best years of his life to teaching and education in the broader sense, and is now in his tenth consecutive year as superintendent of schools of Reno County. Mr. Rowland had lived in Kansas since early boyhood, having moved there with his parents at an early age. His parents were Perry and Mary E. (Ellison) Rowland. His mother was born about fifteen miles from the City of Liverpool, England, in 1831, and died at her home in Reno Township of Reno County, May 26, 1810. Perry Rowland was born in Noble County, Ohio, in

Biography of Justus Otho Hall

Justus Otho Hall is superintendent of schools at Hutchinson. By his work and influence there and elsewhere he is one of the leading educators of Kansas today. Mr. Hall had been active in school work almost twenty years. Born near Warner, Ohio, February 27, 1870, he came with his parents to Kansas at the age of fifteen. He received his early training in the country schools near Warner, Ohio, and at Morse, Kansas. After spending some time at work on his father’s farm and after three years spent in the United States Railway Mail Service he entered the high school

Biography of Charley W. Oswald

Charley W. Oswald. Few cities of its size anywhere have a livelier commercial organization than Hutchinson, and for a number of years the Hutchinson Commercial Club had spelled power and influence and had had much to do with the substantial prosperity and well being of the community. It indicates the general esteem in which he is held in Hutchinson that the president of this organization is Mr. Charles W. Oswald, who had had a business record identified with the city for more than a quarter of a century. Mr. Oswald was born in Wayne county, Ohio, November 3, 1867, son

Biography of Vernon M. Wiley

Vernon M. Wiley. It does not require a long memory to make a mental comparison between the present Rorabaugh-Wiley Dry Goods Company, located in its magnificent building, the most conspicuous business structure of Hutchinson, and the 25-foot storeroom which the same parties occupied at the beginning of their mercantile career in this city sixteen years ago. “From small acorns great oaks grow,” is an old saying that finds one of its choicest applications in this successful business. The secretary and treasurer of the Rorabaugh-Wiley Dry Goods Company, Mr. Wiley, is surprisingly young for a man of his position and achievements.

Biography of Harris Winfield Hutchinson

Harris Winfield Hutchinson, deputy state grain inspector at Hutchinson, had been in the grain business the greater part of his active life and had as many and diverse qualifications for his present position as any one could ask. While he had lived at Hutchinson only a few years, he feels that the town had some specially intimate associations for him. It will be recalled that Hutchinson, Kansas, was established in 1871 and named for C. C. Hutchinson. A brother of this Kansas man, Asa Hutchinson, also founded the Town of Hutchinson, Minnesota. Mr. H. W. Hutchinson is related to both

Biography of Charles M. Branch

Charles M. Branch, a resident of Kansas since 1873, is a banker of thirty years experience and is president of the Citizens Bank of Hutchinson, one of the few institutions in the state with resources of over $1,000,000. Mr. Branch was born at Vinton, Benton County, Iowa, September 27, 1859. His English ancestors first settled in Vermont, and his grandfather, Minor Branch, moved his family from that state to Northern Indiana in pioneer times, and died in Indiana before Charles M. Branch was born. Phineas C. Branch, father of the Hutchinson banker, was one of the pioneer homesteaders of Reno

Biography of Edward Montieth Moore

Edward Montieth Moore, vice president and manager of the Hutchinson Office Supply and Printing Company, is one of the veterans of the newspaper and printing industry at Kansas, and in point of continuous service is one of the oldest men connected with the Hutchinson Daily News. Mr. Moore had spent most of his life in Kansas and is a son of the late Rev. D. M. Moore, D. D., one of the pioneer ministers of the Presbyterian Church in this state. Edward Montieth Moore was born at Greenfield, Ohio, April 27, 1861. His grandfather, Samuel Moore, was a native of

Biographical Sketch of J. W. Neal, M. D.

J. W. Neal, M. D., physician and surgeon, Charleston; was born July 22, 1851, in what is now Cumberland Co., but then a part of Coles Co.; his father. William Neal, is a prominent and wealthy farmer and stock-raiser, who came to the State fifty-five years ago, at the age of years, from Bourbon Co., Ky.; Dr. Neal remained at home on the farm till he was 19 years old, then entered Lee’s Academy, in this county, graduating in 1871, and at once began the study of medicine with Dr. T. B. Dora, of Mattoon. The winter of 1872-73 he

Biographical Sketch of Leidhigh, J. M.

J. M. Leidhigh, of the firm of T. F. Leidigh & Co., dealers in general merchandise. They opened trade in Spear Ville in April 1878, with a stock of $1,800. They now carry an average stock of $10,000. Their store building was erected of stone in 1881 at a cost of $2,000. Size is 25×80 feet. They employ three men in the business. Mr. J. M. Leidigh is also extensively engaged in raising stock. He first came to Kansas in 1870, locating at St. Mary’s, and engaged in the lumber trade, and in 1872 moved to Hutchinson, Kan., where he