Location: Hinsdale New Hampshire

Biography of Henry Hooker

Rev. John Hooker, born March 28, 1729, ordained pastor of the Congregational church of Northfield, Mass., was the father of Seth Hooker, who was born October 22. 1759. The latter married Abigail Gay, daughter of Rev. Bunker Gay, May 5, 1789, and settled on the farm of his wife’s father, in Hinsdale, where he continued to reside until his death, May 31, 1844, aged eighty-four years. His children were Sally Gay, born December 25, 1789 and died January 12, 1797. Henry, born July 5, 1791, in Charlestown, N. H.. married Mary Dagget, of Westmoreland, October 23, 1816. In early life

Biographical Sketch of Israel Thomas

Daniel, Amos, Israel, and Nathan Thomas, sons of one of the early pioneers, all settled here themselves as pioneers. Nathan married Marion Coats, and settled as a farmer in the northern part of the town. His children were Nathan, Charles, Frederick, Gideon, Thankful, Eunice, Electa and Marion. Nathan Thomas, Jr., was born in Fort Hinsdale, and settled on the place where his son Franklin and Waldo Rouillard now reside. He married Abigail Butler, and had born to him ten children, only two of whom now reside in the town-Mrs. Ellen Tyler and Franklin. The latter, at the age of seventy-three

Capt. Henry Ide

Capt. Henry Ide, born at Attleboro, Mass., in 1785, came to Hinsdale with his parents when three years of age, and was subsequently adopted by Ivory Soule, with whom he lived until Mr. Soule’s death, caring for him in his old age and inheriting his property. He was early identified with the military affairs of his town and held the office of captain of cavalry for many years. He married Betsey Rugg and had born to him three children, of whom Ivory S., the eldest, is the only one now living. He resides on the old homestead, a fine farm

Biographical Sketch of Rev. John Brockway

Rev. John Brockway, the first Universalist preacher in Surry, settled in that town at a very early day and died there about 1810. He was the father of four sons and two daughters. John, the eldest, was an officer in the war of 1812, and died at Schenectady, N. Y. Cephas was a goldsmith and a noted dentist. Rufus was a farmer, and Calvin emigrated to Ohio, where he accumulated a large fortune. Lockhart W. Brockway, a grandson of Rev. John and son of John, was born in Surry and came to Hinsdale in 1819. He boasts the honor of

Biographical Sketch of Abel Fletcher

Abel Fletcher, one of the pioneer settlers of Chesterfield. N. H., married Phoebe, daughter of Jonathan Hildreth, of Chesterfield, in 1784; for his second wife he married Sally Willard, and for his third Charlotte, daughter of Ephraim Hubbard, who survived him. His will was made in 1816 and proved in 1817. Daniel, son of Abel, born August 8, 1789, married Lucy, daughter of Joseph Converse, and resided many years in Chesterfield, but died in Hills. dale, December 5, 18i5, aged eighty-six years. Joseph C. Fletcher, son of Daniel, born May 27, 1822, died May 31, 1873, aged fifty-seven years. He

Biographical Sketch of Hon. Caleb Todd

Hon. Caleb Todd, or “Esq.” Todd, as he was more familiarly known, was for many years one of the most prominent and influential citizens of Hinsdale. He was born in Wallingford, Conn., March 16, 1785, resided and did business in Cooperstown, N. Y.. a few years, taking up his abode in Hinsdale in 1815. Here he was one of the pioneer manufacturers, and was widely known as a manufacturer of woolens for a great number of years. At his death, May 21, 1871, he was the oldest citizen of Hinsdale. Mr. Todd was twice married and reared eight children, five

Rev. Bunker Gay

Rev. Bunker Gay, born in Dedham, Mass., was educated at Harvard college, and was ordained a clergyman in the Congregational church. He came to Hinsdale in 1763, and was the first settled pastor of the Congregational church in the town. His church was located near the residence of Mr. Ivory S. Ide, and his parish embraced the whole town and Vernon, which was then included in Hinsdale. When Vermont became a state, and Vernon a sepa- rate town, that territory was taken from his parish, and left his church weak in members and property. He continued the nominal pastor during

The First Congregational Church of Hinsdale, NH

The First Congregational church of Hinsdale was organized in 1763. Rev. Bunker Gay, who served the parish forty-seven years, was its first pastor. The first house of worship was built of wood about 1760, and the present one also of wood, in 1835 or ’36. Its present membership is 150. The church property is now valued at $10,000, and the parsonage is valued at $3,000. The house will seat 550 people. The Sunday-school has an average attendance of 120. Rev. Henry R. Hamilton is the present parish clergyman.

The Methodist Episcopal Church of Hinsdale, NH

The Methodist Episcopal church, on Main street, Hinsdale, was organized in the fall of 1842, by Rev. Justin Spaulding, with six members. Rev. T. Furber was the first pastor. The first and present house of worship was erected of wood in 1876. The society has sixty members. The church originally cost $8,000, it present valuation. It will seat nearly 400 people comfortably, and the Sunday-school has about sixty members. The church is now under the pastoral care of Rev. Joseph L. Felt.

Biographical Sketch of William S. Leonard

William S. Leonard, M. D., son of Rev. Levi W. Leonard, D. D., was born in Dublin, N. H., October 13, 1832. He graduated at Dartmouth in 1856, studied medicine with Dr. Albert Smith, of Peterboro, N. H., and received his diploma of Dartmouth, in May, 1860. In the following October he located in Hinsdale village, where he still carries on a successful practice. He was associated in practice with Dr. Frederick Boyden during the last ten years of the latter’s life.