Location: Greene County OH

Roll Of Capt. John Clark’s Company

(Probably from Greene County). Served from October 18, until November 20, 1812, and from August 10, until September 5, 1813. Capt. John Clark Lieut. John Blessing CLieut. Samuel Jenkins Ensign. Boston Hoblit Ensign, Robert Breddy Sergt. James Buckles Sergt. William Knight Sergt. John Long Sergt, Edward Allen Sergt. James Ross Sergt. Isaachar Pepper Sergt, John McElvey Sergt. Perry Timmons Corp. James Rowe Corp, Robert Demis Corp. Arthur Lavis Corp. John Dysert Corp, John Biddle Corp. James Stephenson Corp. Thomas Cason Corp, Benjamin Allen Privates Amos, Pleasant Armstrong, John Biddle, Henry Blue, Daniel Brown, William Brown, Zechariah Buckles, David Buckles, Henry

Roll Of Capt. James Morrow’s Company

(Probably from Greene County) Served from May 10, until May 19, 1813 Capt. James Morrow Lieut. Christopher Sroupe Ensign George Townsley Sergt. Joseph Kyle, Jr. Sergt. James Colliers Sergt. Samuel Galloway Sergt. John McCullough Corp. George Logan Corp, Robert Stephenson Corp. William McCoy Corp. Arthur McFarland Privates Andrew, Hugh Andrew, James Baldwin, David Barnes, John Beatty, William A Bishop, Solomon Bull, James Bull, John Cannon, Anthony Chambers, David Cohagen, John Confer, George Currie, William Dean, Robert Dermitt, Isaac Galloway, James N Galloway, John Gant, Robert Gibson, John Gibson, Montelion Goldsby, Briggs M Goldsby, George Goldsby, John Gowdy, John Gowdy, Robert

Roll Of Capt. Samuel Martin’s Company

(Probably from Greene County) Served from August 24, 1813, until February 24. 1813. Capt. Samuel Martin Lieut. David Hannah Ensign Jacob Crouse Sergt. John Jackson Sergt. Noah Frederick Sergt. Robert Corning Sergt. William Phelps Corp. Thomas Armstrong Corp. James Bennet Corp. Phillip Branaberry Corp. Benjamin Stephens Fifer, David M. Casky Drummer, Frederick Blaker Privates Anderson, Andrew Anderson. James Armstrong, Thomas Basham, Ezekial Belli, William Bishop, Joseph Bowlin, Eli Bradfield, Joseph Brinker, Peter Britton, Archibald Brown. William Dougherty, Samuel Farmer, Thomas Fiskel, Fred Frederick, Thomas Fulks, Charles Geddes, James Gibson, John Gilson, David Harrison, Daniel Helmick, Adam Hickman, Nicholas Jones, Nicholas

Biography of D. D. Ross Turner Campbell

Ross Turner Campbell, D. D., who had been president of Cooper College at Sterling since 1910, had given the best years of his life to the ministry and teachers, affiliated for generations with the United Presbyterian Church. Mr. Campbell was born at Clifton in Greene County, Ohio, December 1, 1863. His great-grandfather was Alexander Campbell, who was born in the Highlands of Scotland, went from there to County Derry, Ireland, and in 1790 arrived in the United States, locating on a farm in Bart Township of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. He was a substantial farmer, and died at Newcastle, Pennsylvania, in

Roll Of Captain Jacob Shingledecker’s Company

(From Greene County) Served August 24 until December 31, 1812. Capt. Jacob Shingledecker Lieut, Samuel Butts Ensign William Yates Sergt. John Todd Sergt. Jacob Truby Sergt. Daniel Peterbaugh or Sergt. Thomas Cottrell Corp. John Wiland Butterbaugh Corp. Oliver Crawford Corp. John Davis Corp. Alexander Forbens Corp. James Downey Trumpeter, William Burrows Privates Ankeney, Henry Barkard, John Beal, Aaron Beal, George Beal, Jonothan Bochert, John Buker, Peter Burres, William Chambers, Adam Chambers, William Coster, Henry Crawford, Oliver Cremwell, Samuel Ell, John Fogle, Peter Folck, George Gray, Abraham Gray, Henry Haddix, Nimrod Hollinger, Daniel Holverstat, John Hoover, John Hyers, Anthony Keigler, Samuel