Location: El Dorado Kansas

Biography of G. Leroy Ramsey

G. Leroy Ramsey. Among the men who are marking their names indelibly upon the stockraising history of Southeastern Kansas, one who had been more than ordinarily active in this field of endeavor and whose operations have assumed large proportions is G. LeRoy Ramsey, who owned and operates 1,760 acres six miles north of El Dorado and 560 acres northeast of that city, all in Butler County. Mr. Ramsey not only raises and ships cattle extensively, but of recent years had been interested in oil leases. He was born at Belle Center, Ohio, December 22, 1872, and is a son of

Biography of John Ellis

John Ellis. Within the lifetime of John Ellis, El Dorado banker, stockman and farmer, had been unfolded practically the entire history of civilization in Butler County. He came here when a boy of five or six years. Kansas was still a territory, and his people located on the very fringe of settlement and in what was then and for a number of years afterward regarded as Southwestern Kansas. Few of the old timers can look back to a time in Butler County when its prairies supported herds of buffalo, but John Ellis recalls having seen as many as 150 in

Biography of Harry R. Martin

Harry R. Martin, now serving as county clerk of Butler County, had been known to the people of this section of Kansas since his life began, and he had an extensive experience as a farmer and business man prior to his election to his present office. Mr. Martin was born at Douglass, in Butler County, October 25, 1882. His father, J. T. Martin, was a homesteader in Butler County, and part of his homestead was used for the townsite of Douglass. The Martin family came out of England in the early days and first settled in Maryland, in which state

Biography of Samuel R. Clifford

Samuel R. Clifford has long been an active factor in business affairs in Butler County and retains this connection through his present post as assistant cashier of the El Dorado National Bank, El Dorado, Kansas. Mr. Clifford was born in Will County, Illinois, April 12, 1857. His ancestry in the paternal line originated in England and was founded in America during colonial days. His grandfather was also named Samuel R. Clifford and was a native of New York State. He was one of the pioneers in the Village of Chicago, and Mr. Clifford of El Dorado had in his possession

Biography of Robert H. Ramsey

Robert H. Ramsey. During the past thirty-five years no name had been more closely identified with the ranching and stock raising interests of Butler County than that of Ramsey. Robert H. Ramsey is a son of A. C. Ramsey, who was the pioneer of the family in the cattle industry. Robert Ramsey himself had handled cattle and ranching as a conspicuous interest of his career, but is also identified with the business community of El Dorado. He was born in Bellefontaine, Ohio, November 18, 1881. Albert C. Ramsey, his father, was born in Coshocton County, Ohio, June 7, 1837, one

Biography of Robert Harmon Hazlett

Robert Harmon Hazlett. Kansas is rapidly becoming a creditor state. It produces more than it consumes. It is flourishing, opulent and as progressive in material interests as in the field of legislation, social ideas and politics. Kansas farmers, Kansas business men, Kansas bankers are getting as securely established as factors in national affairs as Kansas politicians and social and civic leaders did in earlier years. One of these successful men whose achievements in some fields at least are well known beyond the borders of the state is Robert H. Hazlett, lawyer, banker, Hereford cattle breeder, and business man of El

Biography of T. P. Mannion

T. P. Mannion, postmaster of El Dorado, had long been identified with that city as a business man and citizen. He therefore knows what the community expects of the postoffice, and had the executive and business ability to give adequacy to its service and make the local office what the general postal system had been called “an instrument of trade and industry,” and “enlarger of the common life.” Mr. Mannion was born in Macon City, Missouri, March 2, 1866, and when only one year old was brought to Butler County, Kansas, by his parents, John and Margaret Mannion. Both parents

Biography of Mrs. Richard Smith Miller

Mrs. R. S. Miller. The power and effectiveness of woman’s work in the community as well as in the home had been splendidly exemplified at El Dorado by Mrs. R. S. Miller. The dignity of woman becomes more than an empty phrase when considered in connection with her many varied activities and lines of useful influence. Her career is a fit subject for consideration in the history of Kansas, along with that of her honored husband, the late Dr. R. S. Miller, who gained the esteem of Butler County citizens by his many years of faithful service as a physician

Biography of Juniata Adams

Juniata Adams, one of the successful educators of Kansas and now connected with the El Dorado schools, is a native Kansan and represents a pioneer family in that section of the state. Benjamin Franklin Adams, her father, was a widely known Kansan and for years was distinguished by his enterprises and success in the field of general farming and stock raising. He was born in Center County, Pennsylvania, December 2, 1834, and represented a family that came out of England to Pennsylvania in colonial times. His father, John Adams, was born in Center County, Pennsylvania, and spent his life there.

Biography of Harvey L. Songer

Harvey L. Songer is a native of Butler County, Kansas, had had a long and varied experience in business affairs, though he is still a young man, and is now filling with complete satisfaction to his constituency the office of clerk of the District Court, with home at El Dorado. Mr. Songer was born in Butler County, October 19, 1881. His paternal ancestors came out of England, the immigrant ancestor in this country having been his great-grandfather, who located in Ohio. Mr. Songer’s grandfather, George Songer, was born in Ohio April 25, 1824. During his infancy in 1826 his parents