Location: East Bridgewater Massachusetts

Chandler Family of Boston and East Bridgewater MA

This Boston – East Bridgewater Chandler family, the head of which was the late Hon. Peleg Whitman Chandler, long one of the leading counselors of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and one of a family of lawyers, comes of a Massachusetts-Maine branch of the ancient Duxbury family whose progenitor was Edmund Chandler. The branch just alluded to for several generations at New Gloucester and Bangor, Maine, and at Boston in this Commonwealth, has been one of liberal education, college-bred men, men who have adorned the legal profession, and it has allied itself through generations with a number of the ancient and first families of the Old Colony. There follows in chronological order from Edmund Chandler, the first American ancestor of this branch of American Chandlers, and in detail the family history and genealogy.

B. W. Harris

Harris Family Genealogy of East Bridgewater Massachusetts

The Harris family here briefly considered — that of some of the descendants of the late Deacon and Hon. William Harris, of East Bridgewater, who for a quarter of a century was town clerk, for several years town treasurer, and a representative in the Massachusetts General Court — is one of the ancient and honorable families of the Bridgewaters. Deacon Harris’s son, the late Hon. Benjamin Winslow Harris, lawyer, statesman and judge through nearly sixty years, had a long, useful and honored public career; and his son, Hon. Robert Orr Harris, has for thirty years held a high place at

Residence of Benjamin Hobart in South Abington

Descendants of Edmund Hobart

The East Bridgewater family bearing this name, the head of which was the late Hon. Aaron Hobart, long one of the town’s leading citizens and substantial men, and whose father before Him, Hon. Aaron Hobart, was an eminent lawyer and efficient public servant, holding many positions of trust and responsibility, State senator, member of the United States Congress, etc., is a branch of the older Abington Hobart family, in which town the Hobarts were long prominent, and that a branch of the still older Hingham family of the name. It is the purpose here to consider the East Bridgewater Hobart

1867 East Bridgewater Massachusetts Directory

Adams Bethuel, mechanic, Pearl Adams Rufus, mechanic, Satucket Alden Abner L. shoemaker, Village Alden Bartlett K. carpenter. Village Alden Benjamin K. Village Alden Joseph, mechanic, village Alden Samuel G. lumber dealer, Village Alger Ebenezer, farmer, Beaver Alger Orlando M. farmer, Beaver Allen Bailey, carpenter. Village Allen David, shoemaker, Beaver Allen Galen, shoemaker, Beaver Allen George, clerk Allen George W. shoe cutter, Shaw’s Mill Allen Henry, machinist Allen James S. shoe manuf. Beaver Allen John A. shoe cutter, Shaw’s Mill Allen Samuel B. tailor, Joppa Allen Samuel B. 2d, shoemaker, Satucket Allen Samuel P. teacher, Joppa Allen Sidney, farmer, Shaw s

History of East Bridgewater Massachusetts

An historical sketch about East Bridgewater, Plymouth County, Massachusetts as abstracted from the Plymouth County Directory and Historical Register of 1867. Includes a list of the men from East Bridgewater who gave their life during the Revolutionary War.