Location: Des Moines County IA

Biography of Francis McGuire

FRANCIS McGUIRE. – Under the wheeling shadows of Lone Fir, where green vines clamber over the gently swelling mounds, where beautiful funeral flowers, at each glorious resurrection of the year, breathe sweet memorial incense, and gleaming marble guards the last bivouac of the loved and lost, lie the remains of Francis McGuire. Standing by his grave we have no need to invoke the tender Latin maxim, – De mortuis nil nisi bonum; for when his weary head drooped at last it was by the chosen path of duty. He left no stain on the bright escutcheon of his manhood, –

Biographical Sketch of John B. Lent

When there is to be mention of the leading men of Wallowa County, men who have wrought for its up building and advancement, the name of the subject of this appear in prominence in the list, and we are pleased to note the capabilities of the man, manifested in his skillful and wise manipulation of business affairs, as well, also, do we see his uprightness, integrity and probity in his entire career, and the chronicling of these items is ever a pleasure to be desired. John B. was born in Des Moines county, Iowa, on December 27, 1854, being the

Biography of Van B. Delashmutt

Delashmutt, Van B., the present Mayor of Portland, was born in Burlington, Iowa, July 27, 1842. Ten years later the family came to the infant territory of Oregon, and settled on a farm in Polk county, in the Willamette Valley. The monotonous life of a farmer’s boy illy suited the naturally adventuresome disposition of young DeLashmutt, and at the age of fifteen he went to Salem, where he secured employment in the office of the Salem Statesman, as an apprentice to learn the printers’ trade. With characteristic earnestness and energy the apprentice served three years, and at the end of