Location: Des Moines County IA

Biography of Julius Junge

There are few business men in Rock Island or Moline who do not enjoy a personal acquaintance with the genial Julius Junge, vice-president of the Rock Island Brewing Company, a man who, though deeply engrossed in the concerns of a large and growing industry, has found time to cultivate his social nature and to enjoy the pleasures of companionship with his fellow men. He was born in Prussia, March 23, 1848, being a son of Joseph and Johanna (Herschel) Junge. His father served for some years as a soldier in the Prussian Army, but being a man desirous of seeking

Biography of Sherman Mertz

Sherman Mertz. A little more than a quarter of a century ago Sherman Mertz was working as a farm hand in Kansas. He had that quality in him which would not permit him to remain long dependent on an employer’s service, and with a very modest capital and perhaps on borrowed money he began farming for himself. Today Mr. Mertz is rated as one of the most successful and substantial citizens of Wabaunsee, where he is both a farmer and a large property owner. Mr. Mertz was born in Des Moines County, Iowa, near the City of Burlington, October 9,

Biographical Sketch of Franklin T. Dick

FRANKLIN T. DICK, – The present postmaster of La Grande was born in Westport, Kentucky, May 7, 1840, where he remained until 1861, receiving a common-school education. In 1863 he removed to Burlington, Iowa, and in the latter part of the year went to Nevada. In 1864 we find him at the Silver City mines, Idaho; and from this point in 1866 he found his way to La Grande, where he has remained ever since. In 1870 he began domestic life, marrying Miss Marquise Lewis; and they now have a family of three boys and one girl. After coming to

Biography of Van B. De Lashmutt

VAN B. DE LASHMUTT. – The present mayor of Portland exemplifies the versatility characteristic of the early pioneers. As journalist, merchant, real-estate dealer, capitalist, banker and miner, he has been able to bring to bear his large abilities with equal facility. He is a native of the Hawkeye state, having been born at Burlington in 1842, where he passed his early years on a farm, – the best of all places to develop muscle and nerve. He reached Oregon in 1852, and when a youth of fifteen entered the office of the Salem Statesman, having a latent ambition for journalism,

William William Chapman

Biography of Col. William Williams Chapman

COL. W.W. CHAPMAN. – It has frequently been remarked, that while many men of great fame, and a deservedly wide reputation, cannot lay their finger upon a single public act that they originated, others whose names are less known can county by the score the progeny of their brains, now alive and active in the affairs of the world. Of the latter class is Colonel Chapman of Oregon. There are few men in America, even among those esteemed great, who have originated and carried to completion a greater number of particular acts of large scope and general beneficence. Many whose

Biography of Jas. Hendershott

JAS. HENDERSHOTT. – Mr. Hendershott, who became known to the state as a member of our legislature in both branches during the years 1866-72, is now residing upon a beautiful and well-improved farm upon the gently sloping lands described as a “territorial paradise,” lying east of Hendershott’s point, near The Cove, Oregon. He is engaged in farming and fruit-raising, and in the culture of fine stock and poultry. His is a farm somewhat rare on this coast, where a flock of pea fowls may be seen. His residence is described as ‘palatial,” and is known as “Forest Home.” His mode

Biography of Robert Couch Kinney

ROBERT COUCH KINNEY. – Oregon will always treasure with respect and admiration the memory of the men and women who came in the days when the Pacific Northwest was the home of savage tribes, mountain men and a few traders, to plant homes and lay the foundation of an empire on the waters of the Columbia. They dared much when they accepted the roll of pioneers to the Pacific. Some became notable for success, and developed character that gave standing to the new state; for the constitution and early legislation of Oregon showed statesmanship seldom equaled in the erection of

Biography of Mrs. Sarah H. Jeffers

MRS. SARAH H. JEFFERS. – The following reminiscences of the journey across the plains, prepared by the above venerable lady, will prove of very great interest to all our readers, giving details of the journey not always distinctly remembered or related. At the request of Elijah C. Jeffers, of Clatsop county, his mother, Mrs. Sarah H. Jeffers, writes the following history and incidents of travel across the then wild and uninhabited region of country, from the point of rendezvous near Saint Joseph, and on the west shore of the Missouri river, to the territory of Oregon: “On the 6th of

Biography of Gen. Morton Mathew McCarver

GEN. MORTON MATHEW McCARVER. THE FOUNDER OF BURLINGTON, IOWA, SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA AND TACOMA, WASHINGTON,- General McCarver was born near Lexington Kentucky, January 14, 1807. Of an independent, roving spirit, determination, courage and enterprise that knew no bounds, he quit his home at the age of eighteen years and went to Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas, and not finding anything congenial to his tastes returned and settled in 1830 at Galena, Illinois, where he was married to a Miss Mary Ann Jennings. He served in the Black Hawk war, and after the surrender of the great chief of the Sacs and Foxes,